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Looking for folks to make good stories with. Male, Female, human or not, doesn't matter. If you want a good fight or adventure, don't be shy. Mature welcomed, Random starters welcome.

29 years old
Decatur, Alabama
United States

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June 09 2019

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Here for:Networking, Relationships,
Friends, Connect with Artists,
Body type:Body builder
Characters: Elen Galad
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Spar/Fighting,
Status: Single
Member Since:January 08, 2017

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About me:
So, you want to know about Elen Galad? Hear the tales of adventure, be inspired by noble deeds of heroism and triumph? Well you've come to the wrong place. These things are part of the story, but only small drops in an ocean of suffering and a life stretched across countless ages from one battle to the next. His is not a tale for stary eyed romatics seeking distraction. His is a cautionary tale of what happens when you step too far over the line, again and again. So what is he? The hero? A villan? He's worn those names, and many others, but as for who or what he is, those are questions best asked of the man himself. All I can tell you is that his story is a trail blazed through a life of loss, love, horror, tragedy, victory and madness. A trail of blood and tears
Who I'd like to meet:
Interesting people looking for a story to build.

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