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Characters: Shiki Takeshi 四季・武
Verses: Eden's Zero, Fairy Tail, Rave Master, One Piece, Custom Verse
Playbys: Natsu Dragneel, Haru Glory, Aki, Shiki
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:

'Za Phoenix

I'm waking up to ash and dust. I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust. I'm breathing in the chemicals. I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus. This is it, the apocalypse. I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones, enough to make my system blow. Welcome to the new age, I'm radioactive.
Full Name Shiki Takeshi
Meaning Four Seasons, Warrior | Warrior of the Four Seasons
Epithet The Phoenix
Nicknames Shiki The Sky Pirate, Child of the Aether, gimme more
Titles Sky Pirate Captain (Custom Verse), Vanguard (All verses)
Age 17 (pre time-skip) 22 (post time-skip)
Date of Birth July 6th, Year Z633
Place of Birth Western Territories: Zephyrus; Kingdom of Bourrasque, Slums
Gender Male
Orientation Heterosexual
Occupation 250,000,000 Aeros
Positive Traits Shiki is typically a cheerful, determined, friendly, and free-spirited individual who cares deeply about his comrades. Shiki seems to have an inability to keep himself from assaulting those who have hurt his friends, or a strangers, a habit that has gotten him into trouble on a number of instances. Shiki care deeply about freedom, fighting to defend the freedom of those around him and those he encounters over his travels with no regard for the consequences such actions might carry.
Negative Traits Shiki is prone to acting without thinking, usually creating problems for those he is traveling with due to his recklessness, lack of restraint, and penchant toward leaving destruction on some scale in his wake wherever he goes. Shiki also speaks his mind a bit too openly, another habit that can cause troubles for his travel party. Shiki has a rather poor sense of direction unless he follows the winds flow. Shiki's lack of restraint also extends to his fighting style which most people describe as wild, violent, reckless, and utterly death-defying. Shiki shows very little concern towards incuring damages while fighting thanks to his exceptional regenerative capabilities.
Quirky Traits Shiki speaks with an odd dialect and makes casual use of ebonics due to having been raised by his Uncle's Sky Pirate crew since the age of nine. Shiki has a comically poor sense of direction unless he senses the winds flow. Shiki tends to sleep for several days after each large scale battle he is in. Shiki prefers to travel bare footed, or to wear a pair of sandals, though he tends to wears boots when it comes to going to war with an enemy faction. Shiki is an avid fan of treasure hunting and will usually recruit friends to go hunting for treasure with him, even if he intends to keep most of its worth for himself just to spend almost all of it on sweets and his favorite ale, Zora Ale.
Ambitions Shiki due to being raised by Sky Pirate's has always wanted to start a crew of his own in order to set out into the vast skies, conquer the four skies, the final sky and claim the title that his Father, Zephyr held, Lord of the Aether.
Strengths Shiki possesses enhanced strength, speed, stamina, and durability, as well as sufficient skill at fighting hand-to-hand, as well as with the use of a sword. Shiki is the vessel of the Phoenix Chronicle granting him control of an sky blue flame and endowing him with exceptionally potent innate regenerative abilities, as well being capable of using all aspects of the Quality of the Air, Aéras.
Weaknesses Shiki possesses an innate weakness toward water-based techniques, however he is not adversely affected by natural sources of water. Shiki's carefree nature can sometimes leave him receiving attacks he would have been able to dodge otherwise. Shiki is exceptionally weakened by Anti-Aether Crystal Cuffs due to his Chronicle constantly pushing aether through his body to heal the cells rapidly being killed by the illness he suffered from as a child.
Chapter 0: Prologue!

Just as the ancient prophecy foretold an unexpected day of miracles arrived. On July 6th, Year Z633; a day where the seas of the Old World swelled to epic heights assaulting the lands with a terrifying fury. Pitch black clouds engulfed the Four Winds; Boreas, Eurus, Zephyrus, and Notus heralding the truly breath-taking sight of hundreds of stars shooting across the Half Sky. A global phenomenon named the Rain of Stars marked the beginning of this epic adventures focus, Shiki Takeshi.

In order to understand this tale properly, we must turn back time, reverse the pendulum back seven months to January 1st, Year Z633 to the execution of the great Revolutionary, Zephyr Takeshi the West Wind. A fair skinned man of imposing stature with an unruly mane of spiky jet black hair and sanguine red eyes. Zephyr walked to the gallows with his head held high a curious grin playing upon his features, kneeling on the platform before the flocking masses all fighting for a spot from which to witness his last moment.

Zephyr spoke without a shred of fear, he spoke with great pride in his final words, his declaration to the witnesses of his life's grand finale, a dying message to the entire world; "Most lack the courage to chase their dreams, to stand by their convictions, and to seize their freedom. If you want my vast riches, take to the Heavenly Aether! I hid it all at the ends of the Final Sky." And just like that, a single execution stood as ground zero for sparking a new Romance Dawn, a Great Age of Sky Piracy.

One year and five days later, a beautiful young gypsy woman with ivory white hair and mystifying golden yellow eyes roaming the Western territories named Mira Kýros gave birth to a Child of the Sky. Born out of wedlock, Shiki Takeshi took his first breathes of open air amidst the Rain of Stars in the Kingdom of Bourrasque, Forsaken District. From the moment of his birth, Mira fell gravely ill with severe aether deficiency turning her darkly tanned flesh an ashen grey then an abysmal black obsidian as it ate away at her from the inside out. Mira would suffer in this manner for six long years before she finally passed away.

Shiki grew up watching his mother suffering in horrible agony, riddled with guilt over his own helplessness. Shiki felt sick on himself, all he could do is watch and find brief moments of happiness playing with his only friend in the slums. A pale skinned girl with grayish-black hair and vibrant scarlet eyes. Not long after Mira's passing, Kera vanished into the Kingdom's capital and from Shiki's life like some sort of apparition.

Six months after Mira's passing the Kingdom of Bourrasque became the temporary base of operation for a certain crew of Sky Pirate's. The Stellar Pirate's, led by the younger brother of Zephyr Takeshi, Zetar Takeshi, The Star Pirate! A man of similar stature to his brother, Zetar has shorter spiky black hair and notably thick black stubble lining his cheeks and jawline and silver eyes with two rings around his pupils. Zetar came in search of his brother's progeny and to pay his respects the one woman his brother had truly ever loved, though his actions might not have shown it.

Zetar and his crew roamed the island for two weeks before a series of rumors led them to the forsaken district. A slum where notions such as compassion and placing trust in others always gets one killed, a district where the only recognized law was the strong trample the weak. Shiki grew up with an understanding of this mentality, he despised it, yet he embraced it to keep himself alive. By the time Zetar tracked him down, Shiki had become the child king of the forsaken district through brute force and sheer willpower.

Zetar stumbled upon a remarkable scene when he finally reached the forsaken districts roughest depths. A mountain of grown men beaten to a bloody pulp within an inch of their lives were laid out at the feet of a mere brat no older than six or seven years of age. Zetar greeted the boy with a surprised smile, asking him if he's Mira's boy and where he might find her grave. Shiki lashed out against Zetar with a simple right straight, the mighty Sky Pirate Captain easily fended off the assault, holding it at bay before he sent the boy soaring back through the air with a light punch.

The next day, Zetar found Shiki seated before a lone cliff-side grave over-looking the ocean marked by a simple wooden cross tied together with rope, the name Mira Kýros was carved into the horizontal branch. Zetar consoled his sullen nephew, exposing their relationship he tells Shiki that he has a half-brother living in the capital. Zetar states it might be a lost cause, but still he suggests that Shiki make an attempt to get to know his kin. This news passed down, Zetar's crew departed from the island promising to one day come recruit Shiki into their ranks, just as Zephyr had once done for Zetar.

Chapter 1: Blood Brothers!

Chapter 2: The Stellar Pirate's!

Chapter 3: The Phoenix is Born!

Chapter 4: Romance Dawn!


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