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Characters: Faylen Velennis
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About me:
Hello, there! I'm Annie. Yes, I'm aware you've probably seen this account before as I had left beforehand due to some drama. I am back and excited to hopefully stick around this time! I'm here to just give a few OOC guidelines for role-playing with me. Please read my entire profile. Chances are the answer to a question you have is on there, though feel free to ask me if it isn't! Please be literate and don't send me one-line introductions. Furthermore, please do not ask me what genres I do. They're clearly displayed on my profile.


Name: Faylen Velennis


Age: 16 (Eternally)


Gender: Female


Hair Color: Silver


Eye Color: Pink.


Height: 5'0 (152 Centimeters)


Weight: 90 lbs. (40.8 Kilograms.)


Physique: Petite.


Alignment: Chaotic Evil.


Faylen Velennis was human female born to a small village surrounded in beautiful, picturesque landscape. A thick treeline surrounding the town on all sides with the exception of the Southwest, which was a shoreline to a large lake. The village prided itself on keeping traditional values and living a warm, peaceful life away from the altercations of the world, efficiently creating a tranquil life for those whom lived there. Still, knowledge of the outside world was kept within books and teaching for those who attended classes.


Faylen became enamored with the tantalizing concept of magic and desired to learn it. The village had forbidden most from from practicing any arcane or combative arts due to their dangerous sacrifices one might make, but she persisted regardless of what restrictions they placed on her. She would sneak spell tomes and arcane books from the library, memorizing and practicing different spells. She was absolutely determined to become a powerful sorceress, to venture off into the mystical unknown that her home had sealed from her.


Years passed and eventually she became an incredible magic user. Learning to completely understand the flow of the magical energy that coarsed through the veins of her body and the earth around her granted her the power to unleash her spells without the vocal invocations usually necessary to incite the power, though she still required her book for more difficult spells she could not excel at. At a mere sixteen years old, she had become a proficient sorceress with abilities some men could only imagine, but not without a significant price that would change her life forever.


Though her magic was becoming far too difficult to control. She couldn't bear the psychological burden it placed upon her and she started to descend into mental instability. Her skin became ghostly pale while her eyes became brimming with madness, as if dementia reflected within them. She became calloused to the pain of others and soon enough, lost all empathy and compassion. She craved more power, eternal youth and in a ritual shrouded behind the shadows, sold her soul to the very realm of magic itself. The only requirement the voices demanded of her was the murder of those closest to her by her hand, an endeavor expected not be taken lightly for a normal human's heart.


Taken aback first at the thought, she swiftly complied as if it were hardly an inconvenience. She had become sadistic, a mind rattled with insanity. The tether that balanced her care for her family and friends was brushed side by her discordant mind. She took her time, using her magic to torture them in a myriad of abhorrent methods until they were unable to bear life no longer. Despite their cries, their futile expectation of hope, all she could do was giggle and laugh manically. She had finally lost sight of the light and let her sadistic mindset govern her. The power she obtained had obscured her understanding of ethics and morality, having her view others as weaklings to torture and toy with. She had become beyond saving.


After that night, she disappeared before the morning, into the darkness of the woods in search of other warriors, sorcerers and self-proclaimed heroes. She took delight in torturing them before sending them to their graves, hearing their speeches or having them beg for mercy. She adored it especially when they would cry out to their loved ones. To see everything they worked and sought for to be ended by a swift swing of her steel made her shudder with delight.


She was also known as an individual with no boundaries. She often took incredible enjoyment simply torturing those that held no ability or simply weaker than herself. They couldn't fight back and she could craft her deplorable mess, watching those who had already been broken, have their meager lives stripped from them, sometimes even just letting them live with the irreversible scars she delivered as the light and meaning faded from their eyes. But, regardless of her appearingly random murders, there was a "small goal" she had in mind.


The remnants of the Conjurer's crystal. It was an item that once held all the magic even an immortal would desire. Despite her own overwhelming magical prowess, she only imagined what it would be like to rule over the world as a Goddess. Unfortunately, the crystal was said to have broken apart into shards and scattered across the Earth, making recovering them almost infeasible. Despite this, even a few small fragments could give her an insight into knowledge far out of her reach. This was motivation enough to keep the search in mind, taking rare opportunities as they came to find out more of the esoteric object.


She became a wandering thief and an arcane assassin for hire in her spare time to satiate her avarice for bloodlust in exchange for coin, hoping she could keep her ears and eyes out for anything that might aid her in the search. The ethereal mineral could be used to bend the entire realm to her will, leave empires in ruin and even command the undead if she so wished. Just a fragment of the power would be enough.


Magical Abilities


Weapon Summoning: She can conjure any weapon she desires in any size or weight she determines is necessary. Each weapon she summons contains specific abilities that she imbues them with, giving her a very flexible set of options. Her most used skill is her natural inclination towards chains and manipulating them into a deadly force, though she is exceptionally effective with any weapon she summons. Despite the density or size of the weapon, she can wield it with master-level capability. Her conjured weapons are vastly more powerful than their original counter-parts, most of them able to slice, crack or utterly destroy most unenchanted earthly metals.


Enhanced Mobility/Acrobatics/Reflexes and Accelerated Perception: Her arcane energy has enhanced her physical body to let her perceive movements or items that would be moving too swiftly for the human eye to see and react accordingly. Additionally, her arcane energy enhances her mobility, reflexes and balance which makes her deadly in close-quarters combat as an elusive and agile opponent.


Accelerated Healing and Halted Aging Process: If wounded, as long as it is not completely fatal, her body can recover from injuries over a short duration. (i.e Bullets can pierce her body, though she can quickly dispatch the projectile(s) and recover the wound(s) in mere moments.) Furthermore, her accelerated healing has gifted her with an eternally youthful body and ceased her aging at the peak of her strength.


Vocal Persuasion She can manipulate others through the power of her voice, though those with greater willpower can resist if strong enough. Males are more susceptible than females to her commands.




Aside from her magical aptitude, she is a normal human with a body just as frail as one. Her bloodlust can also compromise her efficiency, warping her priorities. Weapons of divine origin also seem to be rather effective against her.

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