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Characters: Sakura Haruno
Verses: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, the last, Boruto
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Manga, Romance, Spar/Fighting,
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About me:
Sakura Haruno is a kunoichi of Konohagakure. When assigned to Team 7, Sakura quickly finds herself ill-prepared for the duties of a shinobi. However, after training under the Sannin Tsunade, she overcomes this, and becomes recognised as one of the greatest medical-nin in the world. After training under Tsunade for two-and-a-half years, Sakura acquires the ability to heal wounds, becoming one of the most experienced medical ninjas. In order to secure her survival to heal others, Sakura also developed superhuman strength by building up chakra in her fists. Thanks to this, Sakura joins Team 7 as a medical ninja to save their ally Gaara from the criminal group Akatsuki. With help from the elder Chiyo, Sakura defeats the Akatsuki member Sasori who gives her hints of Sasuke's whereabouts. The new member of Team 7, Sai, uses his intelligence to track Sasuke down, but once again they are unable to prevent him from escaping. While disappointed in their failure, Team 7 tries once again to find Sasuke, although after almost apprehending him they lose his trail and are forced to return home. As they search for Sasuke, Sakura learns of the various hardships Naruto faces because of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox creature sealed inside him, which is being pursued by the Akatsuki. Saddened by the impact both forces have had on his life, Sakura becomes protective of Naruto and tries to do whatever she can to help him overcome these obstacles. Sakura later resolves to kill Sasuke after understanding he is becoming a menace to the villages. However, when she fails to do it, Naruto decides to settle things with Sasuke himself. When a war against the remaining Akatsuki is announced, Sakura participates as a medical ninja. She later moves to the fighting side when the Ten-Tails creature is released and she battles it alongside Naruto and Sasuke.
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Aug 6th 2019 22:12

Thank you for the add Sakura.

Jun 24th 2019 04:15

Hey there!
I'm Nosuke, pleasure to meet'cha. Thanks for accepting my request and I hope we can discuss a storyline soon -
I have discord, so if you would like to communicate faster, feel to ask me for it or simply send me yours. C:
I hope your day is going well and continues to do so.
I fit into most roles that fit the Hero type, or if you have another storyline idea let me know.
I'm sure we can figure it out.
Ttys, enjoy your night

Feb 10th 2019 23:38

"Uh...Hello...My name's Shisui Uchiha...Know where I can find Lord 3rd?" He'd ask, chuckling nervously.
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