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Characters: Ineke
Verses: Final Fantasy
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Genre: Adventure, Crossover, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life, Video Game,
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About me:
Ineke has three main Alternate-Universes. She is a formable OC and details can vary depending on the story she is used for. Main Verse Final Fantasy VII: A failed experiment of Hojo to reproduce the results from Project S. Psychologically tormented by the Professor to keep her weak and tame towards him. Feels inferior and a waste, trys to be helpful to cope. Sees in Sephiroth a "big Brother"-figure due to Hojos praise towards him in contrast to her. She never met Sephiroth though. Her blood has weaker properties like mako, due to the high use of it during her creation. Can have direct contact with the substance without getting harmed or sick. High regeneration and very endurable.Despises fighting but will if forced. Kalm Verse Final Fantasy VII: A normal girl born in Kalm, daughter of the weaponshop keeper. He died when the meteor crashed down, her mother died two days before the healing rain fell because of her geostigma. She herself was healed by the rain, joined Verdot and Cissnei who pulled together a chocobo caravan to bring supplies to the cut of villags. Is good with Chocobos without use of materia. Catches and trains the brids for the group. Fights respectably alright, stubborn. Deepground Verse Final Fantasy VII: Unsure how she ended up down there, raised to be a Soldier of Deepground. Not good in socializing, high agility, precise in a fighting situation and cool headed. Without an order or fight going on rather insecure and distance loving.
Who I'd like to meet:
RPplayer. No desperate nice guys/nice girls, no cuddle buddies or online sex buddies. Just storys thank you very much.

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In My Head

Sep 15th 2018 17:27

Quote▪ "Even with all of these doubts, there is still some things....I can handle."

" that was a title that hasn't passed his ears in a long time." The Ex-mercenary notion to himself as they made their way from the prison cells. Though it was unknown whether her prior words was meant for a receptive audience. She may not knew about him, but she knew of him... of SOLDIER. And who knows, maybe even Zack aswell. After all, Reeve did mention in his report that the people cultivating in Neibelheim maintained a good relationship with Gongaga. Zack's hometown.

But all that was just... speculation and wishful thinking. It had nothing to do with the task Cloud had been given. And so she followed. Her Cooperation, though to be expected was... still reassuring. But even that alone wasn't enough. Cloud snuck a subtle side glance to his blind spot. Catching gleam of the woman's visage. Would Mako's reveal, wondering eyes? Or a more stationary one. This was to at least see where her mind was at. That is because the eyes can be a mirror to persons thoughts, and soul.

Quote▪ " I had created an illusion of myself made up by what I had seen in my life."

To his surprise, expecting to find wandering eyes, finds said eyes upon him. As if... taking in the craftsmanship of his attire and garments. Cloud adverts his gaze ahead shortly after this. It was so subtle and faintly executed she probably wouldn't notice it. Almost a full minute in on their walk was probably around a good time to talk about Shinra Manor. But the moment he parted his lips, she broke the silence instead. Ranting on about Shinra Corp, with lack of information, came lack of understanding to her protest.

"You...won't bring me back to Shinra Inc. ,right?"


" You don't bring me there again, right?!"


"They said we won't be given to them again!"

His first initial thoughts was to just go along and answer whatever her ears wanted to hear. But this wasn't the case once she had taken hold of one of his arms, even going as far as begging, telling him that they couldn't go back there. Cloud was begging to feel the urgency, and just the amount of importance the matter held. Pacing steps came to an aligning stop. Brows narrowing into a half frown as he notion to himself. "I have felt this weight before." Thoughts, the moment she touched him. Was it the weight of her burdens that now weighed him down. Or the inevitability to help someone even if he wanted to, which was the burden. Finally having his full attention, the Ex-mercenary transitions to face her in response.

" Hey. Everything is... alright." Cloud reassured giving a touch to her arm with a gloved hand in hopes to cope her into calm state of mind. Which was easier, given his stern, but child-like features. There was something about his countenance that held a certain innocence to it. Enough so that even orphans often felt a welcoming in his presence. He did not pry, but waited to see if there was anything else important she had to say.

Quote▪ " I'm cloud... Master of my own illusionary world. It was all... In My Head" 


Apr 22nd 2018 06:01

--- And I win every single game." Captain Vaan here, thank you for accepting me into your circle of friends. I’m going to be real and say I’m not particularly good with introductions but I hope I’ve managed to interest you if only a little bit. Of course with me requesting you it means that I’m interested in discussing something with ya, so what do you say? Wanna put our heads together and see what we come up with?

Also side note, if messages are your go to when it comes to discussing with me then feel free to respond to me in that fashion. So with that I’ll say see ya, be sure to always keep an eye on your’d be ashamed if someone picked ‘em clean.
Lost Gun Of ⊕ld🔫

Mar 17th 2018 08:15

Behind The Unlimited▪ I wish to offer my thanks for accepting and allowing me to be apart of your world. I look forward to the next step which includes discussing fictional encounters or chatting. Either way, let us embark on a soon to be epic journey. Until then... ~Kaze Kuroki
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