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Carlotta, California
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About me:
About me: The hot sand blow in the desert as group of soldiers March around the army base as rock and roll music play in the background as it came from a broke down jeep in a shop as a old man work on it, in the back of the shop was a office with a door painted red with a name is it said lieutenant on it as it had bullet holes from a small war that happened last night as smoke come out the holes of the door then the ground shake as a solider came running to the door busting it open- (Soldier: sir something land by the base and it's not Russian and it in the river and there a team on it now. (Max: no call them back you are not trained for this situation I dont want lose anyone to day just set up a block around it and wait. (Soldier: yes sir. -max sat at a desk with his feet kick up as he had on his soldier uniform on, max had on a tight tank top that would show off his massive arms as he had a pair of sunglasses with a hat on, he stood up as his black army boots hit the ground as he walk out the door heading out side to the area of the crash landing as he passes the old man and broke down jeep, he soon made it as a solider lead him to the site of the crash, as they made it there was the ship as it smoke as a green substance leaked out of the ship on to the ground as max walk closer to it by him self as everyone stay back- -the ship started to get on fire as the green substance moved to max as he fall back hard as a creature grabbing from behind dragging him in to the dark smoke, max pulled out his Army knife as the creature slice of him as max was now fighting for his life with the creature over him trying to rip off his face as his jab his knife in the chest of it killing it as it blood cover max, try to get up as but it was to late as a gold Crystal Light beam him away As a explosion started clearing out a city killing everything and everyone around as max was no where to be found- -week 3 missing In a city- Rain came down hard in the alley as people walk by it not seeing max naked body cover in with cardboard boxes as he soon open his green eye's slowly as he look around him as it was dark and cold, he cover his face and wait for people to pass by as he roll behind a trash can weak and shaking- How did I get here and how did I live I should be dead not alive this impossible, ah my body hurt and how did I get naked and what city is this I have no idea well I can't set here. -he said as he look up as rain would fall on his dirty face as he rub the dirt off it, he look over and see a window open in a building and head up it to see clothes neatly folded by the window, he looks around to see no one around and grab them and dress him self as perfect fit the pants and shirt and grab a Brown trench coat with a brown hat, and got to the side walk as he wandered off into the crowd of people looking for answers of his lost memories, as he walk pass a electronic store with TVs in the front as the news come on showing the explosion that happened on the army base 3 weeks ago as they was looking for for bodys, max look at the TV screen looking at the destruction as his face show on the screen, as it read that he could be alive or not as they could not find his body in the blast- -max belly would grow as he was really hungry and weak as he walk off down the side walk as he cover his face up his brown hat and coat, as max turn the corner two men come running out one bump in to him as a man come out screaming out stop them, max clothesline them flipping them around as they landing on there faces knocking them out cold, max stood as he grab a bag of money handing it back to the store manager as it was a old man- (Old man: thank you sir and who are I never seen you before hey........wait your that missing solider every one looking for. -the old man bend down to grab the as max walk away I'm the darkNess with out saying a thing as, he hidden his self from the lights as he spoke back, as he keeps his face covered as rain came down hard as max turn around he was surrounded by six men heavily armed dress in army gear-
Who I'd like to meet:

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[Hino no Dai Ninja] B.S.K

Nov 2nd 2018 19:18

Hey thanks for accepting my request.
It's a pleasure to have you as a new friend.
I hope we can role play sometime.
I can't wait to hear back from you.

🐉Goddess of Dragons🐉

Sep 29th 2018 15:44

"Sorry for the, late reply. Been a tad busy with work and such. But I am Sasha van-Tassel, I hope to become good friends and possibly get a rp going. "
Devil's Tears♥

Aug 9th 2018 21:39

thank you so much for the add 
and thank you for being patient with me
I was away with my family on vacation!
I do hope that we can get something started soon so we can chat and rp!
Lady Sasami [M&M]

Jul 30th 2018 13:26

just holding the fort for my friends x//3 I haven't seen you or your sister in forever has rl taken you two from us or something
Lady Sasami [M&M]

Jul 30th 2018 12:09

I didn't know you two did the whole rp family thing 8D that's so cute
Beauty & Deadly girls (Mcrp)

Jul 2nd 2018 02:59

Greeting and character intro's

& So comes The Rules yea there on the layout and a detailed story line for my girls are in blogs, please sure you read the rules because if you do not after the third time you break my rules I may come down on you with a brick to your head, No add fence but I am here for fun not to deal with jealous, or child drama, or your friends bs drama. Now my character� greetings this is where a few of my characters will greet you� them self's and you about my two main characters.
Lexy is darker themed gore and death tho she is with an troubled� past but hey� who is not.out some troubles� Right?� .� Xd

Tamara Hellsing is the triplet to Hana and Alucard Hellsing. She is an vampire that refuses to kill humans for blood and as proof she has given her hole life in the study of science and medical needs. She also is a bit of a mad insane person and has turned her own body into a bio-weapon. So none could use her blood to make any vampires.� Form her own dna.� She also fits into Bleach verse

So I am really happy for your adding me I do hope you will answer this introduction of my main characters and I do hope you can for give me for not having my profile set up I am working on it now and I do hope to have it full done soon. Please lets talk over a role play some time soon no need� to be shy. Also my character Ema is form the anime Brother's Conflict, so that if you have time too over look the anime to better understand Ema & RAYEN. They come with a brother complex

*Ema� about jumped out of her skin as man came crashing into the house. Tho she was shaken up she gave her a smile� too match her friendliness. she was overly friendly but Lexy would flip out if she hugged the man so all she could do was smile to him and bow some*��

*Lexy rolled her eyes at Ema's friendliness and thought the man might want too shoot her, she was ready with a magic spell, Shaking her head at Ema she just had no idea what danger was. Lexy come with trust issues. She also bow'ed to no male or well none had gotten close enough to her get her respect to make her bow.*

*Rayen came storming the house as she came form the woods then went straight to the mother of the house aka  Tamara, as  she walked on and left be hide and enormously huge amount of a blood trail.
She passed everyone only to stop when she saw a male in the manor* "There is a male in are house and new sun roof. Odd" *She did her best not scream but her arm had been stuck on in a trap and was bleeding everywhere. I need Tamara's help. *

*Tamara was in her lab and watched them all threw a glass window,� just looked over at everyone with her lab coat on and mask as she watched everyone inter act. As she was not sure if there guest was going to stay she simply went back to work. Fixing up Rayen Ann's arm, which was bleeding. She was hissing about needing Sakura's help for Rayen's arm*
Etianime Celestial Goddess

May 7th 2018 00:52

Did you want to to?
DarkShadow(The Shinigami)

Jan 28th 2018 16:03

Thanks for accepting my add little guy hope to hear form you.
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