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About me:

Krem Threlden

Of all the Gods known to sentient life, there were few as cruel as Kremascsuss. The Goddess of Dark Fertility, Rage, and Physical Strength. A warrior Goddess who gave strength to those men and women who committed atrocities in the name of Hate. For Eons, Kremascuss waged wars and partook of countless bodies for her own self satisfaction.

But, this all changed as she found herself settled upon the 'Forgotten Realms' it was here the Goddess stumbled upon a slave ring which had been holding an auction. Among the otherwise unworthy rabble being sold, Krem took note of a strange aura emanating from scarred Elven woman. After slaughtering the participants in the Slave Auction for daring to stand in her way, literally. Krem abducted the woman, 'Rina' and thus began a new chapter in her life.

Over the course of their journey to conquer the 'Forgotten Realms' the pair grew closer, something unexpected by Krem as Rina had managed to move herself quickly from being a Slave to becoming a close friend and companion. The Small, Half-Elf managing to adjust and change Krem's perspectives not only on the world around her, but all worlds.

As the pair continued on their adventures, the two ultimately fell in love with one another. And as that happened, Krem found herself unable to continue with her previous role in life as a Dark Goddess. The spark of hate in her soul, utterly extinguished. And so, she revoked her Godhood and Immortality. Choosing to live as a mortal from this point forward.

She now lives as a traveling adventurer, moving from place to place with Rina. While not devoid of her old, evil ways, she is improving herself.

Name:Kremascuss Lundavere Threlden

Eye Color:Baby Blue
Hair Color:Jet Black
Skin Color:Dark Brown
Height:5 Feet 4 Inches
Distinct Features: A faded scar over her right eye, and an eye-patch over the same eye.
Alignment:Lawful Evil
Languages Spoken:All forms of Basic or Trade languages
Personality:Honest, Oathkeeper, Strong Willed, Mildly Sadistic.
Ideals:Pompous - Krem believes herself to be better than most around her, she is not one to dish out Charity easily and believes that if the poor and weak need something that they themselves should be the ones to fix it as opposed to sullying her own hands with the task.
Bonds:Krem is an outlander, someone with no bonds to this realm or it's people outside of Rina. She cares little for this adopted home, and even less for the people who live upon it.
Flaws: Arrogant, Angry, Rash, Elitist, Bound by her words.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Lilith Aensland

Jun 23rd 2019 20:44

Krem! Darling, have not seen you in a while

animals nature wildlife wombat wombats GIF

So here is a wombat, enjoy

Dec 17th 2018 23:10

I've read you're page and your character intrigues me~
I am Solomon, but please call me Omen.
I would love to discuss a storyline with you,
Or we could chit-chat if you want.

━ ɢᴇɴᴊɪ.

Dec 17th 2018 18:47

But you accepted my add so quickly. ;-; 
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