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24 years old
Addison, Alabama
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December 13 2018

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??? just add me, scrub ???

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The link is because AniRP keeps messing up my albums I have this link here

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dreaming crystal.

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Christine Daaé

Nov 20th 2018 15:59

Hello I am Christine Daae. It is nice to meet you. I was hoping to discuss a story with you when you are free.

Nov 13th 2018 08:57

Wow, thanks for the add!! I feel honored to receive a friend request from someone like you!! So, few things about me: I usually type up a lot, but if I'm in a rush or I don't feel compelled to write all that, I usually write just a sentence or two. I am an absolute otaku, don't get me started on all the weird sh*t I do. I can be a little late for responses sometimes, I have a horrible passage of time and a bad memory. And if I ever confuse you, don't hesitate to let me know. Now excuse me as I quiznak out of here.
Unknown Player;*

Nov 11th 2018 19:42

Helloooo and thank you for the add ~ I'm gonna be quick & to the point. I'm not the type to give you a bunch of useless bullsh_t to read. The name is Erin! Lazy editor, active roleplayer, talkative brat - about sums it up. I look forward to being friends and possibly discussing a storyline some time. Hope to hear from you soon!

Nov 8th 2018 14:04

Hi! Thank you for the invite!

Sep 13th 2018 21:14

OOC Hello. I am Yuna. It is a pleasure to meet you. I would love to discuss a roleplay. My character is a bit of a shy person but we can do all types of roleplay even mature themes such as mafia, horror gore and etc. if you want to discuss something or wing it let me know. I hope to hear from you soon.

Aug 31st 2018 18:46

thank you so much for the add i do hope that we can plan something soon and start something up! i do hope to be everything you dream of

Aug 21st 2018 22:44

Greetings, My name is Kilala, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I hope even though I’m rp a feline it won’t keep you from rp or chatting with me. Until than, have a lovely day.

Aug 16th 2018 03:25

Thank you for adding me
¿Queen? ||🌹Lady Chastity🌹||

Aug 13th 2018 06:02

((OOC: Thank you for the add. I would love to discuss a possible starter with you someday.))
Devil's Tears♥

Jul 31st 2018 23:23

thank you so much for the add i do hope to hear from you soon and get something started ((i do have some rules if you wouldn't mind reading them. there are only a few)) ♥♥♥ Daenestra
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