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Orientation: Straight
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Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Historical, Horror, Psychological,
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光 の 翼 ☆

Dec 31st 2018 20:03

I often tend to wander about the viewing of profiles myself. I do not get to role-play much anymore so I don't have my hands tied down to anything but rl responsibilities. So I often search around for some novelists and try to hash ideas with them until I can spark my muse up. Sometimes its good to get fresh ideas. I've actually been trying to put together this story that I have happening in my head lately but I'm having the hardest time trying to get the intricacies together for it. Heh. Sorry, I do tend to ramble a lot. Anywho, I completely understand the Discord thing. Perhaps later on, you can venture off and add me. I tend to be a bit more responsive over there. Lol.
Giant Of The Mountain

Dec 31st 2018 15:54

stalk stalk stalk stalk stalk
光 の 翼 ☆

Dec 30th 2018 14:23

I was reading the rules on your profile because it said you viewed me, and it turns out we might actually be a pretty good fit! I'm a very intuitive and intricate story-teller. I use my story-telling to vent and just gain some freedom of expression. Do you have a discord?
Dragons Age

Dec 23rd 2018 02:27

Also I don’t mind either way.
Dragons Age

Dec 23rd 2018 02:26

Am I writing the starter or are you?
Dragons Age

Dec 20th 2018 00:19

Sassy lil elf aren’t you!?

Hmmm... I guess that would depend on the story. You have so many different variants on your character it’s hard to pick one. How about you pick one and we can role with that.
Dragons Age

Dec 19th 2018 23:45

That is not rp XD do you have any ideas?
Dragons Age

Dec 19th 2018 22:27

Thank you for adding me, I hope we can rp soon
The Strongest

Dec 18th 2018 06:31

Ooc- It was nithing personal I assure you~ At the time I had added you your profile was basically completely blank. I don't really concern myself on how fancy a persons profile is but usually in my experience when theirs little to no character information then the person typically isn't that great. But you and one other person have completely changed my mind of this! So thank you xD Pleasantly surprised~ 

And awesomesauce! You shall recieve the reply soon in the next day or so!
The Strongest

Dec 17th 2018 22:56

Ooc- Hello friend! :3 Seeing how this is literally the first message that hasn't been a roleplay let me just say this has been the best turn out for a random roleplay ever! xD Typically when I send random starters its because I'm unsure or doubtful if the person is very adamant about actually roleplaying and it doesn't usually turn out super well. But this one has been pleasantly surprising and is heading towards some interest stuff!

The reason I am messaging you is because I plan to reply by tomorrow or Wednesday and theirs something I want to do. However I feel it only respectful to say something first. Now I'd like to keep the actual thing I plan to do a surprise for when you get to read it but it does however take free will away from your character for a short moment and will implicate a big change in her. I know we are doing the slave thing and technically would get to do anything, but I still feel it be best to ask first :3 Now I'm completely fine if you'd like to keep said change only in our roleplay and not extend it to your actual character for everyone else to see. That's typically how I do things unless the roleplay is captivating to me. Also if you'd rather know what I plan to do then I will tell you. Otherwise just give the green light and I will go on ahead with it~ I mostly ask because it wont be a singular action. I'll be doing a few different things before I end the reply.
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