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Characters: Shikamaru Nara
Verses: Naruto
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pιnκeττe ʙʟoom

Feb 16th 2019 10:24

I’m sorry for the delay in greeting to you.
My name is Sakura Uchiha, it’s a honor to make your acquaintance.
I hope we can get a story together soon.
Silent Tiger-;

Feb 14th 2019 01:08

/ thank you for adding me. I will give you a brief history of my character as I am mobile and have not had time to write it out. Ragon is from the hidden sea village. She was cast out due to her inability to speak. Though she was young when she lost her voice she hid it well until she began her training. Once her sensei realized she was mute, they gave her a choice, to become a simple villager or leave. She choice to leave,seeking a way to train herself because they would not. She now travels in search of either a sensei who will train her or simply training herself. If you would like to roleplay please let me know. I do have discord just_megan#8975 I roleplay there as well. Thank you once again
𝕊𝕝𝕚𝕔𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕎𝕚𝕟𝕕

Feb 5th 2019 18:58

Hey there,
Thanks for the add. Hope to start a story-line with you soon.

Oct 1st 2018 13:59

//Do you want to become a main of mine?

Sep 29th 2018 00:23

Temari |

Tch. I didn't think I'd have to do this all over again. -Sighs.- The name is Temari, oldest sibling of the Sand Siblings. Yes, that means Gaara and Kankuro. Don't get any funny ideas, I will put a world of hurt on you if you so much as touch either one of them. But; other than that. I suppose we should get something going or stuff; you know? Hit me back, lets bounce some ideas or jump right in. Whichever. Later!

Discord: ❀﹣﹣FɪʀᴇFʟᴏᴡᴇʀ#8722


Aug 9th 2018 02:16

Thank you for the add I hope to get some thing going soon too. Please look threw my layout, it is rather user friendly and simple to navigate threw

"The characters are on the left side of the layout along with there bio. I have Males and Females"

Then on the right is the Verse I do role play in I do more then what is listed, I am sure if you wish to know them all, I list them in a massage. Also on the right side is my rules and theme's set for each character I have.

Please just pick a character so we can get some thing going if you are multi character like me I will pick one of yours too,. If you have no idea then messages I will you work that out. Also if you do not see a character you want then please by all means as me about making one that would fit for you.

I often forget things so I will look at your profile upon this greeting to get a idea and once a role play is started I will look over your profile again to make sure I am not forgetting things but if by chance I do please let me know. I wish for us to be able to role play with in the best settings.

Also I enjoy my fanfics and with that said I often make remarks on my status streams about them if you ever wish to know what I read if your brave enough to just ask me I will give you a link, Please note my reading for 18 and older, my role plays follow the same logic.

*Kushina smiled to the man* 
I must warn about extreme sexual behaviors and mental disorders, or blood, gore, verbal langue, and extreme settings come with a few of my characters, and 2 others have an brother complex disorder,

Jul 30th 2018 14:45

Come A Little Closer
Let Me Devour Your World
See What Stars You're Made Of
To our 
little universe

Hello and welcome to Galactic dreams.I realize this may be a bit late, we have had a lot on our hands but finally came around to properly welcoming you our little site and slice of universe.

 We are here to help you find others that will engage in writing amazing stories with you, bring you still amazing edits from great editors and keep artists to create great artworks through commissions, as well as bringing you Originals and other things like free to use PSD's and much more to come.

If you are a site we would love to be affies.Are you interested? 

Please we would like to encourage you to read our rules here.
Click here

To become featured on our page as a roleplayer you may Click here

For fatured artist, edits, originals, free psd's and more feel free to visit our profile.

We also have two discord servers that you ar more than welcome to join.
Our server for originals, help with editing and more can be found here.
Our positivity, vent and chat server with meme's, support and more can be found here.
Please remember our servers have rules that can be found in them. As well as exclusives for the server.

We hope you have an amazing day and that we will able to help you in anything you may need. You may also message us with suggestions on how to improve our site.
Thank you



Jul 9th 2018 23:59

Sending a hello is such a drag...
Thanks for adding me.
The name is Shikadai Nara.
I'm open to roleplays and storylines.
I am a friendly admin, 
So yeah.
I see you roleplay as my ol' man;
That's always nice.
Anyways enough of my talking;
Hope to hear from you soon.

¢ н є я я у ♢ в ℓ σ ѕ ѕ σ м

Mar 24th 2018 10:35

Hello there!
Ha, Sakura here and it's great to meet you!
Hopefully we get to become friends, eh?
If you're open to role-playing or chatting, maybe both, I'm certainly up for it!
In the meantime, how goes it?
Mcrp Troubled Kings

Mar 8th 2018 17:17

Standard greeting

Thank you for adding us and/or accepting our request. We are The Troubled Kings which in fact is an MCRP account. That has zero effect in my characters role plays unless you have a underline issue with such things as small as I have more then one character. I treat everyone with respect as long as it is shown to me.

While we remain friends on the grounds of respecting one another, I hate to have to say this but, read my rules on my layout. I have an issue with drama and stupid people, ((Not implying that you are that.)) I am simply warning those few, that I will not hold back on my thoughts on a matter if I am seeing what you cannot. I wish for you to be able to do the same in return. I understand that things are not just black and white, because you are in fact a person with feelings. If this greeting has upset you, I can assure you when I say trust me it was not my intention. I am here to role play or just chat to get to know one another.

Yes my character's are almost all GAY (STRICTLY F***ING D*CKLY and into BDSM) lets not freak out. If that bothers you then
GTFO!!!....That's what the delete button is for. Now I have a few that are bi, just read the layout. Also if you will not reply to this or role play with me Delete me !

I do not like trolls.. DO NOT and I mean DO NOT try to troll me, I will troll you back. You cannot handle the trolling I do and I will only speak the truth. I've been going at this for over 8 years, and I know what I am doing. So if your soul is set for a fight I would ask you to know what your fighting for, any fight will be pointless if God moding is being used. I will not take on any fights without a good character to character reason.
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