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"Okay.... I have my limits and that is exremely repulsive. If my tummy did work I would have thrown up."

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Mar 2nd 2018 15:15

"Fear not the call of the Void, Embrace it and become one with it."

 The night air hung dank and still as troves of dark, ominous clouds began to obscure the stars. This torrential rain had not ceased for nearly a week, many of the commoners began to believe they had angered some vengeful deity of nature even. He always thought that was strange, how easily people could cling to something they had no evidence of. For he had seen what 'higher power' truly ordained over their lives. The endless abyss that granted him his powers; The Void was the only thing he had seen proof of that could control fate itself. The same ethereal plane of existence that called to him day in and night out. 

 He sat there outside of his temple, meditating several stories off the ground in a trance like state. Internally though Bran was discussing his most recent developments with The Void. The aura sphere that clung to his being and encased it in a hardlight constructed barrier repelled even the tiniest drops of rain allowing absolutely nothing to interrupt his conversation with his Guardian.  That was until he sensed the onlooker gazing at him. Lowering himself to the ground he would stretch out his legs and allow his barrier to fall. 

 "Ah welcome traveler, forgive me for not attending to you sooner. I was in the middle of my meditations again. Though I have to ask, what brings a pup like you all the way out here?" The man was burly and brawny, a mountain of a man to be certain. His muscles and tendons pulled like bowstrings even as he made small motions with his hands while speaking. "Come, come; You can explain when we are out of this rain." When he turned to walk however his body would wisp off in a green hazey mist, only afterimages of himself flashed towards the door. A large hand would push open the large ornate double doors that lead to the interior of his temple. Once inside the air would be warm and welcoming, almost as if to take the weight of a journey off of one's shoulders. The blindfolded man turned his attention back to his guest as they entered behind him. "I am the one they call 'The Crow', but here you may call me Bran. So tell me traveler, Why have you come to this place?" He set out a kettle of warm tea and offered his guest a cup of it, the traces of a light smile upon the edges of his lips as he did so.

 OOC: || Hello and thank you for becoming one of my friends here on this site. I personally am not huge on sending or making over-personalized greetings. Especially seeing as the things I typically get back in response are less than what I put into my greeting. Hopefully you don't take that as me being lazy or haphazard as I am actually an extremely well-versed and established writer. I enjoy crafting and elaborating upon unique and provoking connections and prefer not to waste my time on the flock and commonplace "Mary Sue bumps into John Doe"  type of interactions. If we can't come together and form a meaningful and worthwhile plot for our write then truthfully I doubt I'd enjoy the write at all. After all I don't come here in hopes of having the same interaction 60000 times in one week. A few unique writes that are meaningful and worth the effort keep me content and utterly satisfied. Quality not quantity is key. 

 Anywho with that said I do welcome you to my ever growing flock and hope you decide to stick around and get something in the works with me soon. Until then, I wish you the best in your future endeavors!

Dec 10th 2017 17:48

Nippon Chi! :3

~Hi there! I hope you're willing to have an awesome friendship(or rivalry) between us! I'm Mai Shiranui but in case you're already aware of her existence from the fighting game called King of  Fighters, that's awesome! ^.^

Whether or not you've added/accepted me in the first place doesn't matter. What matters is that I'm more than happy to start a roleplay or maybe a spar/fight. >:D 

I'm excited to hear back from you! ^_^

Dec 10th 2017 17:44

"aѕ ғar aѕ ι ĸnow ι'м already dead, wнιcн мeanѕ...ι'м waιтιng ғor yoυr ѕorry aѕѕ ιn тнe aғтerlιғe." 

[Behind the mask: It's a pleasure to meet ya. Assuming that you read or know some things about comic books, I know nobody would fail to be familiar of Superman, Batman, and/or Spiderman as they are the most popular superheroes. If you know of my character, that's awesome, but in case you don't, since he isn't as popular as the top dogs on comic history, his name is Spawn. 

He's neither from Marvel or DC. Only from Image Comics. If you want to know some things about this badass anti-hero, please be afraid to ask via comments or messages. :) 

I am open to any kind of exciting roleplay, but my most favorite is action, crime/mafia, horror, and mystery. Still, I'm open-minded. With that out of the way, I hope to become good friends. You rock! ]
Idealistic Blade

Dec 3rd 2017 04:12

Suddenly plops in!....Seriously what the flux just happened. One had to wonder as a red head just sorta dropped from the sky. Making a dent in the ground as he just sorta laid there, was he dead? Or involved in some sort of explosion? Before one could poke him, he suddenly got up!? "Hello Dear, thanks for the add, let's set up a RP soon. We can discuss or wing it, it's up to you." As he wiped the singe and dust off him, It seemed clear that he was just going to ignore whatever the hell just happened.

Nov 19th 2017 11:54

*bows respectfully*thanks for adding me^^
hope we can become good friends and discuss a rp sometime soon

Nov 19th 2017 11:34

Hello there~!
Wonderful Sunday, isn't it?...Bah..I'm so bad at
greetings. My apologies... ^-^;
Anyways, thank you though, very much for the accept~!
Its appreciated more than you know.
Care to discuss a future story? 
-;伝説 Ɇater of Đemons

Nov 18th 2017 12:16

Thanks for Accepting me
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