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21 years old
not telling, Texas
United States

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February 25 2017

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pictures of my ocs to use in rp  (11  photos)
here we have pictures of ocs i will use in any rp
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Generalanime only roleplaying drawing listening to music watching random funny sh*t on lawl youtube reading good anime fanfiction
Musicso much to type although its mostly video game background themes and songs from scenes and stages and places some of it are scenes from anime even if its not music some is real music from RLF people even its fanmade for certain games or anime some is from movies and cartoons
Moviesso much to listen i mostly like action and adventure as well as comedy and family kind of movies i dont like movies that are like jason x or anything like it if the movie really good i restart the damn thing and watch it AGAIN lol
Television i mostly love watching cooking shows like good eats unwrapped and restaurant stakeout i also like watching law&order SVU OR CI with my mom since she likes that show i sometimes catch myself watching it i also like watch the big bang theory my mom started to like it and i fell in love with it some shows that i cant find on tv anymore i look for sites that has them since some of them stopped airing
Booksi dont read too many books but i mostly read anime fanfiction but i dont love to read garfield books as well as lil kid books i use to enjoy when i was little but not like those learning books i love a good fanfiction on anime c:
Heroes i dont have any but i have some actors who are my fave which are will smith Eddie Murphy Adam sandler Jack Black Kevin James chis rock Ben Stiller JIM CARRY ice cube Bernie mac Jamie foxx kevin hart tracy morgan katt williams lol thats alot

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Orientation: Straight
Body type:Average
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Gajeel,Acnologia,Zancrow,Sesshormarou,death the kid,Vegeta,Radditz,undertaker,prince soma,Karasuma
Verses: Fairy tail,pokemon,Inuyasha,soul eater,DBZ/S/M,mlp,black butler
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crossover, Romance, Video Game,
Member Since:January 09, 2017

this would be you on seeing your anime crush shirtless in front of you
am i right?

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About me:
Hello everyone you can call me Rachel although its not my real name I'm 20 years old and I love to rp anime and manga I love a good rp when things start to spice up at certain points when going romance I love rping oc x canon cause I feel myself in my oc's place when shipping it with a canon character I'm free to rp when you want c: I do have some rules that I hope you'll understand to agree to them
Who I'd like to meet:
new friends to chat and roleplay with c:

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✿山岸 由花子


Delta (Trip's MCRP)





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❛ 涙.[Hiatus]

Feb 13th 2017 07:31

Fixing his sight towards the young girl in front of him as he give her a slight nod.
" Yoroshiku... My name is Rui Minaduki from Procellarum, It's nice to meet you..."
His face remain emotionless. His eyes keep staring at the girl. This situation might
give her chills and awkward feels.
" I look forward to work with you, uhh... what your name? " He give her a small smile extending his hand.
" I...I will try my best..."

( Thank you so much for the acceptances,
my apology for the late greetings and
thank you so much for being patient.
I'd appreciate it like..A LOT!
Please be comfortable with me.
 I look forward to start a roleplay with you.
 Just let me know inside my box, alright..
and can have a nice chit chat, with a virtual
cup of tea and biscuit.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Have a good day, and please stay healthy.)
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