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Characters: Adore Angel and Aileen Engel
Verses: Crossovers, naruto, fma, dbz, fairy tail, fantasy
Playbys: Me
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Anime, Crossover, Fantasy, Historical,
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About me:

Name: Adore Angel

Childhood: Even from before she was born, she was genetically experimented on by the Master Race Organization. Because of this, she was one of the strongest children in her generation. She excelled at all of their tests, and proved to be a very valuable test subject to them. However, the living conditions were worse than imaginable. Groups of 20-25 children were stuffed into cells made for four grown adults at the most, and weren�t given any form of sanitation. They weren�t given beds, or even clothes and were forced to wear a brown bag like dress that was irritating and constantly gave the children rashes. They were maybe given a loaf of bread and a cup of water a day for the children to split amongst themselves so the children resorted to eating what stray bug or animal would wonder into their cell. The cell didn�t have a window, so they never saw the sun.

The experiments were brutal, and if the children proved to not have faired too well from the experiments, they would be brutally murdered and the pieces of their bodies would be thrown into a large pit after their dead bodies were done being experimented on. Every few months, to weed out the weak, the MRO would put two of the children up against each other in a life or death dual. If one didn�t kill the other, they would both die. Some times, they would be given weapons like knives to see if they could learn how to wield a weapon.

Originally, this is how Adore got the scar over her chest. When she was four, she was put against her friend, a young boy about a year older then her. Adore was given a knife to kill her friend with, but instead she threw the knife aside and attacked her friend with her fists instead. As soon as she was about to finish him off, she stopped. She saw the pleading in his eyes, saw him begging her to spare his life and so she did. She was determined to die with him, because she was tired of killing. She let him go, and right as she was about to turn from him, he grabbed the knife she had discarded and blindly sliced at her chest, causing the X shaped scar we see today.,/p> ,p>After her friend attacked her, she went blind from rage, and ended up killing him in the end with that same knife. After fight, the MRO for some reason decided to give Adore the chance at survival from her wounds even though anyone else would have been put down like an animal. Adore has never spoken about what happened that day.

After her recovery, she was put in a cell with someone named Addi who gave Adore her name. Addi was a ten year old girl who has seen the outside world and knew how to talk, so she gave names to all the children in her cell and she started to teach them how to talk. Eventually, Addi proved to be too independent for the MRO so it was decided that she would be put down.

For Adore, by this point, it had become evident that to survive in the MRO, it took a special kind of control. There was a fine line between life or death here and it all depended on your ability to control yourself and to listen to orders. One of her first memories of this place was when she was a young child, before she was betrayed by her friend, someone in her cell went mad with rage and a desire to kill. The boy had killed everyone in the cell but Adore before the guards had the ability to put the child down in front of Adore.

Only a few days after Addi was killed, Adore was called in for another dual against another test subject to see who would be stronger. But, this time, it was against someone who she never wanted to fight. It was the person she loved maybe even more then Addi. Ash. And he had his name for good reason. He had extremely pale skin, and bright blue eyes with long brown hair. He was strikingly gorgeous even if he was being abused just like the rest of them. He could talk, just like Addi did, because he knew of the outside world as well. And he was kind to Adore. Instead of killing Adore, Ash decided he was going to kill himself and died by stabbing himself in the heart with the same knife he was told to kill Adore with.

Adore was going to do the same, but before she could, Connor got her out of the MRO and rescued her.

For the next year, she was ill from all of the abuse and the neglect, and Connor had to nurse her back to health. A few months after she recovered, Connor brought Andrew and Devin into Adore�s life, and began to teach them of school, and language, and of the world itself.

Teenage Years: By this point, Adore has mostly healed from her physical wounds from the MRO. She has now developed PTSD, and all of her other disabilities, but she was learning how to work with them. She was in martial arts, and was some how enjoying her life.

Connor moved the family to Florida when Adore was 13 years old once Connor got Melody (Adore�s only biological family) out of the MRO to hide them from the MRO again. There, Adore met her two new best friends, Alexandra Chen, and Samantha Chen. They quickly became best friends and went on all the best adventures since the twins had their rich parents to pay for it. They joined the cheerleading squad together when they started high school at Freedom High, and life seemed to be getting better for Adore. Until, one unfortunate day at the mall lead to Alexandra being murdered by a group of shooters. Adore quickly killed the shooters, but it was too late for her friend. Adore never really got over that death.

A few months later, world spread around of a �super hero high school student� and the MRO sent a spy to her high school to win her heart to eventually kidnap her. Adore fell for this trick, and was kidnapped at her prom. When Connor went to rescue her, he was killed in the attempt and that was the first time that Adore used 86% of her brains capacity at once. At this point, when she used this much of her brains capacity, she lost consciousness and when she came to, 68 people were dead and she was covered in their blood.

She was saved by Ash as he came back to Earth as an Angel to protect Adore. However, because of how traumatic his death was, she doesn�t remember who he was, and until she does, Ash refuses to show himself to her again. Now, she ponders over who he is, and can�t help but feel like she�s missing something important in her memory that she�s too afraid to remember.

Nickname: Angel, Monster, Laughing Demon

Reason for name: Her best friend, Addi, gave her her name at a young age because no one else would give her a name at the MRO (Master Race Organization) and Addi didn�t want Adore to be known as a number. Addi also gave all the other kids in their cell their name as well.

Birthday: July 4, 1994

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Unknown, but according to what Adore can find out, she was born in a laboratory

Places lived since: In an organization called the Master Race Organization (MRO), Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Florida

Parent�s names, backgrounds, occupations: Dillan Angel and Sarah Angel. They fell in love at the Master Race Organization where Dillan was a doctor, and Sarah was his assistant nurse. They experimented on children together to try and create the perfect human through illegal genetic modifications and soon had a daughter that they allowed to be experimented on from the moment of conception on until Adore was seven years old and rescued by one of the guards who adopted her and a few other children and raised them himself.

Number of siblings: One biological younger sister, and two non-biological twin brothers

Relationship with family: She has a relationship with Connor, the man who adopted her, and she has a strong bound with her sister and her two brothers. She�s protective of them and cares for them deeply. She has never met her parents, but is curious as to who they are and why they allowed Adore and Melody to go through the torturous methods the MRO put them through.

Happiest Memory: Being with Ash. Ash was her best friend besides Addi at the MRO. He made her laugh, and made her smile through all the pain. He kept her anxiety to a minimum even when they were about to be experimented on. He made her happy even through the darkest time of her life. And when he couldn�t escape with her due to his death, not even freedom could erase the pain she felt of losing his light.

Childhood trauma: Being exposed to the torture she was exposed to. Being experimented on and seeing death after death as a child. The methods of experimentation, and the trauma that the doctors and scientists put her through were like no other. The first memory she has of her life was of a boy in her cell losing control and killing everyone in her cell except for her before the guards could kill him. Then, when she was four, her best friend tried to kill her during their dual. However, the most traumatizing experience was when Ash died in her arms when they put them against each other in a duel to the death.

Height: 5�7�

Weight: 120 Lbs

Build: deceivingly strong with a small body frame, lean muscle, and perfect hourglass curves.

Nationality: European

Complexion: Olive tan skin, a birthmark of an angel taking flight on left hip. She had a large X shaped scar over her chest that looked old but looked like it never healed right. She has faint scars around her wrists, and even fainter scars on her back. Face Shape: Round

Distinguishing facial features: High Cheek Bones

Hair Color: Medium Brown

Usual Hair Style: Down with short face framing and long layers with hair that reached her butt.

Eye Color: Bright unnatural green

Typical Outfit: Short black skirt with knee high black boots. Long sleeve mid drift purple shirt with a purple headband. White crystal chocker necklace. And a purple utility belt

Health: Super human healing abilities among many other experimental abilities. Eventual genetic rejection of the modified genes causing extreme illness and death.

Unique Mannerisms/Physical Habits: Throws ball when anxious, talks with hands, bounces leg when bored or tired.

Level of Education: Currently a high school student.

Level of Self Esteem: Nearing cocky sometimes.

Gifts/Talents: Dance, Martial Arts, Singing, Music, Using a high percentage of her brain to protect herself/others. Only can be used during life or death, and has the risk of losing herself in the process.

Shortcomings: Sometimes nearing arrogant

Style of speech: Articulate

Left or Right Brain: Left

Artistic: Yes

Mathematical: No

Makes Decisions based on emotions or logic: Mostly logically, depending on the situation

Life Philosophy: Live to serve those who can not

Most sensitive about/vulnerable to: Her past and Ash. Anything to do with Ash and his memory/when he comes back as an angel, anything that could potentially take him away from Adore again.

Level of comfort with technology: Good at it, didn�t enjoy it.

Current Martial/Relationship Status: Dating Ash

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Past Relationships: Some guy who ended up being terrible anyways.

Story of first kiss: You can go die before I tell you that story?

A social person: can be, does not want to be.

Most comfortable around: Ash

Oldest friend: Ash and Addi (Deceased)

How does she think others perceive her: Didn�t care to think about that

How do others actually perceive her: Loving, caring, strong, and some times very meticulous.

Profession: High school student and vigilante

Passions: Dance and singing

Attitude towards current job: Loves it but wants the MRO to die in hell

Phobias: Claustrophobia, fear of doctors and needles, fear of being alone (abandonment issues), PTSD

Life Goals: Live in peace

Greatest Fears: Losing the ones she loves

Most Ashamed of: Falling in love with that idiot and letting Alex die

Compulsions: Anyone who said MRO or something like that, she would become cautious of them and would attack them at the first sign of trouble.

Obsessions: Destroying the MRO

Secret Hobbies: Dancing/Singing

Secret Skills: Kicking ass and taking names.

Crimes committed: Killed MRO agents (Which, really, is that a crime?)

What she mostly wants to change about her current life: No more MRO

Daily Routine: School, training, missions to damage MRO functions, relationship with Ash

Night owl or early bird: Depending on day

Light or heavy sleeper: Depending on day but mostly a light sleeper

Favorite Food: Sushi, ice cream, chocolate, cake.

Least favorite food: Hiyashi Chili, coconut, pumpkin

Favorite Movie: Ghost Whisperer, Twister

Coffee or Tea: Tea

Type of Car: Ford Mustang, Subaru WRX STI, Subaru Outback

Lefty or Righty: righty

Favorite color: purple

Cusser: Yes

Biggest regret: letting Ash die the first time

Pets: None

Who I'd like to meet:

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𝑒𝓈𝓈𝒾𝑒 ❤


𝗠𝗲𝗱𝗶𝗰 🚨


🇦​ 🇳​ 🇰​ 🇴​ 🇰​ 🇺​



M̷a̷g̷n̷e̷t̷i̷c̷ ̷P̷u̷l̷l̷

ℒᴜᴄɪᴀɴ 𝓡ᴇɪɢɴ


𝑭𝒆𝒊𝒔𝒕𝒚 𝑺𝒐𝒖𝒍





Aiko Yunamari 🌸

b̷l̷i̷n̷d̷ ̷c̷ ̷r̷ ̷o̷ ̷w̷






|鬼陰| Demon's Shade.

Cατ Scrατch.



`black sun


Izumi Midoryia



𝔗𝔦𝔪𝔢 𝔇𝔴𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔢𝔯


Adonis Crossheart


Hinata Hyuuga


ᴱ ᴰ ᴱ ᴱ ᴺ

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Wolf of Exandria

Jul 6th 2019 02:02

The elf would bow. "Thank you for accepting my request. I do hope that we can take a moment of our time to speak and get to know each other. Possibly even start a RP story. Until then I will look forward to hearing from you soon."

OOC: Thanks, can't wait to speak with you! ^_^

Nov 3rd 2018 11:18

Well in my blog there's two posts that cover what Grey actually is, since her species is something I created myself.

Nov 1st 2018 00:41

I have returned from a pretty long hiatus and was hoping to make some friends!
Get some stories going so I feel more motivated to log on.
It's easier when you have stories to look forward to, amiright? 
So! I hope we can discuss and get to writing soon! 

Have a good night. 
Fuhrer Mustang

May 19th 2018 17:34

Hey! My day is going alright. I can't think of anything really figured keep running it and just see where it goes. If you happen to think of anything just let me know. Hope your day is going just as well. 
Fuhrer Mustang

Apr 29th 2018 12:49

I'm glad you are. I was worried my writing would be a little rough. None the less, I have no problem with that if it's what you would like to do.
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