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"I hate everyone and everything equally. If that goes over your head? Then let's be simple, I just hate you as much as I hate that squirrel over there."

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Characters: Yamashita Yuriko
Verses: Original - Dark Themes - Psychological Themes - Slice -of- Life - Mature themes. -
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Drama, Psychological, Slice of Life,
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About me:
Call her spiteful.
Call her manipulative.
Call her a snob.
Call her a bitch.
But do not pretend to understand her.

Yamash-i-ta Yuriko, a brilliant girl who some call a prodigy since she excels wherever she places her efforts. Yet she did not ask for the attention that brings. She did ask to be noticed by others. She did not ask to be born beautiful. She did not ask to be smart. Why did everyone else have to be born mundane? Why is she special?

Yuriko has been popular since...well since the day she could recall her first School Day. People flocked to her side and drowned her ears in their needless attention. For a long time, this attention is a driving force in her happiness. For there wasn't a single ounce of such affections at home.

Yamash-i-ta Yukino is Yuriko's Mother and a woman whose life is set on rails. A singular disruption in that goal is forbidden. Yet Yuriko was born on an accidental fling with a bottle in hand. Yukino life couldn't be ruined by a child so the bare essentials were given when Yuriko no longer needed a Nanny. If her daughter couldn't take care of herself? Then that is the girl's problem. This is Yuriko's Mother. Father? Well, her mother doesn't remember who. Trivial lives are easily forgotten.

Yuriko's bitterness to people didn't come from her Mother. No, that came from her Middle-School life. Once an Upon a time Yuriko adored gymnastics. One may imagine she was as graceful as a dove. Yet a single mistake ruined her chances are being serious at the sport. This mistake landed her in the hospital.

Six Months. Six Months is how long Yuriko spent in a hospital. Three Months to recover. Three Months to walk and run properly on her ruined ankle. Normally the girl would have been discharged and came back and forth to sessions. Yet her own Mother didn't want a crippled girl home, no she paid and paid just to keep Yuriko away. But the thing that made her bitter? Her so-called 'friends' didn't bother to even send a letter or visit her. Their friendship was just a hollow gift.

From there? Yuriko closed herself off from other people. Now she could listen in and hear people speak. Listen in and hear the rumors, whispers, and the shallow meaning of words. False promises. Bold lies. False Smiles. People were friends for as long as there were benefits to them. People clung to her no different than a Moth would to a light bulb. As if she needed such mundane people around her. People steadily became predictable...easy to see through one-by-one everyone became just a silhouette of a living creature.

High-School came around. The words of her fellow classmen became more consistent. "Yuriko-chan is very beautiful", "Yuriko-chan is the smartest girl in our class", "I think, I might be falling in love with her...", and etc. The list of things went on but for false kindness, there's honest bitterness. "You really like her? She kind of a snob.", "How can someone be so bitchy?", "I hear that even her Mother doesn't want her", and this list is even longer. Who cares what these peons think?

One person made this sufferable. Her homeroom teacher Ichiro Yoma, he took a special interest in Yuriko and perhaps the first in a long time to get her to laugh. He's smart. He's fair. He'll berate her when she does poorly. He earnestly seemed to care about her well being. The only reason the Man got through the cracks cause he made a logical guess on her favorite snack...

Yuriko often learned such things are bittersweet. No one. NO ONE is friends for no reason at all. Everyone wants something. It all began to crumble around her with a simple sentence.

Ichiro: "I know this isn't right to say as your Sensei... But Yuriko-chan, I think... I think that I love you."

Yuriko: A faint pause, a sharp pain in her left lung from that throbbing heart. She shook her head and responded in her natural, cold way. "No, you don't. Do say stupid sh*t."

Ichiro: "No, I really do. This past year...has been enlightening. I thought at first, I was just going crazy. I thought that I was just being indecent looking at you from afar. But..."

Yuriko: Why is he screwing this up? Why can't he just admit this is a sick joke. Yuriko was confident enough to tell him ages ago that she prefers women. Why? Why the hell is he doing this now?! She just wanted a friend! From there she snapped. "Shut the hell up! Why would anyone ever view you that way? Cause you're the pretty young teacher? F*** off. I'm not interested. I wouldn't be even if I was into guys. Get the hell out of my sight! Better yet?! F*** YOU!"

Those words should have ended it, right? She moved away and left School that day in a haste. Yet, she stayed late because he asked her too. He was meant to be her ride home, to tell the truth. Yuriko could catch a train and be fine.

This world is twisted. The world is driving her insane. Why the hell can't anything be straight with her?! There's always a dark underbelly! There always some sick piece of sh*t around the corner! There always another lie! Perhaps she just needlessly furious? No, she certain she the right amount.

Yet in anger, we miss the smallest things. We ignore our base instincts. The dark streets and the homes darkening for the night would leave a normal girl worried. She was so mad. She didn't notice that she was being followed. At least not until her face smacked against a brick wall. Not until a hand held her against it and ground her cheek against the stone.

Yuriko: "Get the f*** off me!" There's not a single being that could usually rip that foul mouth from this girl. She struggled, elbowed, kicked back. The only thing that made her pause is a whisper of some simple words.

Ichiro: "I love you Yuriko-chan."

His words were hot ice being dragged down the nape of her neck. The fight or flight mode in her mind told her to get free and flee. Yet, he jammed his fist into her spine and snagged her arms behind her back. No, she isn't going to escape this. Yuriko just shouted. She screamed. She screamed until he slammed her head against a wall and made her vision become double. Ichiro: "I thought about it. I thought, thought, and thought about it. You can't love me, because you don't understand me yet. Right? Right? Right? I knew from the moment I got you in my class that you and I... Well, it doesn't matter. The point is we can be together."

Yuriko: "Ju-Just get the f*** off of me... Get off! Get off and I won't say sh*t about this you dumbass!"

He didn't get off. He didn't stop. He didn't stop at ripping her clothes. He didn't stop at kissing her neck. He didn't when he... Well, anyone with a f***ing brain can guess. No one came with her screaming. No one came when she begged. No one came when he hit her. No one came even in the end as he held her down in the street and whispered in his final moments. Ichiro: "I love you Yuriko-san..."

Why did the honorific change? It didn't matter to a teary-eyed girl. She shivered and her nails clawed at the ground trying to crawl from underneath him. Once again her face is smacked against the earth. As her hair is pulled back and her body trembled the words were forced out of her throat.

Yuriko: "I-I love you too...Sensei..."

Only then did he let her go. Only then was she allowed to crawl away. Yet? Was it over. No, he dragged her back. Not for...'love-making' no he dragged her back to drive her home. He couldn't let anyone see her messed up like this. The car ride was a nightmare. The release from the car...a first kiss should never be this.

Still...she just needed to get inside. Eventually, she made it there and for the first time, Yuriko ran to her Mother. Cried before the home and got down on her knees. She told the woman everything. Every grueling detail. Every single pain and agony she endured.

Yukino: "Yurkio, that happens to beautiful girls sometimes. You shouldn't let it get to you. Go take a shower, you're getting snot on me. Oh...did you get my whiskey and make dinner, please. I didn't buy anything."

B-Business as usual? Right, right, right this is how things are. No one came from her pleads. No one cared to help her. But the one person who... There no room for anger here. This is life. This is how things are. F***ing...useless pieces of sh*ts.

Yamash-i-ta Yuriko skipped School for her 2nd year. She is 18 years old and due to two events in her life she still attends High School. The same High School where..this doesn't end with just one moment. No, no, no that would be to simple.

Words hardly hurt. Rumors and whispers are just annoying... "Yuriko-san, I hear she stopped coming to School last year. I wonder why?", "I heard she dated some rich old guy...", "That doesn't sound true. Well, she seems more interested in older guys though...", "You mean because of how Yoma-sensei is with her?", "Mhm, I think she likes older men. It makes sense.", "She gets dozens of love letters from guys and girls. I hear she reads them and then burns them.", "What is wrong with that girl?", and this list is longer than the last.

Why can people just die? Better yet. Why can't she just die to escape this hell? F*** people. F*** living. F*** it. F*** it. F*** it! F*** everyone.
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