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15 years old
Bloomington, Illinois
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May 20 2019

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Bi
Body type:Average
Ethnicity:No Answer
Education:College graduate
Characters: Jack/hollow jack, the ♤ace of spades♤, male clockwork
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Anime, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural,
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I want be on for a while sorry so all roleplays are on hold

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May 7th 2019 22:59

-Ran from Hell-
This isn't so fancy that it can't get a reply. BUT, I do like comments some times, if you want to send messages in replying to this, go for it. 
I am Little miss Demonic. Hope you wont mind a soul sucking Hellhound in your  friends, ya know.
I wont touch your soul.
Far to picky to try. lol
Anywhoozers, I do hope we get to chat and do an rp storyline of the sort. 
Not good with greetings, so This will have to do from me. xD Hope it's not to bad now. o.o

In all Seriousness, I am a bit lazy to do anything better.
Your Faithful Demonic Soul//

Astarte Bast~
Beauty & Deadly girls (Mcrp)

Apr 29th 2019 15:30

Hello & So here comes my character� interactive greeting there my character have you some how pop into there life's to get a idea how kindly they are, and a look at there personalities, this is where all 6 of my characters will greet you in there own way. � A reply is not needed but I would love one to see how you choice to handle who you pick to role play.

*The girls watched into the living room to see a male standing there.*

-Orihime looked worried for the man has he was in a house of demons,but afraid too of him she has never seen any one in this but her own adopted sisters.. .- Hello there, are you hurt can I heal you?

*Ema� about jumped out of her skin as man came appeared into the house Non but uncle Alucard had the power to come to there house in realm of Hell. Tho she was shaken up she gave her a smile� too match her friendliness. she was overly friendly but Lexy would flip out if she hugged the man so all she could do was smile to him and bow some*��

*Lexy rolled her eyes at Ema's friendliness along with Orihime's and thought the man might want too shoot them. *Thinking to her self "I mean who the f*** comes in a house and does not use a door and wait to be invited in.... NOOOOOOO ... but had to use some kind of magic to find us!! That is it if he makes a funny move or any *
magic I will stuff in to a cannon and shot him out of the house asap she thought" *She was ready with a magic spell, Shaking her head at the others two, they just had no idea what danger was. Lexy come's with trust issues. She also bow'ed to no male or well none had gotten close enough to her get her respect to make her bow.*

*Rayen came storming the house as she came form the woods then went straight to the mother of the house aka Tamara, as she walked on and left be hide and enormously huge amount of a blood trail. She passed everyone only to stop when she saw a male in the manor* "There is a male in are house .. Odd.." * Her tone was amused but there was some amount of hate in her tone as well, She was never found of the males sex form any creature, Her attention was drawn back to her arm, as she did her best not scream but her arm had been stuck on in a trap and was bleeding everywhere she left a trail of blood as she went to the lab..* I need Tamara's help.

*Tamara was in her lab and watched them all threw a glass window,� just looked over at everyone with her lab coat on and mask as she watched everyone inter act. As she was not sure if there guest was going to stay she simply went back to work. Fixing up Rayen Ann's arm, which was bleeding. She was hissing about needing Sakura's help for Rayen's arm But Tamara healed and went out of the lab and spoke to the one in front of the girls. She wore a lab coat with blood on it*

Welcome new comer as you can see my girls are some what happy to meet and have greeted you as such. There personalities would allow for future role plays with you, do not get lost in it take for what it is a greeting
ʲᵘᵈᵍᵉ ᵐᵃˢᵗᵉʳ

Jul 31st 2018 03:14

[Aristocrat of Little Garden]
Hello! Welcome to the Little Garden. I'm the Moon rabbit, Kuro Usagi! And I'll be explaining what a Gift Game is!

A gift game is a competitive contest in the Little Garden that make use of gifts. They can be hosted by anyone that can offer a prize.

A gift game is formally started by receiving a Geass roll. Players must clear the conditions set by the host, and clear the objective of the game win. Gift games can be hosted by anyone that is able to offer a prize, and players usually must wager a 'chip' that can be anything, including gifts, money, land, resources, prestige and even people. Games with prizes of higher value usually require a chip of high value, etc. Games can range from being treacherous, difficult, and life-threatening, to a simple lottery, or a child's game; eg. tag. When a Demon Lord challenges someone to a gift game, refusal is said to be not an option due to the [Authority of Host Master].

SO! What do ya say, would you like to play a gift game?

//Hello! And thank you for taking time to read all of this! ^^ Sorry if you dislike premade greetings i just wanted to do something to get more people into roleplaying with me! So if you happen to have any ideas please let me know! I look forward to hearing from you!

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