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Aug 17th 2019 01:33

Hello there and thanks for the add!
I'm Villanelle and I hope we can be great friends~
I know intro comments are boring, so I'll keep this short-ish.

I am currently looking for people to edit (Or art trade since I do more art than edit nowadays) with and just general chatting.  I've been gone for a while but really want to work on being social now that I'm all settled.

I also RP, but only really do it if someone or myself has a good idea since I get a little busy.
Usually multi-para or novella.

I also have Discord if you would rather chat there, you can message me anytime, I really don't mind. I usually get to people faster then anyways.
Discord: Darling~❥#2527

Feel free to send me a comment or keep me around just because!
I hope to talk soon~
BTW Shikamaru is my fav character in Naruto~

Aug 16th 2019 20:28

Hello, I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I'd like to take the time to thank you for accepting/adding me. I'm a returning muse so I will be a tad rusty with the character. But I do hope we can discuss something soon! But I'm also not opposed to idle banter. I hope to hear from you soon!   


Aug 9th 2019 21:08

I'm terrible with greetings, so let's say "F*** it" and start writing instead of posh OOC formalities that wont get us any closer to a role-play.
What 'cha say?

This character is villainous enigma that transverses the shinobi lands causing mayhem where she might. Expect foul language, and grotesque descriptions as she isn't the most pleasant to deal with. She is unknown to most as her appearance is fairly new, those that may know anything about her might discern that she actually works for someone who is yet to be announced.

Storyline wise one might come across her if they have a particularly intriguing trinket that may be of military use, otherwise more 'pleasant' storylines would be in locations that have food...and lots of it... 

Jul 2nd 2019 01:01

// hello I'm Yumi! I hope we can roleplay or chat, either way.
I'm okay with both 😸

Jun 25th 2019 15:41

thanks for accepting my friend request Shikamaru.
If you ever want to discuss plots or starters
I'm open anytime.

Jun 25th 2019 01:44

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"She is both hellfire and holy water. And the flavor you taste all depends on how you treat her."

Greetings! You are most welcome and thank you kindly for requesting. 
I am sorry if I made you jump through hoops, I am just trying to weed those out who try to weasel their way through the gates of hell without my authorization.
||The female would say with a smile framing her ruby painted lips.||

We can begin discussing a storyline together as soon as you are next available.~
If that is your thing that is.

Until then, my dear acquaintance, I hope you have one hell of a day/night.~

“Create hell and people will be impatient to get there, just out of curiosity”
Beauty & Deadly girls (Mcrp)

Apr 24th 2019 22:35

Hello & So here comes my character� interactive greetings this is where a few of my characters will greet you� them self's and you get a feel for how there personality's are.

-Orihime looked worried for the man but afraid too.. .- Hello there, are you hurt can I heal you?

*Ema� about jumped out of her skin as man came crashing into the house. Tho she was shaken up she gave her a smile� too match her friendliness. she was overly friendly but Lexy would flip out if she hugged the man so all she could do was smile to him and bow some*��

*Lexy rolled her eyes at Ema's friendliness along with Orihime's and thought the man might want too shoot them I mean who the f*** comes in a house not useing a door or window. NOOOOOOO but had to use the damn roof!! She was ready with a magic spell, Shaking her head at the others two, they just had no idea what danger was. Lexy come's with trust issues. She also bow'ed to no male or well none had gotten close enough to her get her respect to make her bow.*

*Rayen came storming the house as she came form the woods then went straight to the mother of the house aka Tamara, as she walked on and left be hide and enormously huge amount of a blood trail. She passed everyone only to stop when she saw a male in the manor* "There is a male in are house and new sun roof. Odd" *She did her best not scream but her arm had been stuck on in a trap and was bleeding everywhere. I need Tamara's help. *

*Tamara was in her lab and watched them all threw a glass window,� just looked over at everyone with her lab coat on and mask as she watched everyone inter act. As she was not sure if there guest was going to stay she simply went back to work. Fixing up Rayen Ann's arm, which was bleeding. She was hissing about needing Sakura's help for Rayen's arm But Tamara healed and went out of the lab and spoke to the one in front of the girls. She wore a lab coat with blood on it*

Welcome new comer as you can see my girls are some what happy to meet and have greeted you as such. There personalities would allow for future role plays with you, do not get lost in it take for what it is a gretting

Apr 18th 2019 11:55

|| My name is Shirayuki Hikari, a death goddess... It's very nice to make your acquaintance---.
I may have requested you, or you have may requested me.
Either way, 
I'd love for us to eventually create a rather wonderful story with one another, I'm up for chatting as well.

I look forward to hearing from you and I do apologise for a rather small greeting I'm still trying to make sure everything is good with my profile and account in general. ||
gif, denpa onna, and erio touwa image

Mar 3rd 2019 16:47

My name is Yuri Plisetsky. Don’t confuse me with the Japanese Yuuri. That’ll piss me off.
If you wish to get a roleplay with me, than let’s get one started. Let me tell you
if you roleplay with me, I’m not that friendly to get along with.
however, I won’t accept numbers. So, if you are one to collect those,
then remove me from your list. If you have discord; feel free to add me.

Little Tiger#6194

Feb 14th 2019 01:08

/ thank you for adding me. I will give you a brief history of my character as I am mobile and have not had time to write it out. Ragon is from the hidden sea village. She was cast out due to her inability to speak. Though she was young when she lost her voice she hid it well until she began her training. Once her sensei realized she was mute, they gave her a choice, to become a simple villager or leave. She choice to leave,seeking a way to train herself because they would not. She now travels in search of either a sensei who will train her or simply training herself. If you would like to roleplay please let me know. I do have discord just_megan#8975 I roleplay there as well. Thank you once again
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