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Body type:Slim / Slender
Characters: Kiyoko Kaguya
Verses: High Fantasy, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Mythology, Folklore, Biblical, Modern, Skyrim, Naruto
Playbys: Nariko, Erza Scarlet, Katarina Du Couteau, Triss Merigold, etc.
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Psychological, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Thriller/Suspense,
Member Since:October 26, 2018

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About me:

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Full Name Kiyoko Kaguya. Nicknames Kiyo, Koko, Ki. Alias Bone Dancer, The Last Kaguya. Birthday March 3rd. Birthplace Kagoshima, Japan. Species Supernatural Human. Ethnicity Japanese. Blood Type Type A. Orientation Heterosexual. Real Age Unknown. Age Appearance Story-Dependent. Eye Color Emerald Green. Hair Color Vibrant Red. Height 5'4". Weight 115 lbs. Scars Upper Torso (Primarily). Brandings Forehead (Twin Scarlet Dots). Markings Upper Chest (Cursed Seal). Mother Unknown. Father Deceased. Sisters None. Brothers Deceased. Other Family Zmija.


Born in Kagoshima, Japan and into a clan of people who cared more for victory in battle than anything else, Kiyoko was an innocent flower in world of bloodthirsty barbarians. That innocence, however, was short-lived, and only encased her during her youth. Her clan constantly desired to project their supremacy to all other surrounding clans and peoples. They branded their young with two scarlet dots upon the forehead, just above the brows, symbolizing their right to rule. The clan was ruthless in its practices and traditions, and even more so in its battle tactics. The ferocity of the clan was well-known throughout the lands, and there were few that didn’t fear them.

Kiyoko’s older brother, Kiyoshi, was similar to her in his innocence. Both children carried an inner peace that made them unlike the rest of their people. They did not believe in fighting or killing as a means of displaying power and self-worth. They were gentle and empathetic, despite their natural talent and unique abilities. Both children possessed their clan’s bloodline trait, which made them stand out even more ardently from their people. The bloodline trait, Shikotsumyaku, allowed them to manipulate their skeletal structures however they saw fit. Because of their unique abilities, the clan patriarch locked them away. They were released only to aid in battle.

After two years of imprisonment, and the massacre of their clan at the hands of a more powerful clan that had outnumbered and outsmarted their own, Kiyoko and her brother wandered aimlessly through the macabre scene of their people’s destruction. Amidst the carnage, they stumbled upon a man, who unbeknownst to them had orchestrated the entire event, just to get his hands on them. The man was tall, thin, and possessed snake-like features in addition to long, velvet black hair. His name was Zmija.

Nearly three years after being under Zmija’s overbearing protection and possessive eye, Kiyoko’s brother was out on his own when he was killed in a battle. Her brother had been suffering for over a year from a terminal disease that Zmija assured them could not be medically treated due to their inimitable skeletal structures. Kiyoko blamed Zmija at first, for allowing her brother to venture out on his own when he was already so weakened. Eventually though, he swayed her to blame another, a young boy whose hand Kiyoshi died at. So overwhelmed with grief, and persuaded by Zmija’s discreetly manipulative words, Kiyoko pursued the young boy and disposed of him. After years of training, it was her first kill. He was proud. She felt tainted.

Over the years, Kiyoko grew into a young woman. Her determination and stubbornness grew right along with her. Since Zmija was the only family she had, she mistakenly placed all her trust in the cunning, conniving man. He was powerful, and he was smart. Those two things alone made him dangerous. But, of all the things Kiyoko could see, she could not see the true cruelty that Zmija carried inside him, nor his self-fulfilling ambitions. While to her, he was like a father-figure, to him, she was nothing more than a possession, a tool. He was no better than her people before him.

Love Of My Life

Rabah Tievel

Dating: 03/19/18
Engaged: Soon.
Married: Always.
My soul is yours
To take, break, mold, and remake.
Because of this charity,
So much is at stake.
I am enraptured by you,
Taken so quickly it hardly seems I am free.
Bound to you already,
For your words have stricken me.
Pain and pleasure,
The perfect concoction conceived.
Your presence,
The greatest treasure received.

My primal urges come unhinged
As my body burns with desire.
For if you might be mine,
Great things would certainly transpire.
Connected to you so closely,
So soon.
Your words make me feel
High as the moon.
I feel my body shake
When you state you want to covet it.
To you, my mind, body, and soul
I would undoubtedly forfeit.

With you,
I wonder what all I could be.
With no restraint,
Limitless possibilities I see.
Beaten, broken, and banished by others,
Please do not abandon me.
Even if I only hear your words,
That is my roaring plea.
I will let them wash through my veins,
As necessary as my blood.
You have remade me
From my ashes and from mud.

A blessing it was
When you walked into my life.
Sucking it dry
Of all the pain, rage, and strife.
Shape me and mold me
Into what you desire.
Feed me only truths,
Never merit the name liar.
The only flames I want to feel
Are from your love burning me.
I can take the heat,
Of that I promise thee.


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This page was coded entirely by cryptic at sinfulmisfortune. Images were designed by Willow. I am not Kiyoko Kaguya, I am simply a kickass roleplayer. Page is best viewed in google chrome. Don't steal my sh*t. XOXO

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