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27 years old
Haines, Alaska
United States

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September 13 2019

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GeneralRoleplaying, working out, watching TV im a huge movie fanatic, i love making music at singing
MusicHeavy metal, dubstep, trap, oldies 60s, 70s, 80s
MoviesToo huge of a question
TelevisionAnything funny, scary, old cartoons, Fairytail, Naruto, boruto, bleach, deathnote
BooksI love the mortal instruments books

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Characters: Jay, Naruto,
Verses: Anime, Manga, Cartoons, Video Games
Length: One Liner
Genre: Anime, Comedy, Manga, Video Game,
Member Since:September 06, 2017

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About me:
Hmmm... I'm Jayce, of course i start off in character and remain in character alot, now I'm settling back in and would like replies done as fast as possible, I tend to get impatient, so sorry if i snap, I like to keep busy, no matter what it is, I like 18+ and 21+ rp's, NSFW as well, I'll act shy for a bit till i find your no threat, I do have another part of me that tends to scare others off, let's just call him Koba, hes a demonic entity that dwells inside me ever since i was a neko when he found me, the devil himself, revived me but at a a price, Koba hes a sadist that gets off on hurting those that'd hurt me, he enjoys pain. I on the other hand will love you and snuggle you at the end of the night, please excuse my lewdness if that's how I start, I can be dominant, but depending on who, I'll submit easily hehe
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Kitsune Kyuu the BWS (engaged irl)

Sep 6th 2017 16:08

Hiyo thank you for accepting my friend add * kitsune bows formally gripping her black carbon fiber and titanium blind cane in her hands * I am kitsune kyuu the blind white shadow and a reverse trap it's nice to meet you * a pair of white fox ears pop up out of her hair and twitch and nine white fox tails fan out behind her as well *
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