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Characters: Elena Trist
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About me:
Rather than discuss my character, I would like to use this page to describe the realm she resides in, as I will probably not step out of it for any stories save a few possible exceptions, my apologies for the inconveniences there.

The Planet

This world Elena calls home is not unlike our Earth; a planet of water and some continents, where toward the center of the globe it is warmer, and colder as you move away from the middle. It is abundant with resources, all with different uses, and most of the known lands are fertile, used to grow crops and raise livestock. The planet has two moons, one small and purple in color, the other much larger and grey. Astrologians (explained later) have names for the planet, its moons, and the many star patterns, but due to the lack of popularity and plain distrust for the subject, most do not use the names.
Magic, Steel, and Machinery

Magic exists in this realm, dating back to the very beginning of all known written historical records. Ancient texts describe the ability to use magic as a born trait, in which one is able to bend energy to their will. The energy they are able to manipulate is similar to what they believe runs through the planet itself, and they believe that this is why a small percent of magic users are capable of harnessing this power to perform feats that not all magic users can perform. Those capable of magic are contracted to do jobs that involve building, providing protection (either through wards or pure combat magic), even entertainment through illusionary tricks in some instances. However, as time has passed, the number of people able to use magic has slowly declined, and soon people’s demand for magic users began to outweigh the supply. This lead to the refinement of ores such as iron, steel, and other useful metals, to make weapons and armor. As time progressed, people learned to make machinery to help build, vehicles to travel, even firearms such as pistols and rifles, though even in present day machinery is still a new and ever expanding category.
World Map

[If you’re reading this and are able to do a bit of graphical work, please reach out to me. I’d love to have an actual picture here, and am more than happy to pay for the work to be done. ^.^]
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