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HomeMESSAGEADDCommentAlbumPLEASE READ! It's important to know!

NAME: Moriko Yamamoto
ALIAS:Moriko Tenjōin
AGE: Appears about 18 ( a little younger then youko Kurama)
BIRTHDATE: In the fall
BIRTHPLACE: Demon world
SPECIES: Demon (1/2 fox spirit 1/2 Elemental demon)

LIKES: Singing, reading, writing, drawing, and gardening
DISLIKES: Chores, formal events and attire
RELATIONSHIP: Taken/Mated by Hyrulean Soldier
If this is a issue talk to me, delete, or just don't add your choice ---
??? ---

Rules in blog

GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'9"(Elemental Form)
..... 6'1"(Fox Form
WEIGHT: Sorry not going to share
MEASURMENTS: Wouldn't you like to know
HAIR: Elemental Form - Red
.....:Fox Form - Black hair, tails(2), and ears
EYES: Elemental Form - Blue
.....: Fox Form - Deep Forest Green
ABILITY: Control Elements
.....: Control and manipulate plants
.....: Create weapons out of the Elements but prefers swords
.....: Her ears can come out when she wants or when was overly emotional.
.....: Can control the elements Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Ice, Wood, Electricity, Light, Darkness, and Time/Space. But she is unaware of her ability over Time/Space. Only used once after lost control and has no memory of it. She can only control a few elements at a time.
Can control the spirits of the elements she has mastered. Only one at a time.

WEAPONS: Black Rose
.....: Elements
.....: Element swords
??? ---
??? ---
??? ---
??? ---

NAME: Black rose
SPECIES: Black Rose Dragon
ABILITY: Breath fire
.....: Has Humanoid forms (4)


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About me:

Who I'd like to meet:

Family: her father is a fox demon and her mother is a elemental demon(both deceased). she was raised at a temple in the human world since she was young. her father was a renowned thief and his his partner in crime was youko's father in the demon world that but retired after he met Moriko's mother a elemental demon, a race that has thought lost. Her father was injured and separated from his partner. ended up wounded by the impassible mountain. Honoka Yōsoko, Morikos mother, had snuck out of her village earlier that day and found Daichi Yamamoto, Moriko's father, passed out and against the rules of the village she took him to her village and nursed him back to health.

Race History: The elemental's where a peaceful race that can control all elements; fire, water, lightning, earth/wood, ice, metal, light, and darkness. the royal family are the strongest of the race only the head of the family has a the ability can control time and space(can create portals and slow time like moriko's mom did for Satoru) Only females of the royal family inherit this ability and no one knows why. But Moriko doesn't know this she has this ability yet because my mother died before could teach her to us that power. Elemental demons are thought to be lost in the demon world. They where killed off by other demons and humans who where ether afraid or wanted there power. few where able to flee in secret to the human world while most of the others fled to the other side of a impassible mountain range to other demons. Protected but the mountain because only elementals know how to pass they live peacefully protected by the mountian. the race is lead by a matriarchy and the last know ruler was Moriko's grandmother. This makes Moriko heir, but Moriko does not know this since her mother left her village to live with Daichi after they became mates.

Moriko has the ability to create weapons out of the elements and sustain them indefinitely if she wanted to. But she can't control more then two elements at a time. Like her mother she prefers swords but also likes whips as well because there easier to combined two elements and the base is almost always her black rose that she transforms into a whip. Which is a fox demon ability that she inherited from her father. Another ability she has which comes with being an elemental demon is with every element mastered she gains the ability to summon and control a spirit of that element and she can only do this with one element at a time. she has only mastered five elements; light, darkness, wood, fire, and ice. when summoning a spirit that spirits element symbol appears on her body usually in her arms/hand or face/neck.

 photo IMG_20150803_194238_zpshy0wug3c_edit_1438656517975_zpszjjycl0s.jpg
Living in the human world a large portion of her life with satoru she usually stays in her Elemental form. even after tragically losing both of her parents Moriko never let the lose consume her. she stayed a sweet, energetic and kind hearted girl that at times was a handful. looking forward to seeing youko again, since he was the closest thing she had to family besides satoru and eventually black rose, she waits until she could go back to the demon world. But one day rumors start floating around about Youko's death. with the news and after mourning she gives up on going back to all together to going back to demon world and stays in the human world. she still hopes that the rumor of his death was just that a rumor.

The early part of her life was in the demon world so to protect her; her parents taught her at a very young age how to stay in her fox demon form and control her ability to change to and from her two forms. So they then had her stay in her fox form. Her father and Youko's father where close friends growing up so the two families lived in the same village until there families where torn apart and the village destroyed by a group of demons that found out about her and her mother. She still feels responsible for the death of her parents and youko's family's deaths.

Black Rose's egg was given to Moriko when she was 900yrs old (appears about 10 yrs old) by an elderly woman that she didn't know. The older woman told her that the dragon in the egg would hatch and be her friend and guardian. unbeknownst to Moriko the elderly woman was her grandmother. when black rose grow she gained the ability to change into humanoid forms when it is necessary, but she prefers to stay in her dragon form. when she is in her human for even though she can look as old as 14 she prefers to look younger like 6 to 9.

Satoru was a young priest that had inherited his family temple which is now called Yōso temple. One day he came across Moriko in her fox form and her severally injured mother, Honoka. even though he knew they where demons he took them in and tried to nurse honoka back the health, but was unable to. on her death bed she thanked him for being so kind to them even knowing they where demons. she then asked if he would watch over Moriko. he agreed and with the last of her strength and Satoru's permission she used her power and gave him the ability to live as long as a demon so he could always be there for moriko. After Moriko's mother died he took in Moriko and taught her about human life. since then Moriko usually stayed in her elemental form. since his family was spiritually aware he helped her control her powers and taught her how to use a sword as well.

Yōso Temple: the temple that Satoru inhareted from his family and Morikos' home for a majority of her life. Because the temple is so old, but extremely well maintained, the original temple name is unknown. But after Satoru took moriko in it was soon called Yōso temple as there is a small shrine for each of the elements spirits on the grounds which also helps with Morikos training. Each shrine has the element it honors within or around it.

Honoka Yōsoko - (left picture)A red haired green eyed Elemental demon. Although Elemental demons are normally a peaceful race. after the near decimation of there race they had the guard train everyone that had survived. Honoka was one of the best swordsman and skilled fighter in the village. She was also the daughter of the head of the royal family and next in line. she was proud of her heritage,but she never really wanted to become leader. she quiet, calm, and gentle but at times can be blunt and hot headed. she would constantly sneak out of the of the village and would explore the areas around the outside of the mountain. thats when she found Daichi severally wounded. knowing it was against the rules she took him back to her village and was about to nurse him back to health. honoka's mother was not happy because the dangour she brought to the village. but over time he showed that he was no danger to there people. as she look care of him she fell in love and they eventually mated against Honoka's mother wishes. once daichi was completely healed Honoka agreed to leave with Daichi also against her mother's wishes.

Daichi Yamamoto - (right picture) Daichi was a black Fox demon with silver hair and brown eyes. he was a renowned thief and partners with Youko's father. one night during a heist close to the impassable mountain he was separated from his partner (youko's father) and was severally injured. when he came to a girl with red hair was looking down at him. she convinced him she wasn't going to harm him and brought her through the mountain and to her village. he realized what she was and couldn't believe it Honoka was a elemental demon thought to have been killed off. as honoka nursed him back to health against her mother wishes he fell in love with her and she did as well. he look honoka with him was finally able to meet up with his partner. after a while both retired after youkos father found his mate. moriko and youko's parents lived in the same village. youko was born first to his parents but wasn't the oldest and while later moriko was born to hers, she was an only child.

 photo ca801cf3-9516-4da2-8f0e-7d7008aeca16_zpsadll9ld6.jpg
Youko Kurama(on left) A silver fox demon and legendary thief. He was the leader of a group of thieves as well. The same group that Yami was in, one of the three demon kings of the demon world. He was killed by hunters during a botched heist that resulted in him escaping to the human world where he became Shuichi Minamoto aka Kurama.

Kuronue(on right)a Bat demon and Youko's best friend and unlike what most people think his second in command in the group. Many people thought Yami was his second because he was he was the only one introduced in the series. But Yami was a subpar thief that never followed youkos orders. youko eventually kicked him out by spreading a rumor about a treasure that he went after that youko did tell him not to go after, which resulted in his blindness others dieing that followed yami. Kuronue was not introduced till the YYH movie came out. He was killed after going back to get his precious neckless that had fallen off as the two escaped from a heist. as he went for it he was caught in a bamboo trap and died after he made a destrought youko leave him behind so he wouldn't get caught as well.

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Feb 15th 2016 08:24

Surviving thanks. N you ?

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Hey moriiii

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Fox is back o.o ?
The Fifth 日

May 8th 2014 01:29

Thanksfor the add.Ifyou areintofightingRP or know anyonewho is, pleasepassalong thisinfoso we can gather the strongestfighters inthe world! [It shouldlookfamiliar toMyspacevets]. There's also a bar where all travelers can gather and mingle.

Alcheon Archive

Dec 18th 2013 05:18

I'm just at the. Point where you can't find some people who would befriend ya and make a decent storyline, others who are newbies I can understand just to help them out if they have trouble but some just dont seem to take these serious and later delete you after friend ya. It's really annoying rot?

Sep 14th 2013 00:55

Thanks for adding.
Alcheon Archive

Sep 12th 2013 07:11

would you like to rp?
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Aug 29th 2013 04:21

How are things?
Alcheon Archive

Jul 10th 2013 15:13

heya, thanks for adding me. Its nice to meet you, hope we be good friends and perhaps discuss an rp sometime :)
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