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About me:
Name: Abidan PennDragon
I've come to self-realization that this guilt is not only just guilt. Yet also grief. Jealousy. Enmity. Indignation. Shame. Fear. Only is it when we are at loss of something that we begin seeing the importance and need for it. The numbers of vile cruelty in this world cannot be measured. Certainly, in what I believed in doing of good, I have only multiplied to that number. I had thought to have defeated this creature known as Sorrow, yet it only disappeared to run along into the meadows of predicament to bring back a friend. Death has greeted me to the point that now, it almost seems as a friend to alleviate the pain. As He steals away the souls intertwined with my very own, He encompasses me in this strange comfort of loneliness. I have questioned He to take my soul, also, to end me of these Sorrows. Yet he simply shakes his skull to the left and right, cackling viciously at my poignant words. It would have been fool's thought to bring up the thought that He could have simply cared about I. Death is never a friend nor a companion. Yet even He seems to be of comfort at desperate times.
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Nov 30th 2017 15:06

Thank you for accepting my add! I'm Zelter and it's a pleasure to meet you! I'm returning after a five-year hiatus so hang tight with me since I'm still re-learning this whole process. My story is up and I'm currently accepting story-lines and standard role-plays. If you wish to discuss with me I have a LINE and a Discord.

My LINE is xZelterSkelterx

And my Discord is xZelterSkelterx#4211
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