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25 years old
Jackson, Georgia
United States

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May 24 2019

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Apr 9th 2019 22:32


I thank you for your acceptance. If you wish to roleplay, either have a random starter or a possible storyline discussion, let me know. Idle banter rather in character or not is more than exceptional as well. I hope I hear from you, thank you again.

Feb 28th 2019 13:46

Little pet.

Jan 21st 2019 20:57

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Please read our rules on our profile.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

We are currently under going construction, so we don't have much to offer at the moment. We will be opening a Discord later, where server-exclusive resources will be offered.

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-- Owner: Dynaria;;
Of The W a v e s

Jan 1st 2019 21:04

thank you for the add
Names zellda bandit. hope we can become friends
hope to have my human looks up and rolling soon.
p.s this is my short and sweet greeting. 

Dec 11th 2018 19:25

Thank you for accepting my request
How are you?
I'm Elizabeth Morana
I hope your day/night is going well.

Nov 29th 2018 15:33

awww sending my love to you

Nov 29th 2018 06:53

Hope you are okay. I haven't had a reply from you
White Dragon God Emperor

Nov 19th 2018 22:02

I told you not to worry about the those who mean nothing and cast you aside. The ones you should have your eyes on you over look my pet. Hopefully you don’t leave if you do it would be a shame. 
White Dragon God Emperor

Nov 17th 2018 00:26

Ok just asking 
White Dragon God Emperor

Nov 15th 2018 04:54

Well if you lost interest it’s cool but disappointing. 
Well I’ll try again with you another time when I feel like it. 
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