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114 years old
Castletown, Castletown
Isle of Man

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GeneralTactical Data.
|Kheimokinesis. – Winter Manipulation.
|Hydrokinesis. – Water Manipulation.
|Hallucikinesis. – Illusion Manipulation.
|Telumkinesis. – Weapon Manipulation.
|Primordial Essence.
|Illusion Dispeller.
|Magical Prowess.
|Transformations. – Two forms.
Positive Traits/Passives:
|Immunity to Kheimokinesis.
|Immunity to diseases and poisons.
|Resistance to Psionics.
|Resistance to Pyrokinesis.
|Unique Physiology.
|Life-Force Sensitive.
|Magick Sensitive.
|Sixth Sense.
|Supernatural senses and attributes.
|Absurdly high-level of energy.
|Minor Regeneration Factor.
|Does not require sleep, food, water, or to breathe and the like to function properly or live.
Negative Traits/Passives:
|Cannot manipulate weapons that are alive, unless they are his own, such as Zanpakutous.
|Despite his magical prowess, Nolthanis’s art focuses primarily on offensive magick. As a result, and given what he is, supportive and defensive magick are his weakest. Not just that, but they also take a greater toll on his pool of energy than his offensive magick.
|One of his two transformations forces Nolthanis to unleash the Curse of Duality, which reverts him to the personality that reigned during his time as a Destroyer. In battle where others are on his side, the personality of the Destroyer cannot ascertain as to who is friend or foe, and thus even his own comrades are in danger. This makes it a high-risk, high-reward transformation depending on whether or not his side can manage to keep out of his way.
|Despite his lack of aging, he is not immortal in the sense he cannot be killed.
|Can be sealed away if properly done.
|Lustbader: Kascada: A sentient katana with a release command. It is capable of being a conduit for all of his abilities. It is a total of four feet in length, the blade making up the three of the four feet, while the handle takes up the rest.
|Lustbader: Intero: Resembles Kascada in its design and total length. However, it cannot act as a conduit for his abilities. Instead, as it originally belonged to his brother Takashi, it holds the power of decay, and allows Nolthanis to tap into that power at will when the weapon is drawn.
|Gun Rapier: Lacuna: A weapon taken from his nephew Arkhom, capable of being a conduit for magick-users. It is likewise sentient and enhances the wielder's abilities of illusions when drawn. It is a three and a-half feet long rapier with a built-in gun mechanism, much like a Gunblade.
|Nihilistic Symbiote: A being gifted to Nolthanis for his service to the Void. It is sentient, capable of acting with reason and on its own if necessary. It cannot be separated from Nolthanis for very long though, perhaps an hour at most, before it must return or it will die. This creature literally exists beneath or on his skin, ready to come to his defense at a moment's notice. It has no particular strengths or weaknesses, but it is immune to Void-based assaults and the like given the nature of its origin. It also acts as a portal to the Void when needed to be. All-and-all, nothing overbearing, but a definite improvement from the Cloak of Naught he once had.
|Belt of Elementals: Taken from the corpse of the legendary Hellhound. It is – as the name suggests – a belt that represents the four basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Nolthanis can call forth these elements at will through the belt's power, but in doing so drains the energy from said gems and he can only invoke one element at a time. The only way to replenish them is to soak them in their respective elements for a time that varies depending on the level of depletion.
|Storage Ring: A ring made of an unknown material, designed with magick to act as a storage unit through means currently unknown. With this item, though he could do the same thing with his own magick, Nolthanis can access various items he's collected over time. This item however, circumvents the need to use mana for this purpose, which is why he guards it so closely to his heart. It was obtained from a mercenary on Solveig, who had actually somehow managed to kill themselves fighting Nolthanis's clone. It contains several different high-tier items, as well as low-tier, such as blasters and swords.
|High-Frequency Daggers: There’s nothing too special about these items other than their cutting and piercing prowess. Obtained through the vault contained with the Storage Ring.
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About me:
The Crowned Prince of D.K.A., lost before the latest war in the realm of Dagda Mor. It was an unfortunate case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, as he feels that he could have saved his people were he present. Now on the run from the Blaqsun Empire, Nolthanis Traveh Toshihide seeks new strength. Not just in the form of allies or subordinates, but also in the form of absolute power in which will allow him to dismantle any amount of foes before him.

After a time Nolthanis had evolved, going beyond the simple applications of controlling ice. His true purpose, the point of being made unique apart from his Toshihide kin, becomes more clear as he turns into the literal embodiment of Winter. All it represents, all it brings with the season, comes into his grasp. With it, another obstacle is tossed down into the ravine of weakness.

After years of being on the run, Nolthanis was greeted by the NIHILISTIC BRINGER, stating that Nolthanis's loyalty to the Void would be rewarded. Torn from his shoulders was his Cloak of Naught, replaced by a sentient lifeform: the Nihilistic Symbiote. It is in this gift that Nolthanis takes another step towards his goal, gaining a new foothold on the proverbial mountain of difficulty.

Some time later, Nolthanis fights both his nephew, Arkhom and his brother, Takashi. In his madness he slays them both, stealing their prized weapons. Lacuna, Arkhom's weapon, is reworked to serve and answer only to Nolthanis. A similar thing happens to Takashi's Lustbader, Intero, ripped from the ownership of its master and forced to slave away under Nolthanis's cruelty. He likewise fights the legendary Hellhound some time after, slaying the warrior by running him straight through with Kascada from the back. From the encounter he steals a vial of Hellhound's blood and and lays claim to a belt of elemental power.

Word came to Nolthanis of an uprising on the horizon on his sister's, Regina's, world of Solveig. Departing immediately to subdue the threat, Nolthanis comes across two individuals: a boy and a woman. In what seems to be a freak accident during the fight, the boy gets both himself and the woman killed - via a mine no less - and thus granting Nolthanis a victory. Though he felt he hadn't really done anything other than make them waste technology on a clone, he still collected the boy's belongings. He took from the boy a ring, one that acts as a storage unit evidently. And upon further investigation Nolthanis realizes the child in question had quite the stockpile of items.
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