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Level 70+
Gender: Male
Typing: Fighting / Steel
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Serious
Held Item: Black Belt
Bone Rush
Metal Claw
Force Palm
Aura Sphere

Level 70+
Gender: Male
Typing: Ice / Dark
Ability: Pickpocket
Nature: Hasty
Held Item: Sitrus Berry
Double Team
Night Slash
Hone Claws
Ice Punch

Level 80+
Gender: Male
Typing: Fighting
Ability: Steadfast
Nature: Adamant
Held Item: Everstone
Double Team
Thunder Punch
Force Palm

Level 80+
Gender: Male
Typing: Fighting / Psychic
Ability: Pure Power
Nature: Relaxed
Held Item: Medichamite
Ice Punch
Calm Mind
Brick Break
Box 5

Level 60
Gender: Male
Typing: Dark / Fire
Ability: Inner Focus
Held Item:
Morning Sun
Feint Attack

[ Work in Progress. Info Will go here. ]
BIO Will eventually be put up. If you have any questions about his history just ask. I gave him quite a huge time skip since I was last here, so a lot has happened.
Meanwhile here is some basic Information.

Name: Maki
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Status: Not Really Looking~
Hair Color: White, with a little tint of very light blue, depending on the lighting.
Eye Color: Violet
Siblings: Riley (Brother)
Special Traits: Maki has mastery over his own Aura. He is able to control it quite freely, and is often displaying it without really noticing it at times. This unique ability has granted him a sort of sixth sense that allows him to read into the hearts of Pokemon and understand their Auras, allowing him to converse with them in a bit of telecommunicative way. It also gives him a bit of an empathetic feel to the Aura's he's picking up on, able to discern and identify emotions even from great distances.

Maki is also a disciplined Mixed Martial Artist. He has trained since he was a very young child in harsh scenarios. He was raised as the son of someone in charge of a very unique Dojo, and was considered an heir to inherit it. Much against his will, his style and fighting technique was forced into him until it actually became a sense of his self and personality. Trying to make the most of it, he used his knowledge to connect to his Pokemon in a more advanced way, training them in his ways so that each and every Pokemon he owned also knew how to connect with his Matial Arts. It is why he gained a special preference for most physical combat types.

Background Information
Maki's origins begin in Sinnoh. While he is not a canon character, I have made him the younger sibling of Riley. The way I set it up, is that Riley belongs to a clan of sorts that specializes in aura training. The origin behind this group, of course, is Lucario. Studying its mannerisms, behavioral traits, and many other things, this clan eventually developed what it means to Aura train through bonds with these Lucario. It became a generational thing, sticking to a family and passing on from one generation to the next. Eventually it was brought a step further, after they learned that by getting in touch with their Aura's they were able to do extraordinary things. They were able to see other pokemon's feelings, the energy fields around all living things, and learned how to actually translate Pokemon speech. However, the most lucrative discovery in this process, was that they were able to soften the blows of Pokemon Techniques on a human much like that of a Pokemon Vs Pokemon combat. This was a major breakthrough, as it meant in situations where one was forced to protect another, they wouldn't have to rely solely on Pokemon to do so and would minimize those getting hurt in the process.

Of course, this was met with it's good and bad consequences, but that's a story for another time. Either way, the clan branched off, and the foundation of their Martial Arts came into play, to be passed down through the generations. Riley, being the first son of the current head, was originally supposed to be the heir, until he disassociated himself with the clan and went about his way at a very young age, leaving Maki to inherit the responsibilities. As such, a lot of pressure was forced upon him as a kid. He never had much of a strong capability about him. He isn't a genius, and his body found it very challenging to adapt to some of the things they taught. Because of this, his father treated him terribly. Constantly he was thrown into life or death situations, working out ways to survive even as a little boy. His body was forced to learn how to survive brutal climates, brutal beatings, and many other things. As such, he grew very cold and distant to his father, but his perseverance is the only thing that granted him solace.

When he come of Age, which is 10 years old in the Pokemon world for some reason, he received an egg. A tradition handed down by the family. The goal was to hatch a Riolu, and grow with it, leading out on a journey of your own, and developing a bond with the Pokemon. Though, because of his inability to really gain any lead way, he wasn't allowed to experience his journey right away. Instead his father became harsher, especially when his egg hatched into his Riolu. Riolu and him bonded rather quickly, as they were put into more and more dangerous situations for the both of them. Despite everything, the training was ingrained in Maki's very character personality, and became part of who he was. Though, his Riolu became attached to him, it never evolved and this only seemed to set his father off more. While he never really had a chance to make friends or interact with other humans, he found quite a special care for the Pokemon he met through his struggles. When he was around 16, he was finally able to escape, and go on his own journey, running away(i know it's cliche) and heading to the Johto Region where he first began his Journey. Rather quickly he ended up catching a Pidgey, being the first real pokemon he's ever caught, it was very easily made a part of his team.

He spent most of his time in the Johto Region exploring, only having his Pidgey, which evolved into Pidgeot eventually, and his Riolu. He never participated in the badge challenge, or made it out of his way to get involved with anything that surfaced around humans, as he found it very uncomfortable to be around them. Instead, he simply began traveling through towns and world to just see what there was to offer. His only real goal was to experience new settings and find the place where he belonged.

Much happened here, which again, is a story for another day, but his next crucial story point took place on Mt. Silver where he met his Sneasel. It was vicious. It constantly played pranks on human and pokemon alike, and was quite a bully to everything that traveled that mountain. It took quite a few weeks, but after a while he eventually got sick of all the pain it was causing and openly challenged the sneasel. Instead of using Pokemon though, he challenged it to a fight with only himself. Having actually bested the pokemon in Physical Combat, he gained its respect, which led to the Sneasel becoming the second addition to his party. Because of Sneasel's special interest in how he fought, it was thanks to that Pokemon that he began to train them in Marital arts as he did so train himself.

While he journeyed on Mt.Silver, that is where he met Lance, The Current Champion of the Johto League and member of the Elite Four. Though, at the time he met Lance, the Dragon obsessed guy was infiltrating Team Rocket. They didn't really bond at first, but Lance took a special interest in Maki, as he was kind of a unique character, with a very interesting way of presenting himself to the world of Pokemon. After a few very dramatic events, and some very intense battles on Mt.Silver and through the actions of the only Legendary Maki has ever met, a Raikou, Lance and Maki formed sort of a bond through their ideals. Lance then initiated Maki to be part of a covert task force that took place only through him. It had no name, but it's goal was basically to keep the balance in the Pokemon world by disrupting the plans of Villainy.

This is sort of where is journey really began, as he now had something to really fight towards. He became a freedom fighter of sorts, and an adventurer just out to explore the world. He traveled through Hoenn, where he caught his Meditite, which very quickly became the strongest member on his team, due to a very odd bit of creative thinking, and then avoiding Sinnoh, went to Unova where he met his Lucario. He's kind of made no name for himself, as he was simply a traveler who liked to avoid contact with humans if he could.

[ Putting some rules here when I feel up to it. ]
1 • Do not pressure me for replies. I understand a little nudge here and there to check and see if I am still alive, after all, I am human and forget things, but any spam in accordance as to why I have not replied to you will not be tolerated.

2 • Unlike a lot of people on here, I actually enjoy editing for others, and would be happy to do so. I often send my friends random little edits just to see if it brightens their day a little. Just please don't abuse the kindness given. I'd rather get to know you first. : ) Strike a conversation! An adventure! Let's have fun, before I spend so much time of my life giving you surprises. <3

3 • Put some effort into conversation and replies. Chances are if you send me frequent one word responses, I will lose interest in the conversation pretty fast. If you want me to talk to you, at least show it. No 'Hey', or 'How are you?, or 'Want to RP?' crap. You'll most likely just end up ignored. I'm not here to make most of your conversation for you.

4 • I LOVE random starters. Send them my way please! Especially any one in the Pokemon verse. I just adore sitting there thinking of random little situations that allows my character to express himself freely to your situation. So please, send them all my way! While this is the case, if you want to discuss some plot, we can do that as well. I'll also do some stream role-plays! Because why not?! x'D I'm here to enjoy my journey.

5 • I do have a Skype, AIM, Line, Kik, or whatever else you can think of. I much prefer talking on Skype though if you must have a messenger. Just simply send me a message and ask for it. : )

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May 2nd 2019 16:07

At first she observes him in silence, almost studious for that matter. Somewhat similar words were she once heard only made her frown, but the more she was learning in this world, the more vastly different it was, even with his small speech. And while she did not bore the ability to see the power of aura, there was also another sense of familiarity within this lad. A vague sense of deja vu she felt from that power, and it made her tilt her head just a little in curiosity. Alas, she shakes her head and sighs a little.

"My story?"

Head shifts to avert her gaze upwards. A beautiful, clear sky above, visual memories flooded her head as she remembers what was once her home. For a moment a deep, hallow feeling emerges in the pit of her heart and stomach, almost as if something heavy was pressing against her, dragging her down. It was complicated, and her feelings of both worlds.

"To put it simply, I am not from this world you live in. Everything is so... different. All of these strange devices-- technology? So enhanced. This world is.. very peaceful usually, and the air is so crisp and fresh."

Her gaze shifts to the other; a weak smile crossed onto her maw. "My world was filled with wars and gloomy, dark skies. Not to say there were not clear days such as this, but it was a rarity in itself. We did not have those things called Pokeballs there, and most of our species fought alongside our masters 'till the bitter end. How I ended up here is what leads to my current goal."

Eyes closed, and that slight smile seemed to fade. Her head lowers a little as she sees such flashbacks when she speaks again. "I had a dear friend of mine. Very rough around the edges, but nonetheless someone that stood with me, and I to them, learning and growing. It was during the recent war, in the middle of that battlefield, had there been a rough looking outcome. He, at the last moment, sent me into this.. warp hole, and before I knew it, I was sent here, in the future. I know not what happened to him then, but I know he is in this very world as I am. I sensed it, but for just a second." She pauses and opens her eyes. "My dear friend Necrozma." Needless to say, she did not know of his current appearance. Never had she seen the legendary's without light form. That pitch black sheen of pained malevolence.

Apr 30th 2019 23:52

"Well, I'd sure hope my flames burn hotter than the norm of others."

Her voice almost seemed to trail off, now her gaze was a little distant as if she was reminiscingย of what past she used to hail from--different than the current world she was tossed into. Although now her ears perked a little attentively, and her eyes widened. Was this lad mad?! She couldn't strike him like that; the chances of a possible fatal wound were nigh high.

It wouldn't be the first to someone that was not an enemy, and it gave her a painful tug at her insides to where her ears flattened and she lowered her head out of respect.

"Apologies, but I have to decline. I cannot strike you, even if you allow it..."

Apr 22nd 2019 09:56

-Watches him skeptically, almost allowing herself to lean forward a little out of curiosity, too.ย  Surely he was jesting! Either way, she went along with it, flicking an ear again.-

Just call me Ty. Despite what just went on, it is nice to meet you, Maki.

Apr 21st 2019 15:40

-Turns head and scoffs with a flick of an ear. Blows out some smoke again as she huffs, narrowing eyes back to him.-

What is your name? :T

Apr 21st 2019 14:33


-Flamethrowers the mushroom, and almost has it hit him. Almost.-

Watch your tongue!

Apr 21st 2019 13:45

Will it really make it feel better?
Would it?

-Grumble, grumble, huffs out some smoke.-

Apr 21st 2019 13:01

Weaver Of Dreams

Mar 1st 2018 23:03

Hello it's a pleasure to meet you -bows- Miyuki is my name. Though a lot of people call me Miyu. I'm kinda a dream weaver though I'm not really allowed to practice that cause according to the Fae which my mother was......my existence.....well is a bad omen. //Beyond the Dreamer// Thanks for the add. I hope we can become good friends and get a story written.

Jan 22nd 2018 23:09

Digital Entry Log 001. 
Vitals are all in the green. Test modules fully functional. Strictly single unit input with daily insertions until complete control over the type bio-matrix has been established. The first experiment will begin once an Ultra Wormhole is secured and its energy synchronized to this location. Subject Three will be released into the practice stage, post screening.

Digital Entry Log 002. 
Unlike its past two predecessors, the newest subject is inoculated with a sample of the trial serum. A chemical blend of amino acids and a manufactured bacteria designed to produce deficiencies in the subject's metabolism. Growth will be carefully calibrated to minimize the likelihood of the chimera maturing too early and defaulting to extreme aggression like the others of its kind.

Digital Entry Log 003.
The subject is awake, and responds to both visual and auditory stimuli. Cellular composition has undergone drastic modification, and the subject is now able to appear more human than creature, potentially as a form of mimicry of those surrounding it.

Digital Entry Log 004.
With only hours until a wormhole is set to spawn, an abnormality has appeared. The test subject has begun showing a swelling of emotion and acts as though fearful of something. Can it be sensing the impending arrival of the Ultra Beast? Attempts to calm Subject Three are proving ineffective, and so it must be constrained until further evaluation can be made. The smaller form, while easier to bind, fights and resists our efforts like any wild animal that's been caged.

Digital Entry Log 005.
Electrical currents have been applied to the test subject's brainwaves as reformation to better cope with the high output levels being given off by the Ultra Wormhole. Other than a brief term of spitting up blood, Subject Three has taken the treatment well and is now ready for its first encounter with Specimen-02 Beauty. Extra security features and additional measures have been implemented to ensure that the experiment operates smoothly.

[Logs end here, and now voice command takes over. Flash forward, after several Ultra Beasts have been summoned, disposed of, and carted away]

"Bring out another! Retain output, keep the Ultra Wormhole stabilized!" 

"Safety limits exceeded, sir! Unable to contain resonance field!"

"All active personnel, abort! Shut down the procedure! Subdue IT!"

[All communications over the intercom now go to static, before falling silent]

||The room is trashed. Steel trolleys that had been loaded with syringes and vials of clear fluids now overturned to spill their contents on the cracked tile. Curtains of sparks spitting and sizzling from machinery damaged beyond repair. Lit up by the curling, popping flames, the walls were decorated in brightest red, smeared with blood. Splashed on the floor in puddles, trailing in places when the victims had tried to crawl away. The bodies were everywhere, none of them in one piece. One woman in her mid-thirties missing both arms, uniform torn and covered in red stains with more wounds underneath. Ragged holes showed the bloody mess beneath. Glistening scraps of fibrous muscle, raked into by massive and sharp claws. There was an older man missing the left side of his head like it'd been sheared away, with his right eye nothing but a suppurating hole oozing a dark liquid. Another body not two feet away had lost its entire head, the place where it should be strewn with chunks of matted, gore-crusted hair, flecks of gray matter and fragments of bony skull.||

||There were claws, insectoid claws, standing in the middle of the carnage. Clots of wet tissue staining the barbed olive green legs. The subject wasn't moving. Pumped with enough tranquilizer to stop its killing rampage. The last Ultra Beast to have been pulled from the wormhole was dead, along with some of Aether's finest. The third creation , the third experiment, was a failure. Worst of all, it was now twice as ruthless as the previous two synthetics, going ballistic after the RKS system had taken down a batch of Ultra Beasts.||

||Like the others of its project, it was to be renamed Type:Null and placed into cryogenic sleep, under strict orders never to be awakened or removed from its chamber. The video feed of that horrific scene continues to play out in the memories of those who survived the assault. A boy whose face was without remorse, detached from his reservations about killing living things.||

||Its trumpeting, feral cry when it returned to its shape as a Pokemon. The screeching of claws, smeared with the evidence of its wild mutilation. How, after being hit with enough tranqs to knock down a Regigigas, the back legs of the subject beast-killer spasmed. Kicking up bloody hunks of meat, eviscerated flesh with shredded bone protruding. Before toppling forward, finally spent, to be strapped down and carted away to its final prison. Never to be set upon the invasive Ultra Beasts ever again. Three failed prototype models in a row. There was no more dispute, the project was shut down permanently. And Null, a limiter helmet placed over its head, was put on ice, under indefinite lockdown. Forced to act by his makers, only to be discarded and left behind.||


Dec 3rd 2017 21:38

// Hello there my new friend!
I am Vepar the Mimikyu Pokemon.
I do hope that we will be able to get along.
Well, whenever you have the chance I would be happy to get a roleplay started with you.
Don't be afraid to ever comment on my statuses, they are usually always open!
Hope to hear from you soon!
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