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You live on this earth, treat it with kindness (No one linear or novella. Rper for 10 plus years)

29 years old
No where ville, New York
United States

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February 15 2019

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//new friends read the blog for rules and characters. I owe no replies. I am on Skype a lot more, if you have one let me know ^.^

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All other characters information is in blog
Name: Nature World
hair color: brown (changes a lot)
eye color: green
status:engaged to minako
orientation: bi
kids: kim
siblings: dawn and sky
parents: dead
dislikes: bullies
best friends: fuu and impy and smasher

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Unique Creatures (MC-RP)

Feb 12th 2019 23:33

Well I do like James and Daisy
Unique Creatures (MC-RP)

Feb 12th 2019 19:49

Well you don’t have to create a royal character hun :)
Unique Creatures (MC-RP)

Feb 11th 2019 21:26

Your welcome and I will read yours. My characters are in my blogs as well
Gluttonous Digimon

Dec 4th 2018 22:13

I wish....I REALLY wish.
Gluttonous Digimon

Nov 24th 2018 23:04

I let that slip lol.

Yeah but I could never just stay away from you guys for good. I'll be an RPer/Gamer till I die. which isn't too soon I hope. lol
Gluttonous Digimon

Nov 18th 2018 21:28

part of the reason is because Fuu-Tee and I spend more time gaming. We both need to get back on more.
Gluttonous Digimon

Nov 11th 2018 21:21

"Nature is that you?" *Pokes* "I mean I haven't heard from you in a while." *Poke-Poke.* "Making sure you're not a figment of my imagination."
Smasher Family & Phoenix Pirates

Aug 8th 2018 00:02


2-3 more weeks I be back home

Taku is the blind goofball that lives in Saryu's basement because he's an embarrassment to the family lol
Smasher Family & Phoenix Pirates

May 23rd 2018 23:01

I was thinking more of the line of Megan and Drew, they have the same personality plus Megan is a tomboy and carries around a giant wrench to knock him upside the head when he pisses her off XD As for Drew and Raidon, I doubt that would work being Drew is a rude bully, Raidon dont like bullies as he is always being bullied himself for being different. As for Sky, you must of forgotten about Taku, the blind gentle goofball, the only somewhat normal character I have lol
Smasher Family & Phoenix Pirates

May 23rd 2018 13:58

I thought you had more characters than that lol,  How about either Sky World or Drew,

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