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❝ My father was a coward. I intend to return the Berserkers to their former glory. Something he was... incapable of doing. ❞

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Idle Details
For Those Who Seek Them

Title High Chief of the Berserkers
Aliases Your Derangedness, Cracker of Skulls, Slayer of Beasts, The Great and Fearsome
Nicknames Brother (Heather and Hiccup), Dagster (Snotlout), Third Eye (Gustav)
Age Twenty-Four
Height 5' 10"
Weight 237 lbs.
Race Human
W.O.C. Ax, Crossbow, Sword, Mace, Spear, Dagger
Strengths Close combat, Berserker Rage, Intelligence, Speed/Agility, Leadership Abilities, Endurance/Stamina
Weaknesses Mental Instability, Pride, Reckless/Impulsive Behavior, Lack of Strategy
Family Heather (Sister), Osvald the Agreeable (Father), Helen (Cousin), Haggard (Great Uncle)
Dragons Shattermaster (Gronckle), Sleuther (Triple Stryke), Unnamed Skrill

The Little Things
What lies between the lines

His title of 'the Deranged' is actually quite fitting for him, as he is seen as violent and extremely unstable. When he laughs, his smile changes to a frown after a while. At times, he performs erratic acts without thought or reason, other than to shed blood and kill. This impulsiveness makes him unpredictable at times. He may have been hyperactive as well as insane. He was especially eager to kill dragons and saw them as nothing more than targets for his sadistic sense of pleasure. It is shown that while Dagur prided himself as a dragon killer, he has little regard for the sport. He also has an enormous ego, is increasingly rude, and disrespectful, inflicting vengeful actions more often than not. He shows a lack of respect for any of those who are considered peaceful, both in action and in life.

Despite everything, Dagur actually prioritizes family before anything else. He is fiercely protective of Heather, to the point of threatening Ryker not to harm his sister and often reinforcing their bond by saying things like, "Nothing like a family rift, eh, sister?". Despite her negativity against him, he delights in showing just how much she means to him, both in words and gestures.


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Verses: HTTYD
Length: Multi Para, Novella
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Dagur the Deranged

That stuff can kill you from the inside. Revenge, anger, obsession.
It can make you do things you never thought you were capable of.
And if that doesn't end you, it'll eat at you slowly.

Chapter One
Father & Son

The Berserker Tribe of the Barbaric Archipelago was known for tactless brutality, bloodshed, and strength. Tales of old described their ancestors as Gods that walked among men, striking down all that stood in their way. But as the world aged, so did the hearts of men.

Osvald the Agreeable - Berserker Chief and father, once known as Osvald the Antagonistic. He was a respectable man and a highly regarded Chief, both from his own people, as well as other tribes. When he was still known as the Antagonistic, Osvald laid siege to Berk, his determination becoming the fuse for a full on War between the Berserkers and the Hooligans. However, despite his efforts, Berk did not fall. A mutual respect was born, and the tribes recognized their draw, ultimately becoming allies. It is unclear exactly when or why Osvald's behavior changed and he became the Agreeable.

As a boy, Dagur was brash, raised on the blood soaked steel of his father's and tribe's victories in battle, and the teachings of the old ways. Once Osvald adorned his new title, the restlessness of his first born was insatiable. He would constantly get into trouble; Tormenting livestock, toying with weapons bigger than himself, and ultimately getting himself hurt on more than one occasion. He was viewed as a strong child, and as the son of the Chief, born for greatness.

Dagur was still young when Osvald vanished mysteriously, but he was old enough to know what was expected of him, and what he had to do. With as few words as possible, Dagur implied that his father had retired, though his tone suggested a much darker usurp that was widely believed to be the truth, and with the power that came along with his new position, he was determined to usher his tribe through blood soaked gates onto the path of their birthright.

Chapter Two
Blood of a Berserker

As a result of multiple crimes, including attempted murder, Dagur was sentenced to a cell on Outcast Island under Hiccup and Berk's authority, where he spent three years of his life before a set plan managed his escape. He swore vengeance against the Haddock name and Toothless, the Night Fury, and promised to take any measure, no matter how extreme, to be the sole witness to Hiccup's end and the Night Fury's enslavement. It was this revenge scheme that laced him into a 'partnership' with the Grimborn brothers, Viggo and Ryker, commanders of the dragon hunters, and reunited him with his sister, Heather. He was well aware of Heather's existence, due to the multiple attempts on his life from her own revenge plans, but it was Hiccup that connected their lineage to Osvald.

After this revelation, Dagur's loyalty began to change. While Heather was playing spy for the Dragon Riders, Dagur made it abundantly clear that anyone with the gall to touch her would arrive at Valhalla's doorstep in pieces. Of course, he still showed Viggo some mild respect, but only because it was necessary to his personal goal. When Heather was recognized as the traitor, Dagur put his life on the line to save her and her dragon, becoming the one to bear the mark of the traitor and meet Viggo's judgment.

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Fειѕтч Blσиdε

Feb 25th 2019 21:51

Astrid Hofferson feisty blondewww.aniroleplay.com/447837
The name is Astrid Hofferson; and I thank you for accepting/requesting me. I'm sorry this is your basic copy and paste greeting - but it's still a greeting right?

I am in fact all caught up with the movies of HTTYD and I am just starting to watch the tv series - so please me on that. Hopefully that wont stop us for rping! I have a discord if that's easier to contact, feel free to ask.

I hope we can get along and get a story going or even chit chat is fine too!" Alright, I admit it. This is pretty cool. It's... amazing. He's amazing."

Feb 25th 2019 06:06

She'd stand fully tall, ears perked up toward him. It wasn't often that she came out of hiding, or sought people out but today she was feeling adventurous and found a stranger! She clapped her jaws together before letting out a sound similar to that of a pigeon, cooing out.

She watched him with falsely blind eyes, scratching her pointed snout with the knuckle of her fist, wings flexing some. Her head followed him as he bowed, long neck stretching out as a tongue flicked rapidly to sniff at the man. Her head would pull back, tendril mane shifting over itself, turning a darker hue of purple.

The beast flexed her jaws, parroting him. "Dagur!"
Then she'd perk up in almost a pointer dog pose, ears twisting around as she listened to her surroundings.

Feb 25th 2019 05:20

The wyvern swooped in, landing lightly on her feet a few meters away. She looked over at the male, tilting her head just before dropping a scroll from her jaws. Gira would shake her mane, ears flapping briefly as she set to hop away, wings raised up.

With a slight flick of her tail, she'd unroll the scroll, in it was sloppy handwriting in large, bold lettering.that read:

"HELLO my name is GIRA. Is good to meet you. Hoping you happy to meet GIRA!"

She'd look back at him, making soft clucking sounds, long tongue flicking from her snout.


Aug 7th 2018 04:47

YO, how about we get something going? Yeah? I am getting some sort of HEATHEN theme here hehe! Where either I go join you in the VIKING / DRAGON world of yours or we could even have a NARNIA AU going on. Extremely random, I know. I honestly got the idea from a meme. >8^)

Jul 10th 2018 20:32

H-hey there, uhhh...Dagur. Heh, good to see ya bud....XD

I hope you won't hold this against me but I haven't fully caught up with the t.v. series so most I know about Dagur draws up to the episode with I think Heather findng out he's her brother. I've been binge watching the series since I fell behind forever ago.

- Hiccup H.Haddock III

ᶰᵒᵗ ᵃ//𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫⏩

Jul 9th 2018 23:55

// You don't say.
You know. You aren't the first tell me this.
It is very nice to hear.
Just brightens up my day.

Arendelle, is quite lovely, isn't it?
It's always nice to see some new faces in my kingdom.

It is very lovely to meet you Dagur.
But my goodness. You have a very interesting name.
Just as, if not more than Hiccup's.
I hear from him that is it a viking thing to have unusual names.
Quite interesting.

-------- trouble? In Arendelle?
Dagur. Don't. You. Dare.
I, myself, have caused enough trouble for Arendelle.
It is my duty to make sure my people are safe.

(I have to warn, ahead of time. I am in the process of watching the Netflix's Dragons series. My knowledge of Dagur is only with the first two seasons of Dragons.)

But I am sure we can come up with something amazing though!!
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