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King and Father of Vampires. Weakest of the Eldrazi Titans, but still too tuff for you.

21 years old
Kokomo, Indiana
United States

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October 17 2019

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You know it irritates me. All I want is a few good stories, but everytime one starts, they unfriend or block me. I just want a story!!!

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About me:


The real world is where the monsters are. Not the blasphemous fiends you see in your mind.

Ulamog is the smallest of the three titans. His head resembles a bony helmet but lacks eyes and lacks expression. Most of his body has the color of exposed muscle and is covered with bony plates. He moves of a writhing mass of tentacles studded with bony spikes. His two arms split at the elbow and lead to four hands. A stench of rotting meat, mushroom and sulfur surrounds him all the time. This is why he also is known as "The Reeking Titan". Ulamog is the Titan of Consumption. He and his brood consume living and unliving matter alike, and drain mana and vital energy from everything in the vicinity like a maelstrom. His processors transform the consumed energy into spell-like effects that defy the understanding of Zendikari mages, wasting plagues, deadly parasites and endless teeming spawn. They leave the white chalky latticelike structures in their wake. Everything including water is transformed into the white manaless husk of what it once was. Ulamog is emblematic of plague, the blind bonds between parasite and host, and overabundance. Ulamog is creation and destruction wrapped together in unholy harmony. After their imprisonment by Ugin, Sorin Markov and Nahiri, Ulamog and the other two titans (Kozilek and Emrakul) were locked away from the planes. A few thousand years after the imprisonment of the Eldrazi by The Three, the noxious creative force of Ulamog became an infection that took hold of the people who dared to live in Akoum's mountains despite the tectonic instability of the region. They became a sort of cult devoted to an imagined deity of the mountains, established a temple near the site of the prison, and began performing rituals inspired by their growing madness. The cultists avoided the notice of the increasingly reclusive Nahiri and over time and multiple generations, their rituals actually proved effective in loosening the bonds of the Eldrazi prison. Though the titans themselves still couldn't escape, teeming hordes of their broods sprang into existence. This swarming host devastated Zendikar. During the rampage, the cultists underwent a transformation. Only twelve of them survived the initial wave of spawn emerging from the prison, but those twelve became the first vampire bloodchiefs, the progenitors of the vampire race. Whether they were originally human, kor or a race of their own, they became something entirely new - and utterly enslaved to the will of Ulamog. The Eldrazi took the plane's vampires as a race of servants, adapting their very anatomy for servitude. Hooklike horns grew from the vampires' shoulders, convenient handles for the Eldrazi to dominate their slave race and, for millennia afterward, carnal symbols of the vampires' heritage of persecution. The vampires, forced to conspire in the campaign of destruction against their own homeworld, had their identity and tribal memory erased forever. After Nahiri enforced the Eldrazi prison all on her own, no more broods came to life. She trusted the people of Zendikar to deal with them and left the plane. The vampires remained, now free of Ulamog's yoke. Millenia later, the subsequential actions of Jace Beleren, Chandra Nalaar, Sarkhan Vol and Nissa Revane freed the Eldrazi titans. After their release, Ulamog was the most prominent titan on the surface of Zendikar. Its brood caused the Slaughter at Sea Gate.

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May 19th 2019 18:59

Please excuse me for this late introduction.
Im usually much better about getting to comments.
I am Fiona.
~ ♥
Active roleplayer. (so lets get something going, yeah?)
Artist (edits? co-edits? group pictures?)
Chit chat? (chaoticthot#4156 )
Everything else, just ask.
I hope to hear from you soon!
Yours Truly,
F ♥

Apr 5th 2019 15:22

Hi, I'm trash.
Yes, this IS a mass greeting.
Thus, bringing us back to my first statement. 
Trash. Me. Hello. 

I'm slow no matter where we chat, 
but whatever you prefer! 
Comments, messages, or discord.
Mine is Forlorn.Lore#6619 

Edit, chat, rp (maybe??? slow as sh*t here) 
Sh*tpost, meme it up, idk fam. 
But maybe like...dunno...be friends with me???

Apr 5th 2019 14:58

Hey thanks for wanting to be friends with me, I hope that you are having a great day
I would love to get a roleplay going with you, I have some info up about myself in the blog section
I do appreciate random starters or we can discuss or go with the flow 
Now don't let my cute appearance deceive you, I am one dangerous bunny
Until then, have a great day
✿Enchanted Beauties(Mcrp)

Mar 30th 2019 19:04

Hi I am Khalie it is a pleasure to meet you.
If we haven't talked yet forgive me.
but i was wondering if you were interested in a rp?
If so please look at my girls and we can go from there.
Just please bare with me i am a bit busy in real life but I do have Discord.

well hope to hear from you soon to get something going.

Feb 5th 2019 18:53

Hello. It's nice to see you. *Ribit* I hope you are doing okay. Would you like to make a story with me?

Apr 12th 2018 20:40

Hi hi!!
Thank you for adding me!
would you consider role playing with me?
Aya Shiryu {The lost princess}

Mar 26th 2018 04:34

Hello there I'm Aya, it's a pleasure to make your aquaintence. I'd like to discuss a roleplay if that interests you. I like many genres and to have my roleplays with substance and story :).
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