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About me:

A young squire wandering through the world in search of a new teacher.

Gregory Windhaven was an up and coming squire, skillful with a sword, useful in battle, of sound mind and reasoning, but his life changed when the knight that was training him died at the hands of a monster.

It was dark, the moon was not out that night. Gregory had to take watch, so with sword in hand he sat outside of the camp and looked for danger. But as the night went on, Gregory began to grow tired, his eyes getting heavy, his muscles weak, he needed sleep, he wanted it, craved it more than anything in the world at this moment.

Before he could fall asleep though, a creature from the darkness of the night attacked the camp. Grabbing his sword, Gregory swung at the creature, cutting it on its, what he could on guess anyways, arm. He was knocked away from the battle, rolling down a hill and landing in a river, the last thing he saw was the night sky before everything went black.

Waking up, it was already morning. Greogry scrambled up the hill, finally seeing what was left of the camp. The knight that had been training him was dead, ripped apart by the creature. Going over to his former master, he grabbed his sword, replacing his own with it, and swore to find this creature and kill it. But he was still a squire, he needed training. So now he wanders the world, looking for anyway to kill this creature, even if it means sacrificing his humanity.

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