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"If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I've just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!"

21 years old
Brattleboro, Vermont
United States

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February 24 2020

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Orientation: Straight
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Todoroki Shōto, ショート Shōto,
Verses: My Hero Academia, Boku no Hero Academia
Playbys: Yūki Kaji, David Matranga, Mikaela Krantz (Young)
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Anime, Drama, Manga, Spar/Fighting, Sports/Tournament,
Status: Single
Member Since:August 05, 2018

Hello! I'm your peppy floating hero sweetheart Uraraka! Thank you very much for adding and sharing me with your friends. I have the unique URL "FloatyMochi lol. I hope we all become fast friends!

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About me:
Shoto Todoroki (轟とどろき焦しょう凍と Todoroki Shōto?) is a student at U.A. High School training to become a Pro Hero. He got into U.A. through official recommendations. He is one of the main protagonists of My Hero Academia. Shoto has a cold, aloof personality which stems from his harsh upbringing. He is quite seasoned in battle, being able to stay calm and composed even while fighting real villains. Though brutal in combat, he is well grounded on the ethics of heroism, only wishing to subdue his frozen opponents as opposed to killing them by prolonging their frozen states. After the events of the U.A. Sports Festival, Shoto still has a distant attitude but has become noticeably more sociable, even gaining a sense of humor and occasionally smiling.
Who I'd like to meet:
Heroes, Villains, Vigilantes

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Oct 24th 2019 19:44

Someone has to break the ice. Who else would be better than I? No one. If you think otherwise then someone must have stick something up your ass. Alright enough with this idle chit chat. It's time to blow our roleplay into action. 

If you haven't noticed. I roleplay Bakugou from My Hero Academia. I do apologize if I come off rude at times. Don't take it to heart. It's just how Bakugou is. I'm actually quite friendly out of character. Though, I try to stay in character most of the time. I'm a multi - novella writer. If you do one liners. Sorry, but it looks like we'll just have to chit chat. One liners are boring. I don't care if you're a number on  my list. Though I would like to roleplay with some of you people at least. So how about it? Like to discuss a roleplay? Or you sending me a random one works as well.

Also you losers' better not be wasting my writer time if you aren't actually interest in roleplaying with my writer. My writer know there's a ton of Bakugou's running around here. 

Jul 23rd 2019 17:44

"We've got to start at the bottom and work up! And if we don't earnestly cheer each other on... We'll never be great heroes!"

Don't fret Todoroki-san! I don't mind waiting nor length. Just take your time! I'm a patient person!

May 31st 2019 16:54


Do you have a preference where we write? I can send the starter.

May 31st 2019 15:34


I don’t have really anything in mind. Would you like to start maybe after Aizawa’s fight and just see where it goes? I was thinking they study together and possibly get attacked later?

May 31st 2019 14:54


Sorry for not having a fancy template this time. I’m now on my phone. 

I’d love to get something going with you. I do have discord for faster discussions if you’d like that.

May 31st 2019 12:11

"We've got to start at the bottom and work up! And if we don't earnestly cheer each other on... We'll never be great heroes!"

Hi there!
I'm Yaoyorozu Momo
Vice President for class 1-A.
I hope we can get together and help each other study on our way to being Pro Hero's.
Let me know if I can help you in any way.

Thank you for adding me!
I've lost my muse a time back, but it's coming back and I'd love to get some stories going.
I'm going to be slow but don't fret, I'll always keep you up to date with what's going on!
Thank you again and can't wait to hear back from you!

Apr 7th 2019 18:07

-rolls in, throws gift at friend, rolls away- I hope you like it Todo-chan! :3

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