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Name: Adeline Aldia Erendel
Pronunciation: Ah-Deh-Line Al-Dee-Ah Eh-Ren-Dell
Age: 427
Gender: Female
Status: Single
Orientation: Heterosexual
Race: Higher Vampire

Who do you trust and who do you… bite?

Adeline was born and blessed upon a full moon in a hidden kingdom in the shadows. The kingdom where all misfits and monsters alike could reunite in one society. Adeline was born with high vampire blood; a type of vampire that easily out ranked a common vampire. Think of it as nobles to commoners. Raised well and loved by all around she was quite popular among her society, but alas all good life had come to an end when Adeline decided to release herself from the kingdom in the shadows and head into the mortal realm.
This was where Adeline found both the horrors of the human realm and her realm combined. Her curiosity of humans knew no bounds as she ventured from village to village, searching... but for what? The answers to all her questions. She had witnessed death, emotions, celebrations, and glorious events that made humans the way they were. Upon passing a small village, a village mercenary had fallen head over heels for her. There was a huge contrast in sides as she was a monster to humans, whilst he was a monster slayer. She swooned the man, coerced him to do many things for her affection, but never once had told him of her real form. In doing this she picked up on the mentality that all humans had deep down.
A night where the mercenary was to declare his undying love to her, housing her in his own, came home to find a body of a man. At closer inspection the man had two fang marks; neck. Looking for Adeline… but no where was she found.
There were no sights on the woman known as Adeline for a while. No memories of her, just a mysterious… disappearance. Yet, she was found once again in a faraway kingdom of Aruul. The glorious kingdom forged by countless wars. Holding banners high. Stepping foot into the kingdom she was noticed immediately by the king that ruled Aruul, and immediately set out for her. Knights adorned her under the king's orders and soon she was invited to see the king personally. Taking this opportunity she decided to do. Greeted by a strong sense of authority he simply asked her to be his crowning wife, no maiden as pretty as her, as elegant as her, could take her place as the king's one and only bride.
Usually one would say yes... but Adeline had… declined. Simply put she had no interest in royal affairs, and stated she too was of nobility but naming her kingdom she did not. This information had only motivated the king even more to convince her as he housed her in a house set for nobles, in his domain. There on for the next oncoming weeks she was visited by the king's messengers to take his offer. Yet all she did was decline. Getting tired of the rejection and growing frustrated the king decided to come for her by himself to forcefully take what was 'his'. Opening the door to her ravishing house he witnessed her feasting on a knight. His neck exposed, her mouth attached to his neck. Eyes blackened and red pierced through the lights and straight at the king. Pulling away from the pale knight fangs revealed to the king. Blood dribbling down the corner of her lips, the woman he was so in love with… was a vampire ?!
Immediately the guards were called on her, but she had escaped… escaped from Aruul. The king, enraged by such discovery had sent a hunt for her. Instead of asking for her hand in marriage, he was asking for her head. She could return… return back to her origins, to her kingdom in the shadows where she could be loved by many and adorned by her parents.. but instead she did not. Instead, she stayed, stayed to deal with what came her way… Who else could enter her path?
Nothing lasts forever…
As if her peace could last for just a second it was now cut in half. For months and even years she was sought after by bandits all around. Her bounty hefty and desires by many. The head of a woman seemed easy and quick to most until they had met her. It seemed the only way for reprieve was to leave the land entirely. At least, that was until she met a man named Evrich. This man displayed wealth beyond no boundaries. His family name well known in the trading industry when it came to the fishing market. Capitalizing on the uprising fishing excursions they were quick to expand.
Evrich was infatuated with Adeline upon their first meeting, and unfortunately had known what hell she had been going through. Evrich offered her peace and solace within his family's manor, with no price. To Adeline, it was a perfect opportunity to jump at eagerly. Little did she know what she was getting herself into. Evrich behaved like a gentleman. His parents long gone due to an incurable disease, he inherited everything due to being the only child they bore. Adeline was welcomed and treated like a queen. Making no mention of knowing what she truly was to Evrich, even though he knew what she was in the shadows. This act of gentleness and warmth was all a facade to trick Adeline, to believe that she was truly safe. It was a quick turn of events when Adeline was the first one out of the two to express fondness. Evrich, was the first person she had ever fallen in love with.
Adeline spent a year under Evrich's care and under the noses of those who sought her for wealth. Given the opportunity to indulge herself in a set of ancient tomes Evrich's family had collected over the years, it was the perfect bait to ruse her. Upon the night of her birthday Evrich insisted on surprising her. It was upon a night accompanied by a full moon, the same moon she was born under. Adeline was blind folded and unaware of the surprise Evrich prepared for her. Leading her down into a hidden section of his cellar. The air around her immediately was filled with a musk that made her want to instinctively take the blindfolds off. Yet, Evrich insisted that it was all part of the surprise so she played along. Much to her dismay, that may have been the only chance she had left to run away…
Chains were heard and she felt something ensnare her wrists. At first she assumed this was going to be a rather sensual experience, but once she was given her sight back, it was far from pleasant. The room was a cobblestone room with old chains and cages rusted at the side. Laid out in front of her was a large wooden table with many instruments one would use for surgical procedures. When she tried to move she found her hands bound by chains against the wall. Looking at Evrich who now stood with a wicked grin. Questioning Evrich, she found that he was a nobleman interested in the world of the unnatural. He had done experiments on many things that weren't from the human realm, and Adeline was going to be his biggest trophy. Before Adeline had a chance to try and escape, the cuffs that bound her wrist injected her with a serum that slowly made her delirious and eventually all had gone black.
From there on out, Adeline was tormented and experimented on by Evrich's countless tools and gadgets. She had been starved, pain inflicted, drugged, and even sometimes raped. Evrich's true nature was that of a mad scientist with an overwhelming desire to know of the monsters that humans were so terrified of. Seeing one under his control and helpless brought a feeling him that was almost as sensational as the act of love making. Adeline assumed she was going to die this way. With the magical braces that held her she couldn't go anywhere, not like she had the strength to. Being heavily sedated she had to endure whatever Evrich had thrown to her. Her body being defiled in several ways. Often she had times to reflect on her past and possibly accepting that this could have just been a punishment for everything she had done up to this point in her life. Standing weak and barely able to think straight she readied herself for the evening. The time Evrich would come and do his twisted experiments on her.
As if this was going to be the grim end for the vampire, a stroke of pure luck occurred when her cuffs staggered in their usual firm hold. Occasionally, Evrich would remove the cuffs from her wrists just to set her up somewhere else like a doll. Perhaps he hadn't fastened the cuffs tight enough? Using this chance she slipped into the covers of darkness and made her way out of the cold, miserable cellar. Seeing the Manor from the inside made Adeline's stomach curl and a bad taste to envelope her frame. Especially after seeing a picture of Evrich himself propped on a wall displayed in a gold frame. She wanted to set his manor ablaze but seeing the outside beckoned her more. Scrambling for her life, going through a window itself by breaking it with a chair she went through. The first thing she felt was the night sky, and the moon embrace her soul. She ran, ran and ran until she could no longer. Still weak, battered, and covered in half-healed wounds she collapsed onto the Earth. Panting and whimpering she took in the wilderness with open arms. After travelling and staggering for miles she came across a small settlement. No villagers were up at the hour and guards stood idly around. That was when an instinct within awakened. Months of torment, a hate for humans brewed within and began to spew. Surrounded by moonlight and darkness itself, her eyes turning red, her fangs protruding… And then, a curdling scream bellowed from her throat.
Blood had been shed that night… And she was never heard of again..

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☬ℓιғεℓεss σηε

Apr 8th 2019 15:03

//Quick question , would you be interested in participating in a group rp with me and a few other friends of mine ? The group I plan to make it is similar to the game of thrones world but with a few of my touches.
☬ℓιғεℓεss σηε

Apr 8th 2019 08:56

Thanks dear friend ,I've finished your reply . Hope you enjoy it.
☬ℓιғεℓεss σηε

Apr 7th 2019 18:47

Sorry for the long unexpected hiatus , my muse was shot down by my last couple of weeks who have been unexpectedly rough . I'll attempt to write my reply tomorrow if my time allows it .
☬ℓιғεℓεss σηε

Mar 30th 2019 19:30

//Yeah that'll be your nickname I suppose since you're a vampire hah . Hope you enjoyed it .
☬ℓιғεℓεss σηε

Mar 27th 2019 16:55

//Thanks for the starter! No you weren't lacking and it was more than I expected the quality was captivating too :) . Good job on it sharp fangs . I'll attempt to write my reply this weekend if I get some time .
☬ℓιғεℓεss σηε

Mar 25th 2019 10:48

No worries friend . Ah , that's good to hear I'm looking forward to it . :)
☬ℓιғεℓεss σηε

Mar 21st 2019 17:34

I wouldn't mind seeing that happen , though they'll have to improve their relationship from being thorny if she seeks to improve herself in the field of magic or gain more knowledge from him .
Well , now that we  the plot down , would you mind starting us off. I would do it , but I am on a thin schedule as of lately .
☬ℓιғεℓεss σηε

Mar 21st 2019 14:36

I'd love to see that and I like your idea but the Order of the Shadows isn't meant to only protect artifacts , but harness their power as well . And due to the fact that they're hellbent on obtaining them , they're basically evil down to their core. Now I'm okay with her being into the Order but La'vaat isn't actually that nice with their members for obvious reasons if you read his lore . What I'm trying to say it's all good if you wanna have a interest-hate relationship.
☬ℓιғεℓεss σηε

Mar 19th 2019 17:27

That's good to know , we'll let's discuss a possible story then.
The Eagle Prince

Mar 18th 2019 21:19

Thanks for your patience, every time I say that I am available to do replies during the weekend I get hit with a curve ball from life in general lol. If I ever get confused on something relating your character or something you bring up, I will definitely let you know so I know how to respond. I HOPE, lol, to reply within the next few days, and you are on the top of my list on who to reply to first.

Anyways, how have you been?!

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