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Characters: Yasashi
Verses: Naruto
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Spar/Fighting,
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The Shinobi lives
All are welcome to meditate with me.

Yasashi Kaze

Yasashi’s past is one filled with despair. He was born to a shinobi male and female from the Iwagakure clan, however, they were not financially stable to be able to take care of the child. The two made their way into a deep forest far from the village before dumping the child there. Little did they now that this child had great potential. Yasashi stayed in the forest, learning nature and gaining a deep connection with animals at a young age. Eventually, a traveler that traversed through the forest, discovered the child and decided to car for him under his wing. A male that simply went by the name Hei. When Yasashi hit around ten, he was already being instructed in the means of martial arts. Hei was impressed by his high intelligence because, it took him less time to learn the techniques and more time to develop the strength to preform them. Yasashi was taught expert martial arts before Hei even bothered to go deeper and instruct him in the usage of jutsu. Yasashi learned that he attained the ability to use a release known as lava release Hei instructed him on its importance and guided him since Hei was simply a native of Iwagakure as well. Yasashi created an ability to compliment his martial arts. Yasashi named this ability the “Awakening of God’s hand”. As a chunin, Yasashi was quite strong and easily exceeded in his class. Once jonin, he became one of the strongest shinobi to have come from Iwagakure. However, time went by and Yasashi had discovered his dark past with his parents from what Hei gained information on. Through this Yasashi created a new ability known as the “Feral Beast Assault “. He intended on killing them due to the hardship he had gone through but Hei would not allow him. Yasashi and Hei fought till it ended with a katana blade through the chest of his former master and parent. Afterwards of this incident, Yasashi fled leaving his past behind and decided to make his own path of enlightenment.

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