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Near Mercer  (10  photos)
One of my characters I've had from the start.
Uchiha Alec.  (30  photos)
The Kage level Uchiha,far beyond the wildest dreams of power.
Philip Gallagher.  (11  photos)
This is the shape shifting shit bag you should be worried about..sometimes.
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GeneralPhilip Gallagher*Lip*:Oh yes, it is the beloved character from shameless. But, his story was much different in his world..a world of infections and a killer strain,he had agreed to be tested on..the story takes a turn of it leading to a outbreak of the undead and him becoming a BIO weapon of mass power and able to shift his body in to anything,and I mean any THING.
MusicNear Mercer:...A man, with the soul of a demon merged with his own. After he had passed away in the line of battle..his soul met with a dark entity..Sameal...The king of demons, Spartas fifth son...his brother Daniel was the one responsible for giving him this curse,and blessing...Before they had went in to war. Dan,had given Near a locket..that had held Sameal. Being killed by a massive number of foes,triggered this..thing,to control Near. Just learning its powers,for hundreds of years..Being wrapped back in time, to the dawn of the Rome empire,he met gods,and many more along his way..Become a student,and a master to some few,and so many..But one thing,and only one kept him sane..For a thousand years..he had love,family..and lost. Countless times..and more loss then he thought would his foolish ways,and divine head wrapped around his power..out classing everyone in his Demons clan..Even his brother,who had created their way to channel their powers,in such a massive elemental way, that had a weakness,if it was ever shown..many had found ways to get at it..Nears family in the past,wasn't a picket white fence,and a golden lab..In a short and most excellent way..his Light was always shining,even in the end..Keeping hope, to always see the other,happy. To find everything, he couldn't provide..Being used a giver, expecting a memory more than a forever bond..his way,was always a stubborn one. In the time of his end, he learned it was useless. Gaining the power his father and many others dreamed of..controlling elements..enough to emerge a beautiful planet..with his ten thousand mark,he has obtained..a Gods dream, making his own earth, that he sleeps within..A sun above,as time cycles...He stays within, forever.
MoviesComedy's mostly Layout by CoolChaser
Heroes Eh

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Here for:Dating, Networking,
Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Athletic
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:High school
Occupation:Stuff and things
Characters: Lucas Morgan Mr.Death himself, along with the Shinobi of Gravity himself Alec Uchiha..and their last
Verses: Any.
Playbys: Lucas Morgan, Alec Uchiha, and Near Mercer.
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Anime, Crossover, Manga, Open, Science Fiction,
Status: Single
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About me:
(TO EVERYONE WHO ADDS AND INTERACTS WITH ME. I am a busy man with kids and a job and such, so I am here when I can be. Please don't take my in activeness as anything serous I like to Role play and I'm here when I can be! Thank you everyone.) Lucas is anything really,and story can be used any genre...but his main story is also something I have done in the past,Im up for anything let me know good people...Normally,a assassian mastered in Aiido and tai kwan doe,hes skilled in fire arms,and any kind of blade and blunt weapons..hes a man in his twentys rasied in japan and moved to america, taking contracts and making money, he can channel ki in to a dark like abilite...he has yet to learn more of himself. Hes Human, but something else is within him..Hes the only family he knows of.
Who I'd like to meet:
Alec, is the son of Itatchi Uchiha and his mother from the German side of the world, Ereika Moraningstar a Queen from a earth villages sister home far west,hidden within the mountains. Raised and trained by Madara before leaving to presue a life of good,and honor...Just like his father always wanted. Living in the dry lands,learning his genkai with native Uchiha members..He also has the gift of an Earth genkai from his mothers side of the family. The age of twenty five he had became immortal due to his Mangekyo Sharingan. The ripe old age of thirty he had felt the power of a kage..never stepping to the plate of the Hokage, he retired and took rest til around sixty where he was called in for the 7th ninja war...His later years he gave him to his death, only to find..when he came to death,he would only take place in another universe...some way,he wouldn't die, a curse took hold..and still has him, thousands of years later. He has experienced. everything,family..lost,betrayed..everything terrible,and everything beautiful..

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Jan 10th 2018 00:07

Hello There!
It's Berry nice to meet you.
My name is Strawberry
Thank you for the add
Hope to be good friends
oocis for comments
Rp is for message
see you soon
sᴛᴀʀs ғᴀʟʟ

Sep 1st 2017 16:10

Greetings, Lucas. Please accept my sincerest apologies for taking this long to respond to you.

I would very much like to start things off, so may I ask, would you prefer to start discussing aroleplay, talk about characters, or perhaps get to know each other a little more and simply talk?

I forward to hearing from you, and of course, thank you for being patient.
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