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23 years old
Porciúncula, Rio de Janeiro

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January 22 2019

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Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: Looejak
Verses: Open | Crossover welcomed | Custom | AU, Urban Legend, Custom Lore
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Member Since:July 02, 2018

Some of you hold onto the past way too long. Let go and move on. Replies coming tomorrow.

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About me:

Who I'd like to meet:
Worship the snake

Come fly with me, to another land, on the wings of a dragon; take my hand. Like a child seeking comfort in a warm embrace, set your spirit free to find its healing grace. Guided by the light glowing golden and bright, our paths intertwine through the shimmery night. Let's dance in the moonlight, under a starlit sky. A moment so enchanting, like a magick lullaby. As the peaceful river flows, our souls find rest. Content in this fusion, our heart's desires expressed. Fine sleep now, my sweet, In another time and place we shall meet.


Age: 19 (depends on rp)
Race: Serpent
Occuptation: Knight | Guardian
Mother: UnderCo (alive)
Father: unknown | n/a
Live: Serpens Ecclesia

More Info Later. . .

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The Golden Man

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Jan 15th 2019 23:33

Beautiful Serenity;www.aniroleplay.com/fuchsiarose

WELL…WELL…WELL looks like a snake has crossed path with me.. what shall we do now? Cut its head off? I think that is an idealist idea! –Smiles- Anyway… I am very pleased to see you are still around dearest! Now we can write together and make beautiful memories don’t you think? We never really got the chance when we were ‘family’ lol. Too much bullsh*t went on and off. Finally we can peace it out, no? Do you still have a discord beautiful?
The darkness is the new kingdom; angel of darkness. The most beautiful rose can be the most deadliest.
Ⱥmaterasu 🐟

Jan 15th 2019 21:50

I know YOU :D
on Discord group

Sure. I will love you role-play with you!
🐟 Allelujah

Jan 14th 2019 01:55

Ooc: lol cute 
🐟 Allelujah

Jan 14th 2019 01:09

Ooc: lmao Lemon?? Why Lemon? Looe and Rose I get but Lemon? Also thanks for getting back to me, my discord is Not A Samurai#5394

Jan 13th 2019 21:10


Jan 13th 2019 20:54

Oh I know you will take a while and that's perfectly fine with me. So lets discuss whenever you have time.
𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔥'𝔰 ℭ𝔥𝔬𝔰𝔢𝔫

Jan 13th 2019 19:11

Yay lets start
惡魔: S O K A I M E

Jan 13th 2019 18:24

Popular are we? Nah it's cool I'm pretty f***ing patient, this is a hobby after all. At the very least you responded, I didn't expect that tbh xD Anywhore it's a pleasure to finally talk to ya! As for the whole roleplaying in group/comment thing I guess I can understand, though I ain't fond of groups so comment's should suffice.. Makes me wonder if we should transfer this to messages? Dunno, your response can be in either comments or messages I don't mind.

Nah no discord, not cool enough for that sh*t. Like I said, patience is my virtue so whenever you feel like replying is good enough for me. Lol good to know you come with your own catalogue of nicknames because mine usually f***ing suck and revolve around a persons traits. Lemon it is! Oh it should be noted that since you stated your revamping your character I didn't bother skimming through your profile to see if their was a backstory, I usually do that to have a grasp on what we can do story wise. So we'll have to do things the old fashion way and bump heads, OH you can also skim through my own backstory which is fresh af just made it two days ago in my blogs for an understanding of my character :) Or I can sum him up for ya, your choice.

P.S Good to hear your doing well, positive vibes ~0~

🐟 Renegade

Jan 13th 2019 18:23

my cute nickname was REJECTED SO THATS A LIE.

Get on discord im bored and I need to bother someone, and its your problem now 
One-Eyed Demon

Jan 13th 2019 18:09

//Thanks for accepting my request. I do hope we become good friends in the end. 

If you wish to roleplay with me or even chat you are more the welcome to send me a message. 

I also do have Discord as well, if you like I can give you mine. 

I hope to hear from you soon, 

New friend! 

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