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22 years old
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March 24 2019

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Blaze (maybe ;P)  (0  photos)
This kitty can be pretty...well...hot~
Purity - AuntyMoira  (9  photos)
The reason even I'm here now.
Clarity the Hedgehog  (14  photos)
Daughter of Purity Most of the art is done by Paradise-Rock (Link in Blog Bio)
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    Kosma's Interests
GeneralSonic, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Boom, Sonic Forces, Sonic Mania, and OCs to name pretty much the gist of it.
MusicIf you know anything about Sonic, it won't take you long to figure that out! Mostly rock stuff like Crush 40 and other game music or something nice and danceable!
MoviesSonic the Hedgehog. (The train wreck approaches!)
TelevisionSonic X, Sonic Boom.

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Orientation: Bi
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Kosma, Phistica, Irshad, Purity, Letter, Clarity, Venus, Sugar, Waneta
Verses: Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Boom, Sonic Forces, Sonic Mania, OCs
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crossover, Open, Science Fiction, Video Game,
Status: Single
Member Since:February 17, 2018

I feel really bad about only being on here once in the morning and just disappearing the rest of the day. I mean I'm checking 6 places for RP a day, but still. I'll reward you with the 200 follower reward lewd art. It cost me 60 bucks to get a collab between two artists I'm friends with so you are gonna like it! Let me know somewhere if you want it and you'll see once its done!

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About me:
Mysteries of Chaos and Torn Family Stories are up next! _________________________________________________________ Mysteries of Chaos Story Collection: http://www.aniroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=0000094718 _____________________________________________________________ Torn Family Story Collection: http://www.aniroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=0000094719 ______________________________________________________________ RULES LINK DOWN BELOW! _________________________________________________________ Disconnected Purity Official Bio: http://www.aniroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=0000086045 ______________________________________________________________ Check out the wiki on the storyline of my last main (wip): https://www.sonicverse-disconnected.fandom.com/wiki/Sonicverse_Disconnected_Wiki __________________________________________________________ Kosma is the greatest mind in all of Almira, a planet in the Orda dimension. She is the daughter of the world's ruler, who has proven to be the greatest ruler yet while her mother tried to obtain the power of the mysterious Orda Diamonds and hasn't been seen since she was carted away. You will get to meet her father and her friends who make up the rest of Team Order, Phistica and Irshad, as time goes on! _______________________________________________________________ My previous cast was Team Ark which includes the like of Purity, Venus, and Sugar. Also included in the previous cast is Purity's daughter, Clarity or Clair. I had a long running story with my take on Purity with has canonically ended but I will still offer these characters as options to roleplay with! ___________________________________________________________ RULES AND WHERE TO FIND ME ARE HERE: http://www.aniroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=0000088805 _____________________________________________________________ All Character Bios: http://www.aniroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=0000090726 _____________________________________________________________ Previous Stories with Purity: http://www.aniroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=0000090727 ___________________________________________________________ Order and Chaos Storyline Collection: http://www.aniroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=0000093429 ___________________________________________________________ Have a question? Ask me anything!: https://www.curiouscat.me/AlmiraTeamOrder ___________________________________________________________ With that said, I hope you all will see the great adventures to be had! See ya around!
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