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“We are never alone with a Self. Who we are is always being reflected back to us – like a mirror image – by other people, and we come to dwell in the minds of others.”

- Ken Plummer, Sociology, the Basics

30 years old

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August 16 2019

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    A priori Acquit's Interests
General “Welcome to Site Theta. My name is Octavia von Schwarze. I am the Director of Operations here. In other words, I am the captain of this ship. We have but one goal: to unravel the greater mysteries of this world—and others so that we may increase humanity’s chances of survival in its ongoing struggle against paranormal threats.

“To all those committed to this great effort of protecting humanity, who share in our thirst for knowledge and our hunger for adventure, to all those devoted to the progression of science: come and give us your help.

“Now, if you have questions or comments, bring them to me. Problems–see Assistant Director Natasha. She handles that.”

I remain,
Director of Operations, 𝒟𝓇. 𝒪𝒸𝓉𝒶𝓋𝒾𝒶 𝒱𝑜𝓃 𝒮𝒸𝒽𝓌𝒶𝓇𝓉𝓏
United Nations Global Occult Coalition


*Mark IV Vital Energy Radiation Imaging Tactical Awareness System ("VERITAS") Customized

Octavia's customized variation of the VERITAS Resonance Imager designed and miniaturized further to mimic the appearance of collapsible black shades. Developed by Quartermaster [CLASSIFIED] at her request after complaining about the standard OCULUS Headseat variant being clunky and disorienting.

*Baretta M9 "World Defender" Pistol

Octavia's personal service-issued firearm is a standard M9A1 pistol with black finish secured in a holster on her left hip. Blessed by a priest of the Holy Order of the Knights Templar, Reformed, it holds a maximum magazine capacity of 15 rounds of 9mm anti-thaumatological ammunition "Mermaid Shots."

*Modified Synthetic 'Camel' Brand Cigarettes

A pack of cigarettes resembling the official unfiltered 'Camel' brand produced by the U.S.A. based R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. The Pack contains twenty(20) cigarettes containing a compound similar to tobacco synthesized from [Data Classified] which has stabilizing effects on the nervous system when it enters the blood stream after being burned and inhaled resulting in lowered irritability, aggression levels, anxiety and general improvement in Prefrontal Cortex activity.

(Note: "I don't know who sanctioned this or why, but I will be filing an official complaint with High Command. This is not a 'cure' for psychopathy nor was it ever meant for such purpose. This drug is still in early development and requires a substantial amount of more data before it should ever be allowed for clinical trials on humans." -Dr. █████)

*Lighter and Multitool

A standard black LighterBro Multitool comprised of

*One(1) classic Bic lighter containing 5.4ml of butane lighter fluid.

*Micro-Phillips 000 screwdriver with 2 inch length

*Scissors feature super sharp, non-serrated blades

*Bottle opener

*Straight sharp blade made of imported Japanese 420 alloy stainless steel, heat treated and hardened

*XTR550U Waterproof Digital/Analog Two Way Radio UHF

The Current Standard Radio device for all Site Theta personnel. Contains the following features and certifications:

*Analog and Digital (Motorola Mototrbo and Hytera Digital Compatible)

*IP65 Rated (Protected from total dust ingress. Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction, limited ingress protection.)

*UHF (400-470 MHz)

*4-Watt Power Output

*Military Spec and Drop Tested

*FCC, IC and IFTEL Certified

*1,000 Channels / 32 Zones (16 channels per zone)

*Extreme Speaker Audio Output (1-Watt) / 1-Watt from

*Accessory Port

*High Power / Low Power

*Scanning Options

*Mk VII Standard Field Dress (Black Suit)

Octavia's 'attire' is a modern black suit designed to resemble semi-formal attire featuring one or more of the following:

*A form-fitting ballistic-fiber undergarment worn next to the skin, made of +1 Generation nanofiber, rated to stop handgun rounds with standard powder load at point blank range.

*+1 Generation nanofiber threads integrated into key points in outergarments to provide additional protection. Combined with undergarment, must be rated to stop rifle rounds with standard powder load at a distance of twenty meters.

*Micronized communications gear located in the collar and cuffs of the garment, or integrated into jewelry. Augmented Reality system integrated into eyewear or disguised as a cosmetic accessory.

*Personal Computing Device (PCD) integrated into a cellular phone, implanted as a cybernetic enhancement, or disguised as footwear, with satellite connection to GOC data network.

*Emergency toolkits and weapons, miniaturized and disguised as necessary, are provided by Quartermaster's Division for specific missions upon request.

Current List of Notable Employees

Harry Esther: A rookie security guard and the frequent target for Octavia's 'pranks.' Harbors feelings for the Director.

Paris Ford, Chief Security Officer: The senior PHYSICS Division member assigned to Site Theta when work on the Q-TIP began. Has a military background; is good friends with Harry Esther.

Cristoph "Criss" Grisby, Head Chef: A PSYCHE Division member whose culinary background qualified him to be appointed Head Chef. He believes that people open up and relax when eating a good meal. Is quite chatty.

Lisa Owens, Security Personnel: A senior member of the security team. A former police sniper with the RCMP; Was assigned to a Strike Team, but was relegated to Site Theta for underperformance.

Natasha Sergeyevna Mirnova, Assistant Director: PSYCHE Division. Assistant Director of Site Theta; Graduate of The International Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatology; Has her finger to the pulse of Site Theta's personnel.

Erica Ledger, Ambassador: An unassuming rookie belonging to the PHYSICS Division. Was relegated to Site Theta due to her willingness to challenge authority, buck orthodoxy and break the rules. Has "Promise" according to the Director, but the position has no official standing.


     A priori Acquit's Details
Orientation: No Answer
Body type:Slim / Slender
Education:Some college
Occupation:Global Occult Coalition Site Director
Characters: Octavia von Schwarze, 'Black Octavia'
Verses: Global Occult Coalition/SCP Foundation Universe, Science-Fiction/Fantasy/Horror/Action-Thriller Cros
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Psychological, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
Member Since:April 13, 2018

   A priori Acquit's Companies
United Nations Global Occult Coalition
Berlin, Germany
Title: Director of Operations
Division: PTOLEMY; Site Θ

Date Employed xx/xx/2008

A coincidence is defined as an event with no causal relationship whose occurrence does not feel inevitable. In fact, "inevitable", would be an antonym of the word. But even if it feels like a coincidence, there are people who believe that there is actual meaning in its occurrence. For example, if one believes in the existence of "Laplace's Demon", proposed by Laplace himself, then to that person, the occurrence of that event was actually inevitable.

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   A priori Acquit's Blurbs
About me:

Our Mission

To keep the peace and maintain friendly relations between occult organizations, protect humanity against all threats paranormal, parascientific, and paratemporal, and take any actions required to ensure the survival of the human race.

Director of Operations, Site Θ

Dr. Octavia von Schwartz


Serial Number: 14027005/172

Title: Director of Operations, Site "Theta"
Real name: Octavia von Schwartz
Nationality: German
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: xx/xx/1989

Biographical Information

Octavia Von Schwartz was a POI [Persons of Interest] before being recruited into PTOLEMY Division; Has since been promoted to Director of Operations at Site Θ after a decade of prolific service; Known for subversive and unpredictable behavior.

Career Service Vitae


* Promoted to Senior Research Scientist, 2/9/18

* Reassigned as Director of Operations to Site "Theta," 4/25/18


Octavia von Schwartz was first brought to the attention of the Global Occult Coalition during the late 2000’s when she came into contact with a quasi-magical society dubbed ‘The Mystica’ [Actually a club of college students whose mission statement included ‘research and investigation of the occult’] who had somehow obtained the Liber Officium Spirituum. Upon confirmation of its authenticity (and reports of paranormal activity) by the assigned Assessment Team, the order was given to a Strike Team to recover the grimoire and destroy the growing cult. However, before their mission could begin, they were intercepted by a member of the cult with grimoire in hand who informed the Assessment Team of the dissolution of the Club and the erasure of the memories of all those involved. Following a follow-up investigation and upon confirmation of the informant’s testimony, the situation was deemed resolved by High Command and said informant was subsequently scouted on the basis of her extensive knowledge.

Following an in-depth mandatory psychological assessment, an extensive background check, and genetic testing, Octavia von Schwartz was officially diagnosed as having a Factor 1 Psychopathic Personality features (correlated with Narcissistic Personality, low anxiety, and low empathy but high social behaviors and high achievement). Due to her unfettered nature, as a condition of her employment, she is mandated to take daily suppressants administered orally in the disguise of unfiltered, Camel brand cigarettes.

Additionally, the Liber Officium Spirituum (designation PTE-8043-Alexandria Kapala “Black Book”) has since been secured in containment.

A fuller profile below.


Octavia von Schwartz, 30, is a senior member of the Global Occult Coalition's PTOLEMY Division, specifically, their Research and Development team. She is the principal designer of the Equal Dragon Weapon and the Hysteria Wave Gun.

Full Profile

Full Name: Octavia von Shwartze

Sex: Female

Blood Type: O

Occupation: United Nations Global Occult Coalition; PTOLEMY Division; Director of Operations, Site Θ.

Knowledge: Very High.

Physical Strength: Average (Appropriate for her age and physical appearance).

Cooperativeness: Sometimes ridiculously high, sometimes ridiculously low.

Personality: Her personality can be summed into five (5) traits:

(1)Insubordinate: Has on numerous occasions undermined her superiors by ignoring orders and standard operating procedures to advance her agendas.

(2)Narcissistic: She is an addict, quite frankly, to herself; Compounding this is her alarming--

(3)Lack of Empathy: She is unable to ‘think outside herself;’ Others exist either to meet her own needs or may as well not exist at all; Will shamelessly exploit others.

(4)Lack of Emotional Reciprocity: Despite her above-average social skills and leadership ability, she has difficulty forming sincere long-term relationships; At the forefront of every interaction is the need to satisfy a personal aim.

(5)Has a Pathological Need for Stimulation: Is dauntless, venturesome and unbalanced by hazard

Hobbies: Reading, Research, Trivia.

Likes: Occult-related activities, Science-related activities, Attracting Other's Attention, Finding 'Answers,' Engaging Paranormal Entities, Philosophy, The Color Black.

Dislikes: Boredom, Normalcy, Solitude, Facile Statements (stemming from popular opinion, etc)

Beyond The Surface:

Following the unauthorized activation of the “Equal Dragon Weapon” (now PTE: 4139-Caliburn-buster “Dragonslayer”) an untested Tangential weapon which resulted in the total disappearance of a species of reptilian Cryptids “Dragons,” Octavia was tried for insubordination by the Council of 108 and found Guilty.

She was given a suspended sentence, however, and was transferred to Site “Theta” to oversee the research and development of a space-time warping device as a condition of her sentence.

According to a long time friend that knew her from childhood and attended the same University:

"She kept up a good front on campus. She judges people only on superficial appearances of wealth and power. She is exceedingly shrewd, in a shallow sense, about where and when she behaves naturally. At home she frequently went off on road trips in a stolen car and would drag along anyone she could persuade. She'd make up some story about a cousin or a friend leaving their car with her, but she usually hotwired it. Anyone who went with her she used for money or to take the blame. But I'll tell you this: it didn't matter who her company was. A handsome devil or a beautiful woman meant no more to her than an illiterate ragwasher or harlot - she could get on with anyone! She's the most irresponsible, reckless, natural-born liar and impossible to handle person I've ever met! But I've never met anyone who seriously hated her."

In the Subject's own words,

"The best way to fool people is to help them. Ask what they want, ask what they need. Do they need help with anything? Do they need any money? Do they need their car fixed? Do they need their grass cut? Do they need their kids looked after? Anything - anything to get them to think I am a decent person and want to help - to trust me. This was all when I was younger, but I would lie like that, meanwhile, I'd go behind their back and take things, steal things. Teachers are the easiest; when a 'smart' kid acts troubled, they take a special interest in them. I would fail on purpose, manipulate them into changing my grades, hang out after school with them, go home with them, things like that. They'd take me home or buy me food, whatever. I'd prefer my science teachers, though, since they were quick with it too. It's all the more interesting when they know the game being played. Then it becomes fun."

Regarding the development and deployment of TanGenT weaponry, specifically the unauthorized activation of the Equal Dragon Weapon, in her own words again,

"For the safety of the world…and yes, for science; To know whether or not it could be done. It's good to know how the world works. It is not possible to be a scientist unless you believe that all knowledge of the Universe and all the power that it bestows is of intrinsic value to everyone. And one must share that knowledge and allow it to be applied…and then be willing to live with the consequences. Unintended or otherwise."

Her above noted unpredictable behavior was not unforeseen. According to a former colleague in her unit:

"Just queer that one. She's cool and calculating, a good scientist, and a pleasant woman, superficially, during the week, though always a little arrogant. But even when she's on the job she's not to be trusted. Every time she gets a chance, she does outlandish things. She keeps under wraps of outer dignity and she's careful not to take them off under circumstances which would cause her to get into serious trouble. She passes as a proper Lady in polite circles. I'll never forget this one incident when the Quartermaster in charge of our unit divined a prophecy about her career going to the dogs. She disappeared for a few days after that until the Quartermaster was contacted directly by a pack of Werewolves that she had imposed herself on. The Coalition had no idea this Pack existed and she remains tight-lipped about how she found them, but she had established a rapport and negotiated a deal with the Pack to relocate without incident earning the good graces of High Command in the process. That's the kind of person she is."

Information and Background

The black sheep of her family, Octavia boasts being born with a 'Black Heart,' and that she used to muse of it as being a kind of superpower. She was born in an upper-middle class family in Berlin with her still-happily married parents and an older sister who is today happily married herself and employed in marketing. She was never without the support and love of her parents and maintains a distant, but good relationship with them. The relationship with her sister, however, is more strained following an incident in their teenage years.

During her childhood she showed early warning signs such as violent mood swings, vindictiveness towards other kids and teachers, being argumentative with teachers and parents as well as lying and blaming others.

These behavioral problems did not decrease as she grew up, rather they intensified. Truancy, fighting and stealing became a regular occurrence. She is described as being 'unpredictable' seemingly in a good mood one minute and the next minute in a fight. Most alarmingly was her willingness to resort to violence. Rather than argue, she would rather just start a fight for as little as being looked at the wrong way. Many of her actions seemed unprovoked. However, she would escape harsh punishment by openly and honestly admitting to her faults and expressing a desire for reform. However, she would return to her actions.

Shortly after entering high school an altercation with her older sister resulted in her spending time in an asylum. It was here first that she was given a diagnosis of a psychopathic personality, but as she was deemed sane, she was released. Her sister being her sister declined to take legal action, but they would barely be on speaking terms again.

Octavia would go on to continue her ways with one marked difference: her violent streak disappeared. In fact, she was a model student. Until at some point she would begin to regress, skipping school, manipulating her teachers and classmates, shoplift, steal her parent's credit cards and so on. Important to note that the things she would steal would have no real purpose to her and she would never have any pure malicious intent (or any intent at all for that matter), necessitating several school transfers until her graduation. Her relationships were spurious and largely ended on the part of the other.

It makes sense then that she would become interested in social sciences and majored in that when she entered University. She continued her anti-social behavior such as drinking to the point of being passed out, having numerous partners for money, seducing teachers in exchange for passing grades (even when she had the ability to pass it on her own), petty frauds, car theft and so on. However, in person she was so amiable and when caught so repentant and apologetic that those she offended would drop the charges. So opposite were her public and private lives that these negative stories were treated as mere unfounded rumors to most.

It was during her second year that she was scouted into an occult-based sorority called 'The Mystica' who had somehow come into possession of the Liber Officium Spirituum. Octavia had no professed interest in the paranormal world up until that point, but the forbidden knowledge contained within the book and her destabilized self-control and willingness to use the book propelled her into a position of leadership in the club.

Their activities ultimately alerted the Global Occult Coalition. Before an attempt to forcibly recover the grimoire and suppress the cult could be enforced, Coalition agents were approached by Octavia who turned over the grimoire and levered her knowledge of the artifact for a place in their services. Following an extensive background check her hiring was approved conditional on the point that she take 'suppressants' to lessen her impulsive behavior and continue her studies. Octavia later completed her degree to become a Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology. The experimental suppressants have had mixed success.

Despite her callousness towards her subordinates and other staff, Octavia's 'condition' allows her to be an effective leader: able to quickly identify what makes a person tick, she can assign positions to others that they are most compatible with. She is capable of making quick judgments of necessary action without allowing uncertainty and ethical debates to cause her hesitation. And whether she personally agrees with it or not, she follows the Missions of the Coalition, albeit sometimes very loosely.

However, following the unauthorized deployment of the Equal Dragon Weapon, it was determined that, until the conclusion of a disciplinary hearing by High Command, she be put on a monitored leave of absence from her station. Without pay.

Information and Background Supplemental

Following an extensive review of High Command, Researcher Octavia von Schwartz (Serial Number: 14027005/172) is hereby reassigned to Site Theta where she will henceforth act as the Director of Operations.

Who I'd like to meet:
I could not write about 'ordinary people' because I am not in the least interested in them."

- H.P. Lovecraft

"Now, now, I know what you're thinking. Allow me to be frank with you, I...have been told that I'm manipulative and egotistical among other not very nice things. I cannot deny this, but neither will I endorse this. Take that however you will.

"Rather, why are you here? What was it that piqued your curiosity? Listen to your instincts. Do they tell you to run or...? Well, no matter, I welcome all freaks, incurable lover of the grotesque that I am."

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