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Characters: Yunalesca Zar
Verses: D.C/Marvel
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About me:
Note: With the Dimensional magic, Yunalesca will use spells, items, weapons etc, from numerous sources even though she is based primarily in DC.


Name: Yunalesca Aurora Zar.

Nickname(s)/Alias(s): Yuna, Arcane Sorceress, Yaz(Taken from her initials).

Age: Unknown (Estimated mid-late twenties)

Gender: Genderless via magic (Originally Female)

D.O.B: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Residence: Jump City

Skin: Ebony

Hair: Cyan Blue

Eyes: Yellow

Height: Varies

Weight: Varies

Measurements: Varies

Orientation: Lesbian

Family: Jain Zar(Mother/Father), Aurora Zar(Mother)

Likes: The Arcane, Books, Nature, Starfire, Sex, Hot-springs

Dislikes: Cities, Excessive Noise, Pollution, Annoying Individuals, Hateful Individuals, Rape

Hobbies: Reading Books, Studying The Arcane, Meditating, Relaxing, Traversing Different Dimensions.

Personality: Yunalesca can be described as a very calm and collected person, with a high degree of control over her emotions to the point of seemingly lacking emotions entirely, even in dire situations.

Weapons: Various Magical Staffs

Unique Traits: Near identical physical similarity to Rachel Roth aka Raven, Genetically inherited radiation resistance, Inhuman reserve of Mana.

Who I'd like to meet:

Superhuman Strength: As a Meta-Human Yunalesca possesses physical strength exceeding that of peak physically fit athletic humans.

Superhuman Endurance: As a Meta-Human Yunalesca possesses physical endurance exceeding that of peak physically fit athletic humans, as well as her stamina exceeding that of peak physically fit humans.

Immense Mana Energy Yunalesca possesses an immense amount of Mana that is necessary for the casting or sustaining of spells. Yunalesca's Mana reserves are so monsterously high that she can cast high mana demanding spells in rapid succession multiple times, or sustain spells for great spans of time, without needing to stop for her Mana reserves to replenish. (Those that are able to see a persons mana aura would be able to see that Yunalesca's goes as far as a person can see, even with items that enable sight beyond normal limits they would not be able to see where Yunalesca's aura ends.)

Levitation/Flight: Yunalesca possesses the ability to levitate and fly through the air freely without the assistance of technology.

Arcane Arts: Yunalesca is capable of manipulating the Arcane Energies or Mana to create/cast a wide array of spells ranging from beneficial spells to outright destructive spells.


Time Manipulation: Yunalesca is able to speed up, reverse or pause the flow of time as well as open rifts in the fabrics of space and time to traverse between the past and future. However manipulating time or even time traveling is typically a forbidden type of magic, due to the consequences that come with interfering with the past or obtaining knowledge from the future to use in the present to change the future.

Dimensional Manipulation: Yunalesca is able to open rifts within the veil barrier separating the infinite dimensions in existence. This enables her to traverse to other realms or dimensions, she does this to expand her knowledge of the universe as well as expand her Arcane knowledge.

Censorship: Yunalesca created a unique spell enabling here to censor individuals from speaking or hearing specific things of her choosing. She had created this spell to use mainly upon herself to forbid herself from speaking about what she sees and learns from the past or future.

Body Manipulation: Yunalesca is able to magically alter her physical body however she wishes, including being able to change her reproductive anatomy. From her natural female reproductive organs to that of the male reproductive organs, testicles included, to even having both or removing her reproductive organs entirely. She is also able to use this form of magic to alter others.

Necromancy: Yunalesca is able to use the arcane energies to pull the ethereal energies of a soul from the Netherworld, Heaven, Hell, etc. And bring it back into the corporeal realm of mortal existence, this enables hir to gain information from the dead. However as with Time Manipulation magic, Necromancy is seen by many as a forbidden form of Magic otherwise known as Dark Arts.

Blood Magic: Yunalesca is capable of using Blood whether its hir own, or someone else's, in substitution of Mana for the casting of spells. However blood is a far less effective and costly 'fuel' for the casting of spells, while some spells can be extremely powerful when blood is used it often requires a supply of blood far beyond what a single human being possesses and would require a great number of sacrifices to achieve. Blood Magic is, like Time Manipulation & Necromancy. a forbidden form of magic.

Blood Lock/Seal/Barrier: Yunalesca is capable of mixing hir blood when casting certain spells or enchantments. This infusion of hir blood acts like a special 'key' making the spell or enchantment impossible to undo without hir blood. While spells of this type are classified as 'Blood Magic' they are less demonized then other Blood Magic spells.

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