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"I believe that family is worth more than money or gold." (DBZ Based RPer. Cross overs welcome.)

34 years old
Kai Planet,
United States

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May 14 2019

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    Kai Sage Coo *♥'s Ark*'s Interests
GeneralI love to train, garden, cook, and be a good mother & wife.

When growing up on such a sacred planet, not very many beings are allowed there. I wish to make as many friends as humanly possible. ^_^

But my most important interests are my family & my friends. ^_^
MusicI enjoy love songs and soundscapes.
MoviesAnything that catches my fancy.
TelevisionNot very fond of it. Too busy being with the kids & my still growing family. ^_^
BooksAnything that catches my interest.
Heroes My biggest heroes are my husband, my best friends & my children. They are the only things in my life that have allowed me to stay strong. I only hope that they will become stronger as well.
Groups: Coo\'s Garden, Universe Zero,

     Kai Sage Coo *♥'s Ark*'s Details
Here for:Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Kai Planet
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Kai Sage
Characters: KaiSage Coo, Coo, Umbra, Ventus, Flamma, Glacius, Passio, Forti
Verses: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Xenoverse, Super, Crossovers
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Crossover, Fantasy, Spar/Fighting,
Status: Married
Member Since:November 22, 2013

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About me:
♥ Original Kai Sage Coo from Myspace, Sitemodel & Roleplayer ♥

Name: Coo Soldarius or Kai Sage Coo
Age: unknown, but well over 70 million years
Height: 5'2
Weight: n/a
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Lavender
Marital Status: Married

Coo was born on the Sacred Planet of the Kais in Universe Zero. She was born from a Kaiju tree on the Kai Planet, which at the time of her birth bore a glorious golden fruit. Due to this event, Coo was born to be a Kaioshin; thus being granted amazing powers and a long lifespan (being around 75 million years). She lived a very happy life with the other Kaioshins. She would often dream of traveling to other planets & mingling with the inhabitants of the other worlds.

As she grew older, Coo would soon be chosen as an apprentice Kaioshin to the Kaioshin; Sage. She was sent to his palace on the Kai Planet to take her trails to become worthy of succeeding as a Kaioshin. She endured 4 rigorous trails of fire, ice, earth & water before being taken as Sage's apprentice. She would learn of the responsibilites that a Kaioshin would have to take on, as well as her partnership with the God of Destruction; Jager the Destroyer.

After marrying her husband; a Platnium Eternal Dragon named Arceon Soldarius, Coo would enter into a 'Soul Link' with him; which would grant her the ability to use magic, along with her own Kaioshin abilities. She would also go through a mental split in personality, giving birth to 6 living clones of herself; each one housing an element. The elements would be fire, ice, water, earth, wind & dark. And each 'sister' would be given a name based on their element. Flamma, Glacius, Passio, Forti, Venti & Umbra.


Coo is by all accounts, beautiful. Being a Kaioshin, many agree that she has the serene beauty befitting a goddess. She has light lavender skin with long, flowing silvery hair and sapphire blue eyes. Her robes are blue with red trim and she wears billowing white pants and slip on black shoes. Around her neck rests a pearl necklace & on her ears dangle her Potara earrings, in lovely shades of sapphire blue and white. Her body is slender and delicate in appearance, but due to her training with Foxy & Arceon, she is capable of punching through a mountain without breaking a nail. She is also "gifted" as many would say, with a fine bust line & slender legs.

Abilities (under construction)

Coo is skilled in many forms of chi attacks as well as hand-to-hand combat.

Due to her 'Soul Link' with Ark, Coo has also gained the powers of a Dragon. She is able to transform into a dragon like form, increasing her Sage powers further.

Sisters (In Alphabetical Order)

Flamma (Fire): Passionate, Straight forward, Stubborn
Forti (Earth): Quite, Firm, Serious
Glacius & Passio (Ice & Water; actually 2 separate sides/ twin personas) G: Sullen, Quite, Wise P: Shy, Playful, Curious
Umbra (Dark): Strong willed, Sarcastic, Quick to anger
Ventus (Wind): Care free, Kind, Spontaneous ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Who I'd like to meet:
I would love to meet many interesting people. I wish to make as many friends as possible. ^_^

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Lord Meta Freiza

Feb 19th 2019 08:11

Thanks for readding me it's been awhile since I was online
Ashra, married to my love Pyra ♥

Jan 6th 2017 20:48

"You're such a darling."

*She chuckled softly, and slowly bowing to the shorter goddess she placed her hand on her chest, her other hand gripping her long black dress, offering Coo a small courtsy.*

"I am Ashra Asmodia Dioaloas, Queen of La Croix Kazodin."
Ashra, married to my love Pyra ♥

Nov 6th 2015 00:45

"Ah... a pleasure to meet you."

*The gargantuen woman slowly bowed to the kai with a tender smile, red locks flowing slowly.*

"My name is Ashra Dioalos Va'Gree. A pleasure to meet you."
Lord Meta Freiza

Jul 22nd 2015 17:25

thanks for the add, i am lord freiza
Marvel/Capcom Ladies *Felicia*

May 12th 2015 16:58

"Happy Birthday Lady Coo. Have a lovely day." ^^
Majin Cuuti *loves Kirin*

May 12th 2015 16:13

"Happy Birthday Coo! I brought you some candy!"

*Hands you a BIG chocolate bar with 'Happy Birthday' written in the chocolate* ^^
Saffron & Slade *happy twins*

May 12th 2015 16:11

Slade: "Happy Birthday Momma."

Saffron: "Yay!! Party Time!! I'll bring the treats!!" XD
Eastern Kaioshin Laxine *♥'s Dyne*

May 12th 2015 16:08

"Happy Happy Birthday Momma!! Love you sooooooo much!!" :D
West Kaioshin Ki

May 12th 2015 16:06

"Have a lovely birthday Mom. I love you." ^_^
DaoKaioshin Vada *married to Ayaka*

May 12th 2015 16:04

"Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!"
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