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~Uboshรฌta Senka~

Senka is a young woman who loves adventure. She travels a lot and rarely stays in one place for very long. The places that she visits are often the result of a passing whim, the girl never really putting too much thought into the things she does or where she might end up. Her decisions seem to be heavily influenced by the booze that she drinks as she is almost always completely drunk.

It is rare not to see Senka under the influence of alcohol. Her drunken state seems to be a large part of her outgoing personality and blunt way of speaking. Who she really is beyond that of a drunk fool is unknown, simply because she refuses to quit drinking. She usually waves off people's suggestions that she stop drinking with a smile or by changing the subject, despite the concerns and curiosities that others have towards her.

Despite all of the booze she puts into her body, Senka's body seems to hold up incredibly well. Her health matches that of a normal young woman her age and there have been no signs of any ill effects from the large amount of booze she drinks. The secret of her health is much like her past; unknown.

Senka claims to be living in the here and now and usually uses that as an excuse not to talk about her past. Nothing is known about who she is or where she comes from. She claims to be from Japan and her being fluent in Japanese supports that claim, but everything else about her seems to be a mystery. She just comes and goes, traveling from place to place with a curious excitement and a smile on her lips.


Senka acts as her conscience directs her with little regard for what others expect of her. She makes her own way, but she's kind and benevolent. She believes in goodness and right, but has little use for laws and regulations. She hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. She follows her own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of society.

Senka loves to try new things and meet new people. Her favorite things are drinking booze, parties, good people, making love, competitions, and making friends. She is often too trusting and even more often she is some how misunderstanding a situation and jumping to some wild conclusions. She appears to be a complete idiot and there is very little that says otherwise, but her intentions are always good.

Senka possesses a goodwill, is a bit of a moocher and is affectionate, candid, cheerful, friendly, generous, indulgent, lazy, oblivious, reliable, selfless, sincere, trusting, uncommitted, and vain. Yeah, definitely vain.


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тнє ∂єνιL

Jul 20th 2016 01:46


Greetings, thank you for adding me or accepting my request, I hope we can roleplay sometime soon and hope to hear back from you sooner, if you would like we could start discussing a roleplay right away. I do have rules so if you could please look them over that would be greatly appreciated. I know rules are so stupid to have but after roleplaying for a long time I have decided they are necessity. I apologize if such a greeting seems rather generic but I'd rather send one than nothing altogether.  I also have a 3-year-old child I am taking care of as well as a new born. I am also going to school and also working so I am not always online, if that is a problem let me know and we can discuss it or you can just delete me.

~The Devil

The Perfect Team❤

Apr 3rd 2016 17:21

Viper's face lit up with a reddish glow,she smiled at Senka"Hehe maybe,or maybe not~♥" She winked then pulled out a bottle of her favorite red wine from behind her with a glass. Pouring a drink for herself,Viper asked"Want some?"
The Perfect Team❤

Apr 1st 2016 20:05

Chuckling lightly,Viper gazed into Senka's lovely eyes"My name is Viper~" Sliding a hand up to the back of Senka's head,she gently felt through her pretty hair"I like your pretty hair sweetie~♥ And I enjoy alot of things,adventures is one of them too. I do enjoy alot of swimming,sports and the like. I do love beaches too~"
The Perfect Team❤

Mar 31st 2016 20:27

Blushing lightly from the hug in return that she received from this lovely lady,Viper couldn't help but have a slight smile curving along those just hot red kissable lips of hers while her red hues stared down into Senka's own"Hehe yes I remember your name is Senka,which is a pretty name for this cutie in front of me~♥" She chuckled. Taking a sniff of Senka's hair,Viper smiled more"Mmm,you smell good by the way~♥" Viper giggled,her own body had a strawberry scent coming from it. Looking into Senka's eyes again,Viper asked"So what does this beauty like to do for run?"
The Perfect Team❤

Mar 31st 2016 11:49

Chuckling lightly,Viper smiled and walked closer,hugging this beauty while gazing into her eyes"Hehe its because I like you silly,well that and I think you're way too cute to resist hehe~♥"
The Perfect Team❤

Mar 31st 2016 07:41

"Not in awhile but if you like them then I wouldn't mind giving them to this lovely lady sometime~" Viper winked.
The Perfect Team❤

Mar 30th 2016 18:42

Oh ok,I was confused about which profile to give that to lol well glad this beauty liked the roses then♥
The Perfect Team❤

Mar 30th 2016 18:37

Sorry if it was a bad idea to give that rose the other day lol
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