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Himiko Toga is a villain affiliated with the League of Villains and part of its Vanguard Action Squad. She and the rest of her team serve as the main antagonists of the School Trip Arc. She is also an antagonist during the Hero License Exam Arc. Himiko is a suspect on the run for serial blood draining murders. After Chizome Akaguro's backstory was revealed to the public, Himiko became inspired by his ideals and decided to join the League of Villains.

Toga Himiko I want to eat your pancreas <3

Himiko is a slim, short girl with blonde hair, which she wears in messy styled buns on either side of her head. She also sports straight bangs, cut in an uneven hime cut-like style, and two stray strands of hair on each side of her face. Her eye color is yellow, with vertically slit pupils and dark circles under them, and she has pronounced, cat-like canine teeth. She wears a sailor uniform with an oversized cardigan that covers most of her skirt, and cuffs that cover the palm of her hands. She also wears knee-length black socks and classic Japanese school uniform loafers. In her right pocket she carries what appears to be a number of charms on either a keychain or a cellphone. Himiko is a very cheerful girl, to the point of smiling even after having presumably killed someone, displaying apparent sadistic tendencies. Even when danger is imminent, as when Tomura Shigaraki was about to attack her, Himiko continues smiling. She's also frequently seen blushing, though seemingly out of excitement rather than embarrassment, giving her a permanent somewhat lovesick look on her face. She is quite courageous, or at least very confident in her Quirk, as she impersonated an aspiring hero and took part in an exam that gathered multiple students of heroics and pro heroes. Himiko has stated that she finds life to be difficult and wants to make the world an easier place to live in. She looks up to Stain and sees him as her role model; however, at the same time, she has declared a desire to kill and "become" him. Himiko has also shown signs of being mentally unstable and having a twisted perception of love. Despite wanting to kill the two girls, she attempted to befriend Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui as they fought, such as calling the latter by her first name and describing the former as "lovely". When talking to Ochaco, she said that it was only natural to want to be like the one you love, to the point of literally becoming that person. She also declared that she likes guys who are "tattered and reek of blood", that being the reason she "carves people up". Her interest is not superficial, however, as her questioning Izuku about his values implies.


Transform: Himiko's Quirk allows her to take on the physical appearance of another person, as well as to imitate their voice, by ingesting their blood. She appears to need a large quantity of blood to shapeshift into others as a small stab wound on Ochaco Uraraka's arm was, in her words, not enough. She does not, however, appear to be capable of using the Quirk of the person whose appearance she is mimicking. It seems that touching the disguise does not give her ability away. Additionally, she can wear one disguise on top of another. When she deactivates her Quirk, the disguise melts into a light-colored slime-like substance. So far, the people Himiko impersonated are Camie and Ochaco Uraraka.

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Characters: Himiko Toga
Verses: My Hero Academia, Boku No Hero Academia and the manga. Welcoming to cross overs.
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
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Togata Mirio. After losing his powers he now aims to become a Pokemon Master.

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Addictions: Blood, Izuku, Knives
Dislikes: Hero's
Tool:Butterfly Knife: Himiko carries a small folding pocket knife with her in order to stab her targets and drain blood.
Tool:Blood Draining Machine: Himiko's machine allows her to drain blood from even the smallest of wounds, presumably to compensate her Quirk's weakness.
Tool:Gas Mask: A mask used to protect her from the effects of Mustard's gas. Unlike her teammates' masks, hers only covers the lower part of her face.

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Mar 11th 2019 13:01

Attention: Buddy. | Mentions: Pygmy Puff.
"Hit or miss? I guess they never miss, huh? You got a boyfriend, I bet he doesn’t kiss ya. Muah! He gon’ find another girl and he won’t miss ya. He gon’ skrrt and hit the dab like Wiz Khalilfla."
I’m not the best at these but I feel like we all say that now a days. Thanks for adding/accepting me. I am here to write or chit chat. Rules? Let’s not be jerks and have fun. Also I’m not going to smut you. So if that’s your purpose than feel free to skrrt yourself away.

If we have already spoke then disregard this. I’m still getting used to everyone’s display names. Heh. Also I have discord but I’m a little picky on who I add.

XOXO, Mina Ashido
"I wanna know what’s wrong with him in the head."

Jan 22nd 2019 09:51

Hello and thank you for adding or accepting my friend request. 
I roleplay Dabi from My Hero Academia. However, I roleplay 
him a bit differently. I made him more AU with more of a back
story. Why? Because Dabi is a character with a lot of questions
unanswered. So, I thought I would fill in the holes, and roleplay
him myself. So, let me go ahead and fill you in on the AU.

  • Dabi birth name is Toya Todoroki, he's the eldest son of  Enji and Rei Todoroki. 
  • Shortly after childbirth, his father took him and had him live with a nanny. Telling his wife that Toya needed to stay at a special hospital due to a 'sickness'. And that he would only be able to visit home once in a while. This was to have him train his son to be just like him, without his wife getting in the way. 
  • Toya escaped shortly after being abused by his father at the age of twelve. Though, being born with red hair. The torment he went through of being scorched alive, had a traumatic effect on him, causing his hair to be black, and part of his skin being the way it is now. 
  • Being abused by his father, this made him not trust pro heroes, as he believe they all have some evil in them and can't be trusted. 
  • Toya made a name for himself calling himself Dabi, as he no longer wanted his birth name or his family name. 
  • Dabi spent most his teenage life going from family to family, taking their food, clothes, and money. Seeing as he was suppose to be 'sick and being watched by the hospital', Endeavor didn't file a missing person report, and just told his wife that Toya was gravely sick and needed to stay at the special hospital. 
The rest of the au isn't as important. The rest you know is from the manga
and anime show. If you like to discuss a storyline, or connection. Let me
know. I hope to hear from you soon

Dec 21st 2018 09:45

In theory I should have greeted you a while ago.
In theory, likewise, the earth should have gotten around to crashing into the sun by now, as well.
As I have had a rough week, and the fact that it would likely involve less knives, I suppose part of me was trying to wait out option two.
Regardless, there is no time like the present to drink those draining seconds.
So, hello, sorry for the delay, it is... Certainly an experience having you on my list.
Maybe we can get around to actually interacting at some point.

Dec 5th 2018 18:26

I’ll make this brief because it’s a hassle to make this a long greeting. So, let’s get straight to the point If you wish to forego a discussion or minor chitchat I have no problems with that. I am always ready to improve myself as a hero. My preferences are usually adventure, mystery, fantasy, action along with one to four paragraphs for length. I also have discord if you wish to discuss quicker.

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Apr 22nd 2018 16:21


Welcome to my page, it's a pleasure meeting you. 

If you don't know who I roleplay, I roleplay as Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul. Despite me roleplaying as this character. . . I unfortnately haven't read the manga... (Well i'm starting to read Tokyo Ghoul.) So, my knowledge of the character is from the anime and whatever the wiki tells me. 

I'm a Para-Novella writer. However, I mostly write Multiple Paragraphs. I'd appreciate it if you read my rules, because there's some things you all must know before writing with me. http://www.aniroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=0000087047


Feb 14th 2018 11:38

ierce fire dwells within her heart.like a lion that no one can tame. god abandoned her from the start. so the new god she became."

Hello there!~

Feb 13th 2018 10:50

|Oh thank you! ^3^|
Dυsт 2 Dυsт

Nov 23rd 2017 07:01

" Didn't really take you as the thanksgiving type... Dont worry about where I went. I'm here now. "

Nov 18th 2017 18:31

OOC: Hi there! I thought an interaction between our girls would be very entertaining, haha. I also really love the way your profile looks. ♥ I am doing very well! Thank you for asking! How about yourself?

Oct 26th 2017 03:24


"Himiko Toga, huh? Nice to meet you."

Tilting her head to the side in a curious manner, she looked on with an eager gaze.

"Civillian? I guess I'm a hero. An anti-hero. Does that count?"

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