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ABILITY NAME: For The Tainted Sorrow
REFERENCE: Soiled Sorrow


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Characters: Nakahara Chuuya
Verses: Bungou Stray Dogs
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Bungou Stray Dogs
Crossover - Supernatural - Action

Multi-para. OOC=Messages. IC Exchanges=Still Messages.

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中原 中也  photo tumblr_o85kqbEnz41vtkkkzo2_500_zpspzwqf7pk.gif"Wanna Fight Against Gravity."

更めてわれを目覚ますことなかれ. History: Roughly fifteen years ago, Chuuya's existence began as the vessel to the God known as Arahabaki. Existing as, essentially, the personification of calamity and destruction, Arahabaki knew no concept of time, thought, nor personality. It simply existed, sealed away by the Japanese military. Although it had no concept beyond its own existence, Arahabaki knew something restrained and sealed it away from the outside world. One day, Arthur Rimbaud infiltrated the military and attempted to use Arahabaki's calamitous power as a part of his ability, illumination. However, Verlaine failed, only obtaining the seal and ultimately freeing Arahabaki. Forcibly freed from its darkness-filled solitude, the shock gave a new humane existence - Chuuya Nakahara. The end result made both the god and the vessel lose their memories of anything before the age of seven, eight years prior to meeting Dazai. The loss of stability made Arabahaki, now essentially merged with Chuuya, lose control, decimating the facility and almost everyone in it, save Rimbaud. This, presumably, forms a valley-like street aptly dubbed Cone Street - the slums.

"O' Grantors of Dark Disgrace, Do Not Wake Me Again." Although his own being with a will and personality, Chuuya has no memories of his life before seven years old, the same age Arahabaki and he completely merged. He recalls the existence of Arahabaki, surrounded by blue-black darkness, sealed away in the facility, but not how Arahabaki's seal had been removed nor why he formed his own personality and being. He only recalls someone's hand pulling him from the seal and freeing him. Since then, he made finding out the truth of his origins his main priority.

Dragon’s Head Rush: At sixteen, alongside Dazai as the partnership "Double Black" (双黒 Sokoku), the Dragon's Head Rush came to its peak, devastating all groups of the criminal underground. After Dazai had been captured by the enemy, Chuuya stormed the enemy's base on a motorcycle, decimating countless members before reaching an unharmed Dazai. Their bickering continues until more members appear for Chuuya to defeat. When they reach Tatsuhiko Shibusawa, Chuuya, enraged at the meaningless deaths of his own subordinates, unleashed Corruption. Successfully quelling Dragon's Head Rush largely on his own, Chuuya rose to Executive sooner than anticipated, allowing him access to Rimbaud's documents. Using the information, Chuuya found Verlaine alive and well, further clarifying his own origins.

Current Time: During his confrontation with Dazai, Chuuya points out he'd been on an assignment suppressing conflicts in the west for half a year.

NAME: Nakahara Chuuya
NICKNAMES: Headcanon: Chu-kun, Chu Chu, Lil Sheep.
ALIASES: Arahabaki, Ability User A5158 (Special Ability Department), King of the Sheep (Former), Mr. Fancy Hat, Slug (Dazai's Caller ID), Double Black (Soukoku, Former Alongside Osamu Dazai)
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Small Apartment in Yokohama Bay (Near Port Mafia Headquarters)

EYE COLOR: Blue/Grey
HEIGHT: 160 cm (5'2-3)
WEIGHT: 60 kg
BIRTHMARKS/SCARS: Scar on his left side (Knife, laced in poison.. Sheep betrayal)

Traits: Arrogant, Tempermental, Loyal, Reasonable
Disorders: Alcoholism
Addictions: Alcoholic, Smoking
Likes: Hats, Fighting, Alcohol, Rock Music
Dislikes: Osamu Dazai
Quirks: Antagonistic Nature

OCCUPATION: Mafia Executive, Sheep Council Member (Former)
JOB DESCRIPTION: Appointments, Difficult Field Work, Attend Meetings, Organize Kill Sheets
EMPLOYER: Ougai Mori
SKILLSET: Advanced Martial Arts, Swordsmanship, Firearm Expert, Communication

ABILITY NAME: For The Tainted Sorrow
REFERENCE: Soiled Sorrow

MOTHER: Unknown
FATHER: Unknown
Other Family: Ozaki Kouyou



On the surface, Chuuya is a temperamental and rather arrogant, blunt man. He revels in fighting, happy to show off his combative ability and taking great pride in his reputation as the mafia's strongest martial artist. Taunting remarks pair with his pride, as he isn't above ridiculing his opponents in the middle of a fight. Befitting of an Executive, he has no qualms eliminating the Port Mafia's enemies by any means necessary, including murder, however isn't nearly as homicidal in his tactics as members such as Ryunosuke Akutagawa and the members of Black Lizard tend to be.

For as hot-headed as he may seem, Chuuya isn't impossible to reason with. In fact, he's rather reasonable when no one is pushing his buttons. While his skills and presence signal an inherent threat, he's reliable enough for Mori to assign him the task of confronting the Armed Detective Agency during the three-way conflict involving the Guild. It's true he didn't hesitate to retaliate and fight back against Akiko Yosano and Kenji Miyazawa (in fact, he takes great pleasure fighting against people that put up a good fight), but as soon as Yukichi Fukuzawa addresses him for more information, Chuuya disengages from the battle. Here as well, his nature as a mafioso shines through, expressing no remorse for the danger the mafia intentionally put Naomi Tanizaki and Hirako in, using them as bait. In fact, he's rather smug about it, knowing it angers the Agency immensely.

Ruthless as he is, Chuuya seldom takes people's lives for granted, and knows the importance of compromise and rationality. He refrains from unnecessarily brutal methods when need-be, and has enough sense to know when enough's enough. Notable instances include his conflict with Arthur Rimbaud, the man responsible for attempting to kill him long before he joined the Port Mafia at age fifteen. Chuuya fully intended to kill him, but heard Rimbaud's last words without malice nor mockery. In fact, Rimbaud's final words for him had a deep effect on Chuuya's own outlook on life and himself. He receives Rimbaud's hat as an entry gift to the Port Mafia, and takes good care of the hat as a result.

After Osamu Dazai "mercy killed" an enemy, only to repeatedly shoot and laugh at the corpse, Chuuya demanded he stop, seeing no sense in Dazai's actions. Chuuya's grudge against Ango Sakaguchi does not stop him from acknowledging the fact he owes the man a favor, and as such refrains from antagonizing Ango (and, by extension, his subordinate Mizuki Tsujimura) until he can repay his debt.

Just as Chuuya took his responsibility defending Sheep's well-being from their enemies, this holds true for his loyalty and devotion to Port Mafia after joining. So as reasonable as he may be, his top priority is the Port Mafia's prosperity and well-being, thus nothing will stop him from fulfilling his responsibilities as an Executive even at the cost of other's lives. Fierce in his loyalties, Chuuya finds betrayal intolerable, and treats his subordinates quite well.

In the past, Chuuya struggled greatly with his identity and place in humanity. His connection to Arahabaki ended in him questioning how human he truly was, worsened by not knowing the truth behind why he was freed from the government's possession in the first place. While his strength lies in his ability, the awareness of a god's effects on him left him feeling as though he wouldn't feel worry nor fear in a fight, knowing he'd most likely win without a scratch. He attributed this to being - in his mind - inhuman, and thus unable to understand the depth of such emotions.

In order to give himself a sense of restraint, he preferred kicking largely over throwing fists, never even removing his gloves. He figured if he came to a fight where he had to remove his gloves, it was because he could not longer enjoy the rush of a battle, and genuinely needed to defend himself - in other words feeling attachment to the life he lived, even if he felt like a foreign soul in a shell, rather than a human being. This holds true to the present, as Chuuya's only seen removing his gloves when using Corruption in dire moments.

After Rimbaud elaborated his own beliefs on humanity, Chuuya had a bit of a change of heart, taking his own life a bit more seriously. The Sheep's betrayal affected him greatly, alongside Port Mafia's direct involvement in uncovering the truth of his origins, but ultimately led to his loyalty in them. The drive for learning more about himself contributed largely to his rise in rank, much faster than anticipated.

Chuuya's ultimate downfall is his intense disdain and hatred for Dazai. The two never got along, with Chuuya instantly hating Dazai's underhanded, warped strategic personality. Dazai has always gone out of his way to dehumanise and ridicule Chuuya, constantly attacking his pride and even driving Sheep to abandon and betray him in the past. Even now, the slightest insult from Dazai will set Chuuya off on a tangent, taking full advantage of his quick temper and pride. This makes it easy to distract Chuuya from tasks at hand. Nonetheless, as part of Double Black's nature, Chuuya acknowledges Dazai's role as the tactician, extending minimal trust in at least knowing that Dazai knows how to effectively overcome a situation.

 photo 37564106_1920043004721098_4374211577209946112_n_zpssqtger2k.png Port Mafia Executive
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Hello there strange new friend. I am B788 and it is a pleasure to meet you. I would love to say thank you for the add and I hope we can discuss a storyline and get started in this new world that has suddenly been created. Well try not to be a stranger alright? Ah and if you are curious as to what I am. Nothing more then a military created weapon. A lab experiment. Who knows even that is a mystery to myself.
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