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My name and linage will not be just a memory!!!! Castlevania OC

26 years old
Berlin, Berlin

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About me:
Name:Vanatos Van Faustus
DOB:April of 1924 in Germany
Family ties:A distended relative of the Belmont family
Occupation:Master of the Vampire Killing magic know and Soul Ripper
Blood type:O-
Vanatos is the last of his bloodline of the house Faustus.
Early years: I have lost my family when I was a little boy. We were hunted down every last one of my family. Badly beaten to the inch of my life I lived. Saw them do unspeakable things to my mother before the killed her and my dad. I grew up all alone trying to make it. I was a foolish kid thinking people that would help me would help me. They just took advantage of a little boy. I ran away and lived by myself for a few years as I got picked up by traveling speakers.
Teen Years: He Started to make a name for myself as I wasn’t aware of my hidden abilities. My teacher was someone from the Belnades family linage. I started to feel a belonging in this world I didn’t feel alone. He leaned his power was used from pure darkness it self. He learned that his parents were darkness users trying to find away to help his distant family the Belmont’s to stop Dracula. They got mistaken as demon worshipers as the crusaded to stop my family. I got told if I use its my ability it would have adverse affects to his body. His parents were not there to teach him to master it fully but he found a to stop it from completely taking him. He couldn’t use it to it’s fullest potential to keep the darkness at bay.
Young Adult years: I am now I am 26 year old finally made a name for myself. Trying to bring his family name back to its former glory. At the beginning of world war 2 I feel like something is trying to bring back the dark one himself back from the darkness. He joined the war efforts in Germany He joined the axis to see what the hell was going on as he saw the unspeakable things that his own country was doing as he figured out it was all started by I higher power then hitler pulling the strings. He cursed his country for doing these unspeakable things as he left the axis to find out who started this unspeakable act on the world. He figured talked to the speakers about what was going on as they told him this happened once before in world war 1. As the speakers tell him his distant family the Belmont’s wasn’t in possession of the fabled vampire killer he set his sights on bringing the legendary Dracula down himself to prove his family linage is not going down with our a fight. So he set off to vanquish the evil that was taking over the land as he set off to stop whoever was controlling it.
Who I'd like to meet:

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