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"Humans they keep coming and coming ill stomp them down".

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Characters: Shina
Verses: Godzilla, Shin Godzilla, Final War
Playbys: Shina
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crossover, Mystery, Psychological, Science Fiction,
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About me:

Real Name: Shina

Alias: experiment number 004

Date of Birth: unknown

Age: 21

Height: (bad with math)

Weight: (Optional) (bad with math)

Hair Color: Jet black with little shades of Violet which sometimes shine bright purple.

Eye Color: Yellow

Race: Human and monster

Nationality: Japan of Yokohama

Affiliation: G-Weapons

Occupation: G-Weapons

List of Mentors: the master

Powers/Abilities Bio: Shina go her power after almost dying from bonding with the G-Cell of Shin Godzilla due to a lab Experiment.

Weaknesses: Shina has the weakness of Shin Godzilla. Shins can over heat if her blood sweat starts to deplete, she has to go somewhere cooler to cool herself off. Also her power is limited, once she uses up all her energy she'll enter sleep mode to recharge her energy which will take her atleast 10 hours tops to recharge. So she needs a partner to take her away from the battle field once she enters sleep mode.

-List of Powers: (List Your Powers Below this)

Flame thrower/Atomic breath Example: Like Shin Godzilla, Shina has to charge her Atomic breath. First she will start spewing out smoke from her mouth, then ignite the smoke into flames. Once the flame is hot enough the flame will turn into her powerful atomic breath that can destroy almost anything in her path depending on how berserk she goes. If she's extremely breserk the blast can blast through buildings, and other strong objects. She can only use her atomic breath at the minimum of 3 shots. If she uses it more then 3 times then her energy will quickly deplete and she'll start getting tired quicker.

Spike Beams Example: one feature Shina shares with Shin Godzilla is that shin Godzilla can fire up a barrage if beams from his back spikes to attack enemies from behind. Shina's hair can do just that she can he make her hair glow violet and fire a barrage of beams at her foes from behind. She can only do this attack ether 4 or 10 times at minimum.

-List of Abilities: (List Your Powers Below this)

Swimming Example: Shina is able to stay underwater for a long period of time. Due to her one weakness that she over heats, she retreats under water to cool off. She can stay under water to about 5 hours before coming up for air. She's also known to sleep under water for 5 hours as well. Sometimes due to her blood sweat the water will turn red.

Radar Example: Just like shin Godzilla, Shina has some type of radar that can help her since her enemy's From almost any angle. But the person or thing has to be in her Radar range for her to sense is (don't ask me cause I'm bad at math)

-List of Equipment (List your Equipment such as swords, knives, guns, grenaeds, utility belts, etc. etc. here)

Bio: Shina grew up in Japan at the Yokohama near Tokyo, where Shin Godzilla began his attack on Japan. During this time Shina was really a normal collage girl but all that changed when shin Godzilla surfaced and attack Yokohama city. Due to Shin Godzilla's radioactive blood it started to affect other humans that was near it or touched it. Sadly Shina had some of the blood of shin on her which started to make her act strangely. She completed that she was to hot at times, and times she was Berserk. One night Japanese greatest scientist came to the affect people own of them being the Master known for the Project G. The master showed Interest in Shina and took her for study but his real intenstions where to see if she can be the 4th G weapons in his project.

The master took shina to the secret lab where she met with Queen Ghidorha, Gign, and her first crush Zill. Shina was rushed into the experiment lab due to her berserk nature for the master knew that she had to have the Shin Godzilla cell or she might die. Thous began the experiment which took 10 mouths. Scientist where scared that shina might die due to the G-Cells trying to bond with her human cells. She threw up blood, and her sweat turned to blood to help cool her down. Her teeth turning to fangs, nails into claws, eyes turns from black to yellow. When everyone though she was dead, in the year 2016 November 25th. Shina was reborn into the G-weapons deadly weapons.

Her personality has changed from the sweet girl to an insane woman who wants to destroy anything in sight. She became hard to control at first but thanks to her affection with Zill the first Godzilla G-weapons, shina would listen more to Zill than anyone else due to much she likes him. She even had a love rivalry with queen Ghidorha to see who can have Zill.

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—ᴋɪɴɢ ᴏꜰ ᴍᴏɴꜱᴛᴇʀꜱ.

Jan 4th 2019 23:14

Related image

And thank you very much for the greeting, it is nice to see the small community is around - it's always a flip of a coin to make a comeback or not, but nonetheless I am quite pleased with the outcome.

Not to mention its awesome to see more zilla's to group with and party.
[ 지구의 여신 ]

Dec 27th 2018 03:50

Then you should go to bed hehehe jk 
[ 지구의 여신 ]

Dec 27th 2018 03:24

Its a pleasure meeting you, Shina. How are you doing?
[ 지구의 여신 ]

Dec 27th 2018 03:05

Hello, how are you? Thank you for accepting me.
My name is SeoYoung Lee but you can call me Sophie.
It is a pleasure meeting you. I really & truly hope that we can be friends ^^
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