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Characters: Sebastian Castellanos
Verses: The Evil Within, The Evil Within 2, TEW, TEW 2, Psycho Break, Psycho Break 2
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crossover, Horror, Psychological, Supernatural,
Member Since:October 05, 2017

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About me:
Just, give me some real fresh air..
Biographical Information
Age: 38 (The Evil Within)
41 (The Evil Within 2)
Status: Alive
Race/Nationality: Hispanic/American
Occupation: KCPD Detective
Family: Myra Hanson (wife)
Lily Castellanos (daughter)
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0 (182 cm)
Mass: 174 lbs (79 kg)

Sebastian Castellanos is a decorated detective of the Krimson City Police Department. His career was on the fast track until dual tragedies derailed his path. Feeling powerless and dejected, Sebastian took to drinking his sorrows away. Slowly his passion for his work eroded, as well as his sense of perspective and composure, as he further spiraled into despair.
It was his long time partner Joseph Oda, who in an attempt to get Sebastian back on track and save him from himself, reported Sebastian to Internal Affairs. While it did save Sebastian's career, it ultimately put a great strain on Joseph and Sebastian's relationship, but later became a close friendship.
Since that time Sebastian has returned to the job but is never without his hip flask. He still feels responsible for the tragedies that befell him and shrugs off any offers of help.
The Evil Within: Personality:
As a veteran police detective, Sebastian is usually a reserved man, preferring not to let his emotions (and alcohol) get the better of him or interfere with his work, and remains unfazed even when navigating the horrors inside Ruvik's mind. Despite his stoic nature, he genuinely cares for the people closest to him and will go to great lengths to save them. Upon learning that his daughter may still be alive, Sebastian jumps at the chance to save her even if it meant going back inside STEM.

Fun Little Facts:

The trench coat Sebastian wears at the very beginning of the game was given to him by his wife, and he feels its loss is significant to events taking place.
He is a smoker. After escaping from the Sadist he pulls a pack of cigarettes out of his vest, only to throw it away moments later when he realizes that it is empty.
In his journal, Sebastian admits to believing that you sometimes have to "bend the rulebook a bit" to break a case. This apparently put him at odds with Juli Kidman, who was opposed to such tactics.
Sebastian's drink of choice is whiskey, since he mentions it specifically in one of his journal entries.
According to a newspaper clipping, Sebastian used to live (and possibly still does) in the Park Ridge neighborhood of Krimson City.


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σfficer eungbae

Oct 12th 2017 19:53

Sure, that'd be fine with me.
I'm finally getting to see some playthrough of
Evil Within 2 so I might get some more insights from that
if we go with anything off of it. I look forward to seeing your starter~ x]
тнαт ¢σσℓ мαуσя;

Oct 12th 2017 12:45


That sounds good to me! :)
I think we got ourselves a role play.
Can't wait to start!
Just in case before we start did you want to add anything else in?
I always ask that just in case before starting a role play. :)
σfficer eungbae

Oct 11th 2017 21:54

They're both great ideas actually. I think we should go with my character going into your verse since I can definitely see seungbae having a bad time after sangwoo gets out of trouble with ease and it'll be interesting to see them work together to fight off the new STEMs
тнαт ¢σσℓ мαуσя;

Oct 10th 2017 12:58


Thanks! Much appreciated!
I really do like both ideas!
I wouldn't mind if Hanc*ck were to come to TEW verse. :D

тнαт ¢σσℓ мαуσя;

Oct 9th 2017 12:05


Same here! :D Every time when I see the trailers I get my hyped up and more eager just to play the game!
I wonder if Sebastian will ever be given a break? Haha, it seems not.I was wondering when they would be
making another game of The Evil Within? You can tell that this game is definitely going to be good!
They've teased us with slight game play and this week we'll finally be able to play! Whoo!
I definitely like the plot this time of finding his daughter. It'll definitely be interesting!

Oh man they both sound so good! It's hard to choose which one to choose from.
Hm... haha I really like the both of them!
Let me think and I will get back to you on them because I really like both chooses! :D

σfficer eungbae

Oct 9th 2017 11:35

I'm definitely in for some cross overs. I'd love to hear your ideas and if you need any from me I can give some too x] I don't want you to think I'm making you do all the work heh
σfficer eungbae

Oct 8th 2017 20:29

No problem, everyone knows irl comes first and we all have lives :) I'd definitely love to get a story going I am in fact familiar with him and the game.
тнαт ¢σσℓ мαуσя;

Oct 7th 2017 18:45


Right? I am planning to pre order the game soon, too. I like the fact it's coming out on Friday the 13th.
That's pretty cool for a horror game! I've seen one of the bosses in the game and it seems like they did a pretty good job!
You know I like that too. :D I wouldn't mind doing a Sebastian and Hanc*ck crossover! Whichever world you prefer is totally fine with me! :)
Hanc*ck is one of my favorite companions to have along in the game! :D I also really liked having Sebastian as a main character to play in The Evil Within.
тнαт ¢σσℓ мαуσя;

Oct 6th 2017 11:40


Hey, Sebastian! Thanks for adding me as a friend. Appreciate it!
I've played The Evil Within and very stoked for the second to come out next week!
Anyway, if you want to chat, role play, or both I am up for either. Thanks again! :)

Oct 6th 2017 02:43

Let's get well acquainted. c:
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