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Dark Castles and Dark Themes ~ I love abuse and love stories <3 I’m a goth but don’t pull my hair, I have a foul mouth and I’m loving and happy!

24 years old
Berlin, Berlin

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June 19 2019

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GeneralSorta likes long and or short walks, playing phone games, Tafi Marshamellos, Green Tea, narcotics, and the live squid *omnomnom* I do enjoy T.V and bike rides

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Bi
Body type:Average
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:High school
Characters: Kota Keiser
Verses: Dark Themes, Bood and violence, Absuse, Romance, SOF, Crime, Horror
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural,
Status: Single
Member Since:October 25, 2018

"I live in an abandon house drinking, smoking, f***ing and sleeping"

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About me:
“Oh Hello! Did you know I was here? Oh.. Heha! Yeah I’m Kota ‘or Kota?- haha! No no I’m Kota Keiser and I am 24 years! Almost 25 yet I’m gonna get old sometime and wonder ‘Who was I even talking to?’ but maybe! I was talking to someone. So I hail from Germany Heha! Haha! Germany! Yes my mama lives within the city of Berlin BUUT I live here, In Japan but why would I live here? No.. why.. how did I even get here in the first plac’f*** that’s right I ran away with my friend Tiki Yashimo and we lived happily ever after we always laughed! Played and even did some rebellion against the city Oh!! Did I ever f***ing love it! I lauved it. One day she tried kissing me.. I let her but she was like slurping my face and humped my ass it was super weird but It happend! Of course.. that sh*t literally humped my ass for 1! Minute. One f***ing minute Tiki and my damn jeans were soaked. I was soo mad! So f***ing mad I turned around and slapped her so hard that it made her tear up. Okay yes like holy sh*t people get mad and very irritated that I yanked her hair out of the bedroom and locked my bedroom door until she eventually went back to her bedroom, ‘sigh’ so the day after it was awkward for me to be around her and eventually packed up and left. I live by myself in a 2 story house within the city of Osaka and.. the lights flicker every night I come home from work.. I serve customers every night, I get so tired and lost that.. I felt soo.. I felt like a zombie. Sometimes I can’t control my anger.. lately it has been happening I nearly snapped at a customer and really.. REALLY wanted to just punch him in the face ‘Oh I gave you 20 yin! Count properly’ LIKE HOW!...Argh.. I struggle with the currency and sometimes I don’t know if I f***ing have enough or not!. So.. yeah.. here I am in Japan living in my one bedroom apartment with my dumbass *Starts wheezing and lightly teared up* Tiki won’t leave me alone.. she keeps stalking me when I walk home, I walk with a knife on me all day everyday my damn metal music doesn’t smooth my happiness anymore and I.. feel so f***ing stuck in my room. I’m going crazy in my damn room!” [DAY TWO] “Ahem.. I do enjoy the Japanese food as I have become slightly familiar with the food around my area Heha! I see soo much anime and pop culture it’s super cool, you ever wanna walk around? North town anyways heh” she wipes the tears and giggles “It’s a big world here ‘snarls’ barely know anyone you pass through and pass by everyday, never noticed when I first got here 6 weeks ago on how many just.. walk by each other. If.. your ever that one person I walk by we shall meet, greet.. be my friend and do stuff” ~ Romance ~Slice Of Life ~Horror ~Gore ~Erotic ~Comedy
Who I'd like to meet:
Whoever can handle me! :)

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