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Seika, Kyōto

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Powers and Ablilites

As she has part of the Valkyrie inside of her she is able to 'switch' sides. Meaning she can go from her human look to the Valkyrie inside of her appearance that whites out her hair donning her in armor with a spear and shield. She is quick with her sword able to call on it when ever she needs it as it materializes in her hand. She is able to create small sharp 'wires' from her sword that can slice through even solid stone if fit. She uses it to trap enemies inside of it like a web an slowly pulls until they are broken into pieces. She also can use small fire manipulation to create small fireballs and use it with her wires. (Still under construction)


Alexia is a shy woman around people she will first meet, but she will put her life on the line to help anyone. Even if it is a complete stranger. Her friends are her strength and she is protective of them. Despite her bad past she is soft spoken and will do the right thing or at least try to and will try to get others to be good rather than evil. She sees the best in things and others even when others thing they are evil or terrible people.

Guidelines and Rules

#1: No im not the girl i use for my pictures nor do I look like her so dont ask me that.

#2: Please, no god moding, meta-gaming, autoing, controlling my char. I wouldnt do it to you please dont do it to me.

#3: I'll do anything from one-lining up to novella. Though to get me to novella the rp will have to extremely interesting.

#4: I dont mind simple flirting. But dont go around and making sexual comments to me or trying to get with me because I'll tell you no.

#5: She is an original char that me and a few others thought of and I'll fit myself into anything.

#6: Please dont steal my pictures or manga scans. I worked hard on those and I dont want someone else using them Which is why my pictures are private

#7: Please if we rp, DISCUSS a storyline with me. I've made a few exceptions but in the end I was disappointed from lack of anything to work with. Please even if its a one line give me something to work with. Im not being mean it just annoying.

#8: Comments are for discussion/chat and messages are for roleplay


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Member Since:December 19, 2017

And she wonders why she keeps getting deleted.


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About me:
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Who I'd like to meet:

NAME: Alexia Ai Akira
ALIASES: The Valkyrie

HAIR COLOR: Silver/white (in valkyrie form)
BIRTHMARKS/SCARS: Scar on her lower back from being stabbed. Whip marks on her back that are white lines that are barely visible

Traits: Long Silverish hair. Bright Emerald green eyes
Disorders: None
Addictions: American food
Likes: Honor, kindness, romance, friends, American food, playing games.
Dislikes: Evil, people that think they are better then others, egos, people that just want to use others for sexual things.

MOTHER: Unknown (to her)
FATHER: Unknown (to Her)
SISTER(S): Unknown
BROTHER(S): Unknown
DAUGHTERS: Lilith and Abyss

PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): Raimundo. Alucard

High School Unknown
College Somewhere in Tokyo
Major Nursing
Degree RN Nurse

EMPLOYER: Different Companies

Alexia Akira


The Calm before the Storm�

In a time thought of as simply Norse Mythology, before man ruled the earth, when the Gods still kept a steady eye on them. During these times man constantly fought for many a reason; however the result was always the same constant killing, homes destroyed, families devastated. The God Odin wept and eventually gathered a task force known as the Valkyries; these Valkyries had two simple but very important jobs. They determined who would live and who would die in battle, the fallen were then to be chosen a path; going to the Goddess Freyja the others go to Asgard. However there was one amongst the Valkyrie rankings that had beauty and skill above all others, she was the battle maiden that became Odin�s favorite, however she had a bit of a wild side to her, she did her job well however she enjoyed many of the things mortals did; however she loved taking bathes the most.

One day she decided to take a bath in a stream on Earth, this stream she had used several times without running into mortals however one day a mortal was in the valley. A hero nonetheless and immediately the two fell in love, trying to hide her love from Odin however The ruler of Norse Gods was all seeing and the fact couldn�t be hidden for long. Enraged by her love of a mortal in a jealous rage Odin banished her from Asgard and forced her to live on Earth, however he could not remove her powers. This would prove to be something Odin would forever remember, after many months watching the Valkyrie and Hero an evil cult decided to steal her power for their own. During a day when the Hero and Valkyrie were out for leisure stroll the cult attacked. Fending them off to the best of their abilities the two were eventually captured. Taking to their secret base, the Valkyrie was forced to wash in horror as her lover was ruthlessly submitted to all forms of torture for one reason; to gain the power of the Valkyrie the power to command souls; ultimately their goal was to gain entrance to Valhalla.

What seemed like an eternity the cultist group savagely beat and tortured the Valkyrie�s lover, until the man could no longer sustain himself. Looking at his love for the final time the male quietly passed on, in a fit of rage in the purest of forms she savagely murdered these humans, destroying nearly every member of the cultist group. However not without another cost, as she fought she suffered heavy injuries and her body could not continue on, as a final act she made her way over to her lover and laid herself on him before passing on. Although a majority of the members were killed off the handful that remained tried to flee however, they quickly found themselves facing the head of the Norse Gods himself; Odin.

Cursing himself for allowing his favorite Valkyrie to fall in such a sad way, he used his ranking as head of the gods and convinced Freyja to allow his Valkyrie and the human she fell in love with to be reincarnated. However the process would take several hundred years since both their souls were tainted by a deep rift caused by their deaths. However even with their reincarnation somehow the cult members still wanted her power and would find her somehow, it was only a matter of time.

Past and Present

Eye of the Storm

Many years had passed, eventually a child was to be born to Swedish royalty. Using his power, Odin used the newborn baby as the vassal of the Valkyrie, however he hadn�t expected for the soul of the Valkyrie and the soul of the newborn merged, although they were separate they shared the body. She grew up loved by her family and loved by her people, however there was one amongst the people that didn�t like her, a descendant of one of the cultist, sensing the Valkyrie spirit within the young child he informed the other members of the cult, and they planned their revenge.

On a warm summer evening whilst all the inhabitants of the castle slept, a form of shadow skulk through the castle. Men dressed in all black swiftly and quietly moved through the castle corridors; avoiding all other rooms they slowly opened the door to the princess� room. Pinning the child down they easily tied up the sleeping child waking up while beginning gagged she was quickly knocked unconscious before she regained enough focus to scream. With their mission complete she was quickly transported to their central base in America. New York.

From that point onward her home became the depths of an abandon church, the cult used the basements to perform their rituals amongst other things. For the next five years the young girl was subjugated to many forms of torture from the cult members as a means to unleash the Valkyrie soul within her. If it wasn�t her being tortured that did the same to other special children and forced her to watch in horror, sometimes the trauma was just too much and eventually her beautiful blond hair turned completely silver.

One night however things changed, being taken upstairs for a beating the Valkyrie within decided that this would be a perfect opportunity for her escape. Using a small portion of her power she took possession of the young child�s body and fought against her captors, with her immense powers, even if only a fraction was unveiled it was enough to render the members of the guild present unconscious. After years of captivate the child had finally escaped in only tattered rags. Aimlessly she wondered the streets of the Urban Jungle. Having made her way to JFK early in the morning before the crack of dawn she didn�t care where but she had to leave right away. Stowing away in the cargo bay she quickly passed out after the plane took off, if not for the spirit within her she would have perished.

Having hidden herself within a person�s luggage she eventually found herself in Tokyo, trying to fend for herself she began stealing food whenever possible while living in the parks, and woods in the surrounding town, however eventually her plan backfired and she was arrested by the cops. Without a family she was instead put into an orphanage, with her strange hair color many adults thought she was some punk that wouldn�t be any good. However instead of always complaining she began schooling in the orphanage, along with plenty of reading, she was reading a new book a day and taught herself many things. Including martial arts, ki manipulation, and swordsmanship, although amongst the three she had a natural affinity for swordsmanship. The other two she needed much practice with, the reason was because she knew deep within her mind, heart, and soul that one day the cult would return for her.

She studied for years amongst other things and made a few friends, one of which was able to was able to help her regain her social security number, password, and other documents that would be needed, however changing key parts to the identification. She enrolled in a local college because of her above average marks she easily acquired several scholarships. Before long she came to have many friends due to her grades and beauty but everything in her life changed when she met an African American male who enrolled in the same college. Unable to understand the emotions that was running through her heart it was what one would call love at first sight.

The male didn�t reciprocate the feelings; he mostly attempted to keep her away from himself avoiding her whenever she attempted to approach him. After weeks of chasing and stalking(>< xD) him the male eventually said yes and the two had a few dates. After being treated so harshly she was happy to have met her first love, eventually the two began to date, the love they shared was unlike any she could remember.

Throughout the course of their relationship many things happened including Alexia meeting a large amount of new people and gaining jobs, the two living together, etc. Things changed however, during a routine day at school she was talking home alone, when things took a dive into insanity as she was viciously assaulted. She was attacked by members of the cult, after years of hiding they had finally found her, however the first assault was quickly halted by the timely arrival of her boyfriend. After that night, her and her friends began to constantly keep an eye for strange people, after weeks of nothing they thought she was safe however they were wrong.

During a busy night they strike once more, however everybody was busy with their own things and this time they did it perfectly. Attacking her within her own home, by the time anybody was able to come and check in on her it was far too late. Leaving a trashed apartment the evidence of the fight was clear however there wasn�t a trail to follow which made looking for her difficult. Taken away to one of their hideouts she was again tortured however they took precautions which they hadn�t needed to beforehand. With their numbers significantly lessened from the first time. The members that had he this time were descendants of the men that the Valkyrie had once slain.

Her boyfriend at the time was devastated seeing that the apartment was a mess and having found evidence of his girlfriend�s capture. Unable to give chase due to an interference with her ki, the male had little options of tracking her. With help from all her friends they were able to pinpoint her location, however what they found was less pleasant than they had hoped for. Naked, beaten, bruised, bloody, and chained down was how the maiden was found. Marks all over her body she was left for dead by the cultist, however they didn�t escape to far before they were savagely beaten to death by the appearance of her boyfriend. In what could be described as a fit of rage he left no limb intact; however she had lost too much blood and was dying.

Not all was as it seemed for their was one within the group that seemed to be stronger than the rest exponentially. A one-sided fight occurred with her lover slowly losing and his life being sucked away. This was enough for a short merger of the souls, the Valkyrie and Alexia became one for a brief moment, with their thoughts as one they could have easily taken down this man, however they did another thing and saved their lovers life. Enraged by the act that had happen without a moment�s thought her lover quickly beheaded the man with his hands. By being pierced the maiden had given up her life for his own, however the appearance of a God brought her time and life. After being brought back she showed no mercy to the soul that nearly killed her and the one she cared for the most, without a thought she shredded his soul to pieces not allowing him passage to the afterlife but to float aimlessly within limbo.


She gets insecure about her silverish hair


Alexia personally hates machines


Alexia can not cook. She has blown up five of Raimunods stoves. Her cooking leads to either sickness, in a week coma, a bad bad case of mud butt or it comes alive because of her powers.

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Lady Sasami [M&M]

Jun 16th 2019 22:49

I cant help but love the fact you use madusa (rider) as one of your playbys for lexi x//3
King Kadalron ぞは

Jun 2nd 2019 03:58

Hello there. I'm not sure if I've introduced myself yet. I'm Karnal Kadalron. Pleasure to meet you
Deadly Elegance

May 27th 2019 19:01

 I appreciate your effort. Truly.
Deadly Elegance

May 27th 2019 18:57

Greetings. Thanks for reaching out to befriend me. If it wouldn't trouble you so much, could you tell me how you managed to get a song on your profile? My older method doesn't work anymore. Thanks.

May 20th 2019 07:24

The themes, the post length.....all seems fine and dandy to me, they are perfect.

You are a Castlevania fan too, so that only makes things more promising. I can see us becoming friends!
Lady Sasami [M&M]

May 16th 2019 02:13

I been super busy with rl stuff but I been in a good mood ♥ juri and I got to talk we came up with a backstory that fit me and her characters ♥ and I been playing mortal kombat 11 trying to find a main since mileena been killed off
Lady Sasami [M&M]

May 16th 2019 01:59

-smiles happily with a light blush- o3o how have you been lexi I missed you ♥
Lady Sasami [M&M]

May 16th 2019 01:11

rl took lexi away during april 13th QuQ I missed hanging out with you dear how are you feeling 8D

Apr 30th 2019 22:27

That is smart to have note pad downloaded. Glad to hear you are doing well. 
I'm good so far. Just waiting for this semester to be over with xD

Apr 30th 2019 16:20

You're welcome and thank you for sending that request~
I wish i were able to write as much as you could on mobile. 
The most I can do is like two para..maybe 3 if i push myself.
I'm more of a adventure and slice of life person but i'm open to doing whatever!
Hope you are well~ ♥
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