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Apollo, Pennsylvania
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GeneralRules: 1. Have fun 2. Please do not ask about rl such as age or appearance you will be deleted on the spot because I prefer that what is rl stays there don’t drag it into rp. 3. Do not I repeat DO NOT ask me to bend over, or do not automatically assume that it�s okay to send a starter where your character has the right to try to get into my pants and no flirting you will be deleted and blocked on the spot.

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Member Since:December 16, 2017

Goodness nighteolf has one combo that if executed correctly even though it uses two bars of offense meter it can hella carry your opponent to the corner xD

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About me:
Name: Alicia Lawson Age: 25 Height: 5�8� Weight: 120 ibs Haircolor: brown Eye color: blue Likes: making friends, laughter, working. Dislikes: perverts, thirsty people. Occupation: waitress Bio: unknown to her past due to a accident renders alicia’s memories to a halt through an amnesiatic episode. Current hairstyle: long to small of back. Family: mother and father: unknown Siblings: unknown Spouse: unknown.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Apr 21st 2019 01:27

As the people of the city slept and lived their lives, the hero group known as the ninja turtles dwelled below. One of those turtles Michelangelo had grown bored of the lair and was out in search of some sort of fun. Wearing a long trenchcoat and fedora, he leaves the privacy and safety of the turtle home but first he had a craving for some of New York's finest pizza. Finding a spot just under a storm drain along the sidewalk, he takes a seat to dial from his cell phone, takes a seat on a bench to look up and wait for his order to arrive.

Darq Paradox ~Shade Shifter~

Feb 20th 2019 18:30

Where’d you go Angel? I’ve been standing by waiting on you?
Yuna DeathStar T&L

Jan 29th 2019 09:02

Hello! Im yuna its very nice to meet you! I do hope we can be great friends! If you ever want to rp or just talk hit me up! See you soon friend!

Shippo (mcrp)

Oct 7th 2018 02:49

Good morning beautiful,thank you for the add.
Yuuji *taken by Yuuno*

Aug 3rd 2018 23:34

Thanks for adding, I look forward to rping with you soon.
ˢᵗʳᵒᶰᵍᵉʳ ᵀʰᵃᶰ ʸᵒᵘ

Jun 5th 2018 13:35

As you know, my name is Captain Soifon..
Not Soifon.. Unless I accept it.. But, 
we'll see how much I can trust you to just call me by my first
I'd like to take my time and come by myself to greet you instead
of sending someone from my squad to do so.
If you wish to talk or any of that fun stuff, let me know and I'm sure
we can get something going.
If you know my character and know how she is and acts around people
than,, good for you.. If you don't, you might want to
grow a backbone.. I don't play those
"CUTE" Games and I won't change my personality just for you.
What do you say, shall we get started? or, are you to
afraid to even bother?
Saru Hunsun(MCRP)

Mar 22nd 2018 17:30

OOC: Hello there. Thank you for accepting. I do hope we can RP soon. I'm open to most genres and verses.

Jan 14th 2018 16:12

Thank you for accepting my friend request.
Suppose an Introduction is In order!
I'm Daemon! The Great! The oustanding! The maginifant! The FANTASTIC! THE ULTRA-OMEGA-DELTA-STRIKE of DOOM! The Hero of all! The Villan of all! The snack eater! The pillow sleeper! The hug taker! Man of many titles.... Okay
you got me.
It's just Daemon.
But anyway.Noticed your profile was blank so I know nothing of you or your tastess
If you would like to get a roleplay knowing let me go!
Or if you'd just like to ooc! That's fine too!
If you'd like to talk send me a comment okay?!
I also accept messages, I know some people are anal about messages and comments.
But I am here for your convience.

Ah... What else going in an introduction.....
That's right. Bribery!
Here is a charmander chasing its tail!


Jan 10th 2018 14:34

Thanks for the accept!

Names Zein :3

How are you today?
Care to chat/Roleplay?
Let me know!

UQ Holder #7

Dec 21st 2017 22:03

I will like to come and thank you for adding me. I really do look forward of seeing some new faces. My name is Touta Konoe who is working at the organization called UQHolder! I will hoping one day we will do some amazing adventuring, and be able to each our goals. Please don't be shy to talk to me. I'm always open to hear your ideas. Have a pleasant day.
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