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United States

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Basic Information
Full Name: Sela Aldaine

Nickname(s): Od [pronounced Odd], Pumpkin

D.O.B. 12/7/1993

Age: 23

Species: Half Djinn/ Half Elven

Eye Color: Vibrant Green

Hair Color: Orange

Height: 5"5

Weight: 127lbs

Profession: Performer/ Fortune Teller

Relationship Status: Complicated.
By Whom: TBA.

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Family Members:
  • Aym | Biological Father
  • Tuulie | Mother
  • Flynn | Half-Brother
  • Sarge | Half-Brother
  • Tevin | Half-Brother

  • Personality

    Sela is a big hearted person, who often throws herself into dangerous situations in the attempt to aid others. Always looking out for her friends and family, she is willing to do whatever she must to help, in anyway she can. Almost self-destructive in her eagerness to help, that she often loses focus on the �larger picture� and may have, at times, caused more harm than good. Despite her recklessness she is a fiercely loyal, and loving person, who would give up the world if it meant saving a friend. However untrusting of people she doesn�t know, she could never sit back and watch someone being harmed or attacked unfairly. Especially if she felt it a cruel act, to humiliate or belittle another for simple enjoyment. Bullying, mob minds, and other such acts disgust her and is a sure fire way of pissing her off.

    However kind she may be, her temper is nothing to bat an eye at. This women could set the world on fire if she became angry enough, her rage like a roaring blaze to anything unfortunate enough to be caught. Metaphorically of course, as the half breed doesn�t actually engage in any form of combat unless given no other choice. Much like her Fae brethren, she may use some of her magic to.. �play� a little at your expense. Stepping on gum, being rained on, small little annoyances throughout your day. Or, if you have particularly pissed her off, a week. Nothing that would ever cause true harm, as she believes that every life matters.

    Though very outspoken and opinionated with those she trusts, Sela is shy and nervous around those she doesn�t know. Resulting in her remaining silent in most social gatherings, and for some awkward first encounters. Having normally differing opinions than others, she becomes nervous when left alone to mingle with unfamiliar guests. She may try and break the ice with a simple question, or attempt a conversation about something that interests her, like animals. However, if her opinion is asked she will give it freely. Challenging her opinions will likely bring on a debate, however, no matter how stubborn she may feel towards a subject she is always willing to hear the other side on most counts.

    Powers & Abilities
    Oddly having a strange connection with death, she can normally tell when an individual is going to die. Having whispers echo through her head when she is around someone destined to die, the louder the whispers the sooner their end will come. In the past she has tried to save people, but has yet discovered a way to prevent the event. Despite her best efforts. Along with the whispers she is able to see the dead, or old lingering spirits of forests and trees alike. Often finding solace in quiet places such as ancient forests and graveyards, she likes to listen to the spirits sing.

    Having previously been unaware of her more active magical abilities, many of her powers have yet to be discovered. Or may lack in their potential.

    As a Djinn she is able to wield many types of magic, one of her favorite being that of Shapeshifting. Able to change her shape at will, she often takes on the form of a wolf or other such animals when the urge strikes her. Flight is another ability that she often uses, either to lazily float instead of seating herself, or traveling long distances. She can often be found in the air, away in forests, enjoying the scenery. Though not very strong, Sela is able to create, change, destroy, and eventually alter reality given enough training. Right now she is able to perform small feats, such as materializing already known objects from nothing. And abel to change the physical appearance of lesser magical creatures and humans, such a height, and eye color. If needed she could heal wounds, and cure common illnesses.

    under co.


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    "Magic is not a practice. It is a living, breathing web of energy that, with our permission, can encase our every action."
    aim: kawiinopumpkin

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    Body type:No Answer
    Ethnicity:No Answer
    Religion:I will let you know . . .
    Education:High school
    Characters: Sela Aldaine
    Verses: Custom, Open, Crime, Dragon Age, Wolf, Inuyasha, Skyrim..
    Length: Multi Para, Novella
    Genre: Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, Open, Psychological, Supernatural,
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    About me:
    Who I'd like to meet:


    "The fall of a leaf is a whisper to the living."


    Bio here yo!

    "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
    but by the moments that take our breath away."


    In the Qur'an, the Djinn are among the three sentient creations of Allah with the other two being Angels and Humans. He created the Djinn from flames but the relationship of a Djinn to fire is similar to the relationship of a man to Earth. They are less powerful than Angels but have limitless abilities and are considered by most to be among the same class as demons and malevolent spirits. In fact, Satan is thought to have been a Djinn named Iblees who refused Allah's order to submit to Adam, the father of Mankind.

    Djinn, just like humans, have free will which means they can choose which religions they follow or to be good or evil. They will also be Judged when the time comes and be thrown into 'Hell' or 'Paradise' . They are Incorporal beings but can choose to take on corporal forms as humans or animals. They can marry into human families and have children as well though it is generally frowned upon (by humans). Offspring from such a pairing have been known to fly, walk through walls and age just as slowly as Djinn do.

    There are generally three types of Djinn; Marids, Ifrits and Ghuls. There are also the Qarin who are believed to follow a human being from birth and whisper into their ears to tempt them to do evil deeds.

    A Marid is the strongest type of Djinn and can most likely be found near the Ocean. They are rather arrogant and proud. However, they can be swayed into granting wishes for material items or servitude. This usually requires battle, imprisonment, rituals or if you're charming enough, a great deal of flattery.

    The only way to ward off a Djinn is to have a Taweez, or rather a charm inscribed with Ayat ul Kursi written or inscribed in it. Otherwise, in battle conditions, a Djinn can be weakened by powerful magic or pure silver.


    Mithisa is a land plagued in war, a chaos god by the name of Yama descended upon the planet and over threw the ruler of the underworld. Taking control of the many creatures tethered to the Realm, Yama brought chaos to the land. Having the beasts attack randomly, while the God of the planet Runesus gathered his devote to raise against the crimson beast and his raising army. Unable to prevent the chaos that began to spread over the planet, many villages and creatures have met their doom amongst the fighting.

    Many magical beings began choosing sides, some favored the chance to release their tensions and magics amongst others. While others fought to protect their homes and loved ones, many chose to try and stay out of the fighting. Hoping to instead preserve the planet, and the many innocent lives caught within the struggles.

    The land of Mithisa has always been a dangerous place, where predators feast upon predators. The planet consists of mostly meat eating creatures, leaving many thick, lush forests and vegetation coating the planet. Unless careful, one could meet their death in an instant. As some of the plant life has even developed carnivorous ways, growing large enough to prey upon rabbits and large boars unfortunate enough to become snared within their traps. Disguised as pools of water, or small clearings, unsuspecting creatures and on rare occasions individuals have met a gruesome end.


    Creatures that are the embodiment of nature and the energy of their world, each elven child will take on an element or energy of their planet. Fire, Water, Air, Flowers, Trees, Wind, Lightening, Power, whatever it may be the child will become one with their bounded energy. Though nature elements are the most common, elven children bound to pure energy and magic are by far the more powerful of their kin. Though generally rare, they tend to live longer lives then those born under the other elements.

    Elves born of the elements normally tend to the planet, either keeping the waters pure, or the forest lush with life. Each fills the earth with their magic, making the forests they inhabit beautiful but also dangerous. As with their cousin, the Fae. Their magic often tends to linger, creating small pockets of magic in the dense parts of their home. Though not inherently malicious, sometimes these pockets of magic transport humans who unknowingly walk into them to other dimensions or planets. Never to be seen again. However they would never purposely bring harm to anyone, pacifists by nature, they value all life. And feed on energy and magic alone.

    Those born to be bound to magic and energy often become drifters, having no reasons to stay within forests as they do not tend to the planet. They can often be found among the humans, either playing practical jokes on them. Or bringing them muse and inspirations, tending to follow artists and musicians. However in recent years humans have found them as powerful sources of energy and power, and some have resulted to capturing them to fuel their experimental machines or to try and harness their power. Many have gone into hiding, either deep within forest, or dormant in forgotten caverns.

    Once every fifty years or so a mating season will occur�..

    The Partner in Crime
    �Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.�

    Riley Watts| Besties |Rob Watts

    "Two is always better than One"
    Two of her best friends ended up being twins. A boy and a girl, who she became very close too as the years passed.

    "The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels."

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    ℂ𝕒𝕟'𝕥 𝕋𝕒𝕞𝕖 𝕄𝕖



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    𝖂𝖔𝖑𝖋 𝕯𝖊𝖒𝖔𝖓

    May 31st 2019 17:23

    Greetings, my name as stated above is Koga Kasshokumaru.
    Thank you for accepting my request.
    My character is a Inuyasha OC
    However, I write in the following genres.
    Inuyasha | Feudal Era | Modern Era | Supernatural
    Slice of Life | Drama | Spar/Fighting

    If you'd like to know my characters story feel free to give my story
    a read on my profile. Other then that I am looking forward to conversing with you soon.

    Hero-King's ˢʰᵃᵈᵒʷ

    Jun 23rd 2017 19:19

    You... seem familiar, and I am unsure as to why that is. Editing style, perhaps? I can't really say.
    But, that aside, my apologies for taking as long as I did to finally reach out to you as per my occupation as the requestee. This heat has been murder out here, and living in what is basically arid badlands does not help in the slightest at 100F.
    But, I appreciate your approval as well as your patience all the same.
    We may begin the discussion at your discretion, I understand that things have been problematic for youuuu...? I recall statuses mentioning such, but if that is no longer the case currently, then that is wonderful.
    Interesting direction you've gone for your character; Muslim religion, the Djinn and their orders... Half-Djinn and Half-Elf, that's incredible, really. How in the world did you come up with this?
    Patience is a virtue.
    Autumn Hazel Scarlet

    Jun 16th 2017 14:15

    "I'm fine."
    ιиfєяиσ of gяєє∂

    Jun 13th 2017 12:04

    Hello~! I am Merlin, though people do call me the Magus of Flowers. But you can call me just Merlin, I don't handle formalities all that well. Regardless, I am here with an offer. An offer? What can he be offering, you might ask. Well, the answer is rather simple. An adventure! Would you like to discuss one, or shall we go about something random?


    Jun 12th 2017 22:30

    //Absolutely! I'm socially awkward myself so it's all 100% from here.
    Actually it takes me forever with comments because socializing in general is so difficult for me.
    Story writing though is no problem! Just need to have a work schedule that gives me the time.
    Some weeks are better than others. /sighs/

    Jun 12th 2017 21:23

    Good evening to you, my new friend.
    Aeon is my name, but please, feel free to call me what you wish.
    I must apologize for the lack of information on my profile, some bits and pieces of it are currently under construction. However, should you wish to discuss a roleplay with me, you may find some useful information in the Origins box, as well as information about my character on the left hand side. I hope to hear from you soon.
    Autumn Hazel Scarlet

    Jun 12th 2017 09:23

    "How are you?"
    тαsнισυs❞ [Under Construction]

    Jun 11th 2017 20:24

    out of character;;

    thank you for the add
    Please read my rules
    What character would you like to rp with?

    Jun 10th 2017 23:30


    Hello, hello!
    Thanks for the accept,
    I'll try to keep this short & Sweet!
    This is, after all, a simple howdy-do.

    Co edits/Editing are kinda my thing.
    I do roleplay still but like to make it worth my while by being super extensive with it.
    (If extensive ain't your game, I like rp pic commenting too.)
    Also chatting. I do that. (Badly, but yes.)
    Line and ani are my places of being.

    And~ that's the tedious jazz!
    Painless, hopefully, yes?
    Autumn Hazel Scarlet

    Jun 10th 2017 18:14

    "Hello, I'm Autumn Hazel Scarlet. It's nice to meet you."
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