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Houston, Texas
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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Roza Wolfcake
Verses: Any
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:February 14, 2018

So my ankle is kinda screwing me over I twisted it bad but I felt fine last night but no this morning it was worse but still walkable. I just hope I can still do stuff cause I got 12 baby puppies and one who lost her poor two toes to help.

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About me:
Hiya there LostGirl here I want everyone to know that I hope you're having a fantastic day. An to keep the collision everyone remembers Roza is owned by me you are allowed to comment on the statuses I post but you do not have to fight in the comment section over her. I do not condone that.

Height: 5'2 in normal form 5’7 in other form and in wolf form shes 5'4

Weight: 89lbs

Age: 1-21 ranges in the rolelplay

Eye Color: Red on both sides and blood red in another form

Powers: Healing, can change into a wolf, make her ears/tail disappear, she can change humans into werewolves once (Which depends on the roleplay)

Species: 1/3 wolf, 1/3 witch, and 1/3 human basically she a hybrid

Background: At the age of 10 Roza and her brother who was 6 were playing adventure, suddenly as Roza went outside with her brother Drake she smelt burning. Both of them ran trying to get to safety, sadly once she was out her brother was lost to the crumbling rubble and burning flames. She ran through the streets for three years, surviving the best she could without having to be taken from the home she cared. Finding a man who persuaded her grew to be her first companion but sadly he mistreated her. During those years she did attend school well hiddenly so when she found her two best friends they got her out of the situation. She is currently hiding from him but has learned he had become powerful cutting his DNA and mixing it with cougar.

Weapons: Gun, bow, and daggers/knives

About self: She is very protective, loves the outdoors, is very creative, she hates thunder but loves lightning for its beauty, is very kind, she puts her needs behind her for her friends, very powerful, knows wika, and is a big animal lover, is openminded, she is introverted, she is insecure, and is a bookworm.

Favorite Activity: Outdoor mostly, drawing, reading, writing, and playing video games

How her parents met: It was during a poacher hunt, her father was fighting against poachers that were trying to kill the pups of his friends pack. Being injured but successfully defeated the poachers he was transported to a sanctuary where he was contained. He hated being there and would nip at the people who would try to come near or feed him. The new girl walked in which was her beautiful loving mother, the wolf sensed this lady wasn’t normal as he allowed her to draw closer. Sniffing her he sensed her kindness allowing her to touch him, one day she came in as he spoke to her. Which had no effect surprising him, they began to talk silently as she found out who he was. Months did pass as he was released, she would visit as both of them learned more and more about another, he grew to love her as she did the same. But being with her would have a price he gave up his voice to speak in his wolf form to be with her. And when they both were able to be intimate they got to work and 9 months later their beautiful baby girl was born then their son came along a few years later.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Nebel Mist (mcrp)

Jul 30th 2019 09:38

Have you forgotten about the rp?

May 31st 2019 04:50

"Just a lil something I thought you'd enjoy. Yeah I'm the spoiling type."


May 22nd 2019 16:19

I'm enjoying the role play so far ^^

May 3rd 2019 03:52

"Glad you like it, got some sweet memories building up."

May 3rd 2019 03:22


May 1st 2019 03:23

This girl is now under my protection, messing with her means messing with turtle power!"

Nebel Mist (mcrp)

Apr 27th 2019 21:16

Rrrrrrf rrrrrrf?
Nebel Mist (mcrp)

Apr 15th 2019 10:42

Rrrrrrf ruff ruff?

Apr 13th 2019 02:53

Nebel Mist (mcrp)

Apr 6th 2019 02:47

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