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Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: Bi
Body type:Slim / Slender
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:Some college
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Characters: Ren Jinguji
Verses: Utapri
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crossover, Manga, Romance, Video Game,
Status: Married
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Morning my lovelies your prince is awake enjoy my lovely song for this morning.

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Ren Jinguji
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Name: Ren Jinguji.
Nicknames: Ren Ren,Strawberry Blond.
Aliases: Prince Charming, Orange Prince.
DATE OF BIRTH: February 14th.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Kanagawa Japan.
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Saotome Gakuen Academy.
ETHNICITY: Japanese.
HAIR COLOR: Strawberry Blond.
EYE COLOR: Cool Light Blue.
HEIGHT: 183cm.
SCARS: None.
PARENTS: Unname Father (deceased), Renge (Mother,deceased).
SIBLINGS: Seiinjuro Jinguji (older brother).
OCCUPATION: Pro. Idol/Memember of Starish.
PERSONALITY TRAITS: Cool, Playful, FLirty, Sexy.
LIKES: Playing the Saxophone .
DISLIKES: Heart Breakers.
ADDICTIONS: Love, music.
STRENGTHS: flirtatious and a smooth-talker.

Ren Jinguji is a student of Saotome Gakuen, sorted into S Class, as well as a member of the idol group ST☆RISH.
He is a son of the Jinguuji family, making him rivals with Masato, who is also his roommate. He is very flirtatious, and plays the saxophone.
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In the anime, he, along with Otoya, helps defend Haruka when the officials refused to let her take the entrance Exams.

He is known to be flirtatious and a smooth-talker. A consummate ladies man, Ren was always shown to be surrounded by girls and is fond of flattering women with his words.

He is also shown to be carefree, being the third son of the Jinguuji family and thus, having no responsibility thrust on his shoulders. At first, this has led people to believe that he was apathetic and cared little about being an idol. However, it was shown that he resented being forced to enroll in Saotome Academy to advertise the family business by his brother, even though he did love singing.

Through Haruka's help, Ren managed to find meaning in music and began to find passion in singing. He become more devoted to her, calling her 'little lamb' and 'my lady', is shown less in the company of other women, although it has not stopped his flirtatious nature.

He can be serious depending on the situation, but most of the time he remains easy-going, often teasing his more uptight and formal room mate and childhood friend, Hijirikawa Masato.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic .
Ren is a tall, young man with strawberry blond colored hair which reaches his shoulders, and his bangs go across his right eye.
. He has cool light blue eyes and usually wears his top two buttons down revealing a little of his chest. His way of clothing is usually loose and playful, giving him the flirty appearance. He has fawn tanned skin, and also one noticeable pierced ear, similar to that of Kurusu Syo's. His child appearance had shorter hair and his ear was not pierced.
image host
Ren lost his mother in an accident at an early age. He was only able to see his mother's face through recorded videotapes of her performances, as she was a famous idol. However, in his father's grief, he discarded every item Ren had of his mother, leading him to believe that his father hated his mother.

Ren managed to save one song his mother made; one that she sang for her unborn child; him. Grieving during his childhood due to the loss of his mother, Ren would often go to the park and listen to his mother's singing through his mp3 player.

His brother Seiichirou, being the family heir, had so many meetings that he couldn't spare time to play with Ren. This had led to them being distant for a while.

It was during this time that he met a young Masato. Both boys, coming from important families, were made to attend a party which they both found dull. Sneaking out, they spent time with each other, finding that they could see similarities between the two of them.

Upon attending Saotome Academy, Ren had shown distaste in attending school, having no interest in the curriculum despite his brilliance in making music. This was because he felt that his choice was taken from him after his older brother commanded him to be an idol to promote their company. It was later revealed that his brother was always looking out for him and knew Ren's passion for music, thus his real reason for sending Ren to the Academy.

Strawberry Blond Idol.
image host

Or@nge Rh@psody.


.image host
Ren's passions, and dreams.

Ren has come far after he join Starish his career jump to the highest levels along with his bandmattes became professional and from then on he became more serious to his work and no longer that young men that wanted attention from everyone around him.
Ren has become more professional has calm down and settle down from his flirtation and relationships, take easy and focused more in his music, and the things and people he loves like his family meaning his older brother, and the one he loves the most in the hole wide world.
image host

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Lady Rose

Nov 10th 2019 23:52

Hello I was hoping we could start a roleplay. Would you like to discuss it or wing it?
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