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``Magic is only as good as it sounds.``
God: Thoth, God of wisdom, Knowledge, Magic, Moon, Astronomy.. ect.
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Welp, This is all you could know about, Me. They call me Thoth, I am the son of Horus.. Nephew of set. I've crossed the lands of Egypt.. and prevailed with my mere wisdom.. I've marveled at the many sights that I've past.. Fought with gods in which Mortals tend to worship upon, Battled, Sought out.. And won against my enemies.. I've solved many problems in the land, Given my people the "Wisdom" to prevail as I have, But; I am still arrogant, My wisdom of course is a key.. Though my arrogance holds me back more.. and more. I come to the gods with knowledge and peace. Though is always pushed back somehow, My past.. Is almost forgotten on my end of the bar, though my determination, and dedication to figure it out, and fix my arrogant path. Grows higher and higher, But this isn't about my arrogance is it? Its about me.. So.. I guess I'll tell my. Or what I somewhat remember story. ---------------------------------------------------------

My name was Dejhuty.. Meaning he who is like the Ibis.. Long waddling sacred birds, That bird though, Is associated with wisdom.. In which I am the god of. Well, The mortals say I was born to be from the lips of Ra at the beginning of creation. I was roughly known as the god without a mother..Though the way I see it, I was born from Horus. A god of vengeance..Though that god is technically my father the history of my mother is still unknown to me.. My life of course was going threw Heartache and annoyances.. tears and battles. It was most complicated and hard to explain. But if I could simplify it. it was hard for me.---------------------------- .

I am highly educated, I have a skill with magic, and enjoy the view of the moon in the night sky. you could say I am the one always picking the right choices in decisions with the gods, Always curving out chaos and destruction when needed. I am also very silent at times. Though friendly when you get to know me more. I tend to be charismatic and of course known as the teacher to the gods. I know a lot about mortals but not as much as I would think and well.. that's why I am here to learn. --------------------------------------------------------

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