"We aren't able to comprehend what you mean by tricking."

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Body type:Body builder
Characters: Kyubey /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ and Fav, that black and white goldfish that smiles back.
Verses: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Magia Record, Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku, everything magical girl.
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Anime, Crossover, Fantasy, Psychological, Science Fiction, Thriller/Suspense,
Member Since:August 30, 2017

I'm fighting the urge not to make a Rena account but I wanna be a little bitch/weenie.

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About me:

❝Time-traveler, Akemi Homura. By turning back and changing past events, she has traversed numerous different timelines... and relived this past month over and over, seeking the outcome she desires. Her existence has answered at least one great mystery: Why is Kaname Madoka's potential as a magical girl so abnormally vast? Now, at last, I have a theory that explains it.❞

Still, I can sense that time draws near. She inadvertently caused multiple timelines to converge together.. and centered them all on the existence of Kaname Madoka. The floodgates of entropy drew even closer. All that karmic destiny she set spinning in all those different timelines..


Akemi Homura's sudden disappearance has stabilized the current timeline. Kaname Madoka, a magical girl with outrageous potential has embarked on a quest to Kamihama city to find her missing friend.
Currently, Kyubey had formed contacts with three girls of this distract who just entered a Witch's Labyrinth. However, the incubator picks up on the presence of something that had stumbled into the Labyrinth. The latent magical potential emanating from this individual is so potent it draws its attention.

The trio of unlikely magical girls wanders deeper into the labyrinth as the battle commences against the Witch and her minions. Kyubey decides to investigate and heads back towards the entrance.


"Are you really that bored we've had to resort to kidnapping again, pon?" a synthetic voice protested, following the origin of the voice traced back to what could only be described as a goldfish. The digital fairy otherwise known as Fav was the mascot character for the mobile app game, Magical Girl Raising Project. The hottest free-to-play game on the mobile market with such outlandish claims such as an one in a millionth chance of becoming a real life magical girl. Such claims seemed down right preposterous except they weren't. "There's still fifteen magical girls, the games even haven't commenced, pon!" The fairy's connection to this physical world came via a magical terminal, the black-and-white symmetrical goldfish bounced in place as it hovered in the projection emitting from the device; green sparks of digital matter sprinkled as it swayed.

"That method is far too time consuming, this social networking game is quite efficient. However, the pool of candidates drawn this time leaves much to be desired." The musician of the forest spoke softly and daintily, certainly this voice didn't belong to that of a cold-blooded killer whose sights were set on facing strong opponents. She carried herself with an air of sophistication and grace, the traits you think common among elves as a stereotype of mystical beings——based off the motif of her appearance. But her poised mannerisms masked the bloodthirsty monster she truly was.

The clicks of her heels continued as she walked further into the labyrinth. Under the impression the Witch's Labyrinth was the work of an enemy magical girl's magic, she ambled down the bizarre scenery in high hopes of facing against the magical girl responsible for such phenomenal magical ability until.

"Ah! So there you are, the magical potential you possess is unlike any thing I have felt befor——"
In the blink of an eye, Cranberry had propelled herself at breakneck speeds closing the distance between her and the creature in a manner of seconds. The pointed heel of her shoe is driven into the creature's head and the very foundation of its skull caves in as her foot smashes with very little effort. Blood splashes and paints the walls in the curdling crimson she's so fondly acquainted with. Under her heel the remains of whatever that creature was stays plastered.

"It's good you killed it, it looked like one of the mascots, pon.~ No dobut another overseer from the Land of Magic, pon."
Who I'd like to meet:

As Incubator, I must be versatile. Confirming the existence of the "Law of the Cycle", which has been a mere hypothesis until now, satisfying mere curiosity is illogical so I must observe. /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
Very flexible, can fit into most verses, an excerpt down below for comic Marvel writers pertaining to Secret Wars.

Over and over again she failed yet she insistently pushed forward only to fail dismally even if she already knew the outcome. The wretched witch of the end of days Walpurgisnacht had been summoned; the strongest abomination capable of Armageddon was too much to overcome for Homura Akemi. Despite her efforts, Kaname Madoka could not be protected. She watched her die and the world around an unfathomable number of times. With every failure, the broken Homura used her magic and repeated the cycle all for Madoka. This world was destined for ruin but she swallowed her hesitation. She remembered her from a dream she thought was true, all she wished for was her hand to hold. Only her smile kills the darkness in her, and again, Akemi Homura repeated this heart-wrenching loop of death and despair.

Unfortunately, the fate of Akemi Homura was far more tragic. Unbeknownst to the tortured soul, she is in fact a product of the Beyonders.. One of their experiments, they desired to seek the simultaneous end of everything. In essence, Akemi Homura was a multiversal bomb—every time she traveled back in time she created a new timeline and she continued this process without end. The Beyonders know this outcome and were well aware that her endeavors were futile to save her friend. When the time drew near, the infinite amount of universes she created would collapse upon themselves and take out everything in the process.

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✦Black Swan✦

May 27th 2019 17:58


Apr 7th 2019 22:03

". . . Not really." She said with a shrug."Why? I got the ability to make the change I want to see in the world."

Feb 2nd 2019 13:02

Homura arched a brow, hand slipping behind her shield. Slowly and calmly a smaller 9-mil handgun was withdrawn, and carefully brought to the mahou shoujo's side. "And what attention does Incubator need from me?"
( ɪɴ ᴛʀᴀɪɴɪɴɢ )

Jan 26th 2019 18:40

Oh? Could it be the hair?
My cloths?
Hmm, maybe i'm just a familiar person!

The Phoenix force ...
Well, its not with me. My mom possesses it as far as I know.
I inherited a lot of her powers, but not that.
ᴛʜᴇ ᴡʜɪᴛᴇ sᴡᴀɴ (Hiatus)

Dec 19th 2018 18:37

The White Swan

Hello! Thank you for accepting my add or requesting me. I'm Ahiru Arima. You can call me Ahiru.

With that said, here's hoping to have something going with you, especially discussing a magical adventure (story line). Well, not your usual magical girl adventure though. Still, hope to hear from you soon!


Nov 9th 2018 05:10

asdfghjkl; thank you Qyoobi. ;w;

I joined the group only because I couldn't see the rules and stuff? I'm gonna read through it here in a few but yeah! If you could go into a little bit more detail that would be great. I just wanna be on the same page with everyone else so I'm not totally lost orz

Nov 2nd 2018 05:56


Uhhhhm, would it be okay to ask if I can like, see how it all works? Or if you could explain? I've never done a group thing before so I just feel dumb adsfrgt

Oct 29th 2018 01:46


Oct 29th 2018 01:42

I promise she's just as friendly, she's actually the reason I hopped over!
She even mentioned that you had a group but I was too shy to ask you about it :x
But good to know! I'm always happy if I can rise up a laugh or two.
Also Homu did say she'd be busy recently, so try to bare with her!
I'll let her know when she seems to have some free time.

Oct 24th 2018 04:32

Is it really? I actually saw another one pop up quite recently. Or rather a witch form but still. But no worries! I’m in no rush as I’m still getting my groove back. And yeah sorry for the jokes I can’t help it sometimes. But yeah thank you for the request! Pleasure to meet you and hope we can be friends c:
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